Ecoshift installed and supplied lighting for Alfa Glass Parts for their showroom in IKEA. The Lighting Ecoshift provided were LED Track Lights, LED Emergency Lights, LED Premium Downlights and LED Module Lights.

LED Track Lights are excellent accent light sources for rooms or exhibits. Tracklights are known for their flexibility to highlight important parts of the room and avoid illumination on areas where it is not as needed.

LED Premium Downlights are known for providing strong and efficient lighting, perfect for the general lighting of a room.

LED Module Lights can serve as accent lighting to any environment. From cove lighting to signage, LED Module are versitile and is perfect for any custom project.

Lastly, Emergency Lighting is essential to any indoor environment. In case of a power outage or other emergency cases, emergency lights provide lighting to give people direction and visibility for them to make their way out of any establishment.



Installed Items: LED Track Lights LED Emergency Lights LED Premium Downlights LED Module Lights