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Controlled Room installation of LED Tube lights and Weatherproof housing for a Factory to their Warehouse by Ecoshift Corporation. Placing 96 pcs of 18 watts T8 LED Tube lights with the length of 1200mm, 48 pcs of 2 x 1200mm Weatherproof housing, and 16 pcs of 18 watts Surfaced Mounted LED Panel Lights. Ideal LED Items for their lighting needs!

Project Location: Davao, Philippines

Installed Items:

18W LED Tube Light T8 Industrial Daylight

2×40 Weatherproof Housing Round Type

18W Surface Mounted LED Panel Light Round Type Daylight


Installed Item:T8 Industrial LED Tube Light 18W Daylight, Weatherproof Housing 2×1200mm Round Type, LED Panel Light 18W Surface Mounted Round Type Daylight