The Capas National Shrine in Barangay Aranguren, Capas, Tarlac, Philippines was built by the Philippine government as a memorial to Allied soldiers who died at Camp O’Donnell at the end of the Bataan Death March during the Second World War. The site, which was the former concentration camp is a focus for commemorations on Araw ng Kagitingan, an annual observance held on 9 April—the anniversary of the surrender of US and Philippine forces to the Imperial Japan in 1942. Nearby, there is also a memorial for the Czechs and some Slovaks who died fighting alongside the Filipinos and US soldiers.

Ecoshift understands the importantce of our country’s historic sites, thus spearheading the renovations for Capas National Shrine. We installed LED High Mast, LED Flood Lights, LED Spot Lights and LED Garden Lights to highlight and emphasize the Shrine’s former glory.



Installed Items: LED High Mast LED Flood Lights LED Spot Lights LED Garden Lights