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Restaurant Lighting Philippines

LED Restaurant Lighting: Enhancing the Ambiance of Food Establishments in the Philippines

Improve the ambiance of your restaurant with Ecoshift’s wide range of high-quality LED restaurant lighting products in the Philippines. Order from us today!

LED Restaurant Lighting: Enhancing the Ambiance of Food Establishments in the Philippines


Are you opening up a new restaurant? Perhaps you have thought of your place’s interior and exterior design. Although this can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time owner, the ambiance of your restaurant can directly affect your business. That’s why you have to carefully consider all the design factors, such as the seating capacity, decor, floor plan, and many more. Another factor to consider is restaurant lighting.

Based on the 2015 survey of Megaman Lighting, good lighting encourages the customers to stay at the restaurant for longer hours and come back for more. The results even indicated that 72% of the respondents left a venue earlier than planned due to poor or excessive lighting. In comparison, 74% of them stayed longer due to the relaxing and welcoming vibe brought by the lighting.

For your restaurant lighting needs, Ecoshift Corporation has got you covered. We have a wide range of LED restaurant lighting fixtures in Manila, Philippines, such as pendant lights, downlights, chandeliers, and many more. We also offer other lighting products for other purposes, like office and building lighting.

The Importance of Restaurant Lighting in Manila, Philippines

Sets the Mood

By installing proper lighting at your restaurant, you help set a relaxing and warm vibe for your customers. Based on the research conducted by Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics tool, 98% of consumers, who gave the restaurant’s atmosphere and ambiance a very good rating, also rated their overall visit excellent.

Helps Increase Sales

Because lighting helps set the mood for your restaurant, it can also influence customers to enjoy their dining experience. In addition, the longer they stay in an establishment, the more they are likely to spend more money.

Additionally, proper lighting can help sell your products by making them look appealing. By choosing luminaires with a good color rendering index, you’ll make your food look as enticing as possible.

Boosts Kitchen Performance

One of the most important areas in a restaurant is the kitchen because this is where everything happens. It’s the place where the chefs lay out the ingredients and prepare the meals. If the environment is poorly lit, the kitchen staff won’t make quality food on time. Worse, they’re exposed to dangers and risks, such as knife cuts and burns.

Differentiates Space

There are many types of restaurant lighting products available in the market, and each of them serves a unique purpose. After all, there are many areas in a restaurant and not every one of them should be brightly illuminated.

For example, the isolated sit-down areas can have darker lighting for a more intimate feel, while the waiting area must have brighter lighting to look more inviting.

Influences Safety and Security

Aside from helping improve the ambiance and aesthetics, restaurant lighting is essential to the safety of your customers and employees. Because a restaurant caters to many people, you have to install emergency lighting products in case of a power outage or fire breakout.

In fact, based on the 2008 Fire Code of the Philippines, every restaurant must have exit lighting and signs in accordance with Sections and of the code.

The Main Kinds of Restaurant Lighting in Manila, Philippines

Before heading to the nearest store and buying lighting fixtures for your restaurant, you have to understand the following main types of lighting:

Ambient Lighting

Also called general lighting, this type is the primary source of light in your space. The ambient light can come either from natural sunlight or an electric overhead fixture, allowing people to see and move around the room with ease and comfort.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting enables your customers and staff members to do certain tasks that require a better light source, such as reading the menu, eating the food, preparing and cooking the meal, and more. A few examples of task lighting would be downlights and pendant lights.

Accent Lighting

If you prefer adding a bit of drama to your restaurant, accent lighting is the way to go. You can use this type of light to bring attention to the focal points of your space, whether they are artwork pieces or hanging decorations on your ceiling.

Helpful Tips Before Purchasing and Installing Restaurant Lighting Products in Manila, Philippines

Here are a few tips that you must consider in making your restaurant lighting plan:

Layer the Light

Although there are different sections in a restaurant, you shouldn’t limit yourself to using only one type of fixture per area. After all, layering different kinds of lighting provides sufficient illumination to your guests and staff members.

Install Lights on Specific Areas Differently

The areas in your restaurant require different levels of light, depending on what usually happens there.

  • Dining Area

This space needs bright illumination so the guests can read the menu, see each other, and enjoy the food. However, you have to remember that the lighting fixtures must be subdued enough to create an intimate and private space.

  • Reception or Seating Area

It would be best to slightly illuminate the reception area brighter than the restaurant so it can appear more welcoming to guests, especially when they visit the establishment at night. In addition, you can put up decorative lights to capture the guests’ attention while they’re waiting.

  • Salad Bar and Buffet

If your restaurant has either of these, you must install lighting fixtures that are practical and aesthetically pleasing to make the food on display look more appetizing. Aside from that, it is recommended to buy food-safe and dimmable spotlights for this area to provide sufficient illumination.

  • Kitchen

Because there is a continuous operation in the kitchen, the area requires a lot of bright lights, specifically task lights. However, you have to ensure that the bright light from the kitchen will not spread to the dining area. That’s why you need to take note of the doors or service corridors before the installation.

  • Focal Points

Aside from the functional areas of the restaurant, it would be best to highlight the focal points of the space to make it look pleasing to the customers. For example, you can install track lights or spotlights on your menu board or a few art pieces to make them stand out.

Avoid Glare and Flicker

Avoid using lighting fixtures that are mismatched in brightness, shade levels, and sizes. This is because they often cause glare and flicker, which can annoy your customers and distract the staff members. In addition, it can cause health problems, such as blurred vision, headaches, and stress.

Consider the People in the Restaurant

Always consider the comfort of your customers and staff members when choosing the lighting fixtures for your restaurant. Although it’s essential to note how they can complement the architecture, these products will be useless if they don’t perform well.

Enhance the Appearance of Food on Display

This tip is applicable, especially in the salad bar, buffet, and bar area. If the food looks appealing under lighting, it can heighten the senses.

This is where good color rendering becomes vital. If there’s terrible color rendering, the food can appear bland and washed out. However, if it’s a good one, the colors pop out, and subtle differences in hue and tone appear more, adding more nuances to the dish.

Modify the Lighting for Specific Times of the Day

As natural light changes throughout the day, the lighting in your space should also adapt to it. You have to consider the hours of operation of your business to decide what type of lighting will work best.

  • Morning Lighting

Since there’s a large amount of daylight in the morning, installing bright lighting that mimics sunlight is highly suggested. This is to get your customers into a positive mood for the rest of their day and help them relax.

  • Afternoon Lighting

The lighting during the afternoon will always vary depending on the time of the year. However, the afternoon lighting must emit warm hues of light as the natural light changes outside. You can use the dimming properties of your lights to adjust the illumination levels.

  • Night Lighting

If you want to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere for your customers, you can opt for lower-intensity lighting products to set the mood and help them wind down after a busy day. However, if you operate primarily at night, you need bright accent lights to make the space look more inviting.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Lighting

Aside from creating a lighting plan for your restaurant’s interior design, it’s vital to maintain even the exterior part to make an excellent first impression to visitors and passers-by. Another tip would be not blocking the ambient light from the inside with blinds or windows, or the restaurant will look closed.

Have a Consistent Lighting Theme

It would be best to always stick to your lighting theme because having too many different styles can look overcrowded and confusing, especially for your customers. Stick only to three to four different lighting types without making it look uniform.

Choose Energy Efficiency

If you want to save up for your lighting plan, you can choose cost-effective options, like LED restaurant lights. Although the initial cost is expensive, you can save up in the long run because you don’t have to replace them constantly, and they don’t consume much energy.

Where To Purchase Affordable and High-Quality Restaurant Lighting Products in Manila, Philippines

You don’t have to look further because wherever you are in the Philippines, Ecoshift Corporation will assist you. Our wide selection of LED restaurant lighting products can help improve the ambiance of your space and enhance its interior and exterior design.

In addition, we have a team of professionals who can assist and guide you in creating your lighting plan and selecting the fixtures suitable for your restaurant.

Ecoshift Corporation provides various services to our customers nationwide, including the following:

  • Free delivery of LED lighting products to our clients in Manila, Calabarzon, and Davao area.
  • Store pickup for our clients who are nearby our branch offices.
  • Superior Warranty Policy for our customers who have items in proper packaging and in good condition or contain no damages.
  • Free installation of our LED lighting fixtures, which are subject to the approval of the lighting plan.

The Restaurant Lighting Fixtures You Can Buy From Ecoshift Corporation


LED Fairy Light (Copper String, Warm White)

Our high-quality LED fairy lights can be used as eye-catching decorations for your reception area.

LED Linear Light (Black, 3x1M, Customizable)

If you want an ambient light with a modern design, you can opt for our LED linear lights.

Decorative Chandelier Light (40 Watts, Black Spiral Cage)

Our LED chandelier serves as ambient light, as well as a decoration that captures your customers’ attention.

Ceiling Fan With Light (Bronze Wooden Blade)

If you want a multipurpose lighting product, our ceiling fan with lights is the way to go!

Bulb Housing E27 (White Square, Surface Mounted)

Our LED downlight with bulb housing can serve different purposes, including general lighting and task lighting.

Metal Pendant Light (Bubble Shade, Black)

If you want a task light that can serve as a decorative piece, you can opt for our LED pendant light in a metal frame.

LED Track Light (Round, 40 Watts, Black Nature, White)

Our LED track lights can be used to highlight the art pieces in your restaurant.

LED Mesh Net Light (Indoor and Outdoor)

You can use our LED mesh net lights to decorate your bushes if you have a garden outside your restaurant.

Premium LED Wall Lamp (5 Watts, Warm White)

Our LED wall lamps are perfect for accent lighting, especially in isolated areas in the restaurant.

LED Pin Light 9 Watts (3U LED Bulb, Warm White)

Our LED pin lights can be used in the kitchen area for general lighting of the space.


The lighting in a restaurant is often an overlooked part of the design. However, this should not be the case. After all, without proper lighting, your customers might not enjoy the food and mood of the place, making them exit the restaurant.

Ecoshift Corporation provides energy-efficient and durable LED restaurant lighting products in Manila, Philippines. You can rely on us to assist you with your lighting plan.

Connect with us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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