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How Ecoshift Can Help Keep Your Employees Safe With LED Exit Lights


Natural calamities and disasters such as earthquakes, tropical storms, fires, and floods can strike anytime. No one has a clue when an earthquake will shake down buildings or if there is a big flood that will submerge a whole city underwater.

During these unfortunate situations, all we can do is help each other and be ready for anything that may happen. The best way to do this is to prepare disaster supply kits that contain the essentials you will need during calamities. These supply kits can consist of medicines, first aid kits, bottles of water, instant food, batteries, clothes, and so on.

However, having these emergency kits is not enough. We should all think ahead and consider other important things, such as identifying emergency exits and assigning meeting places so that we can ensure everyone’s safety.

If you own a business or company, you can partner with Ecoshift Corporation to help keep your employees safe when these catastrophes happen. We can supply you with reliable and high-quality LED exit lights that can be installed in strategic locations inside your offices and all over the building.

Why LED Exit Lights Are Important

Now, you might be wondering, “What is the significance of having exit signs? Will they even help with employee safety during evacuations? Or, are they just another unnecessary purchase that won’t have any use?” To answer you directly, having LED exit lights and fire exit signs can actually save lives. Here are the reasons:

Avoid Obstacles

Depending on the intensity of an earthquake, things that are not mounted or screwed in place might fall off or get shaken. Since power outages can happen alongside this disaster, walking through rooms or hallways blindly might be impossible for some.

A bright exit sign light can be your saving grace in these times. It can serve as your guide and point you toward the safe exits of the building you are in. The light it casts will also help you avoid scattered objects, shattered window glass, and other obstacles in your way.

Locate Equipment

LED exit lights will not only keep your employees safe, but they can also help the rescuers or any person capable of giving assistance to locate the equipment needed.

Finding the emergency fire hose and extinguisher within seconds is vital in case of big fires. And since these are commonly placed near exit signs, having one turned on will serve as a locator. With the fire sprinkler on and an excellent exit sign light, fires can be controlled and stopped in no time.

Illuminate Paths

Imagine doing your regular office work, and then suddenly, fire bursts out. No matter how calm you want to be, you will surely be in distress, along with everyone around you.

When people can’t think logically, LED exit signs can illuminate the path and guide people where to go, especially when lights are out. Keeping a clear vision is extremely important when these things happen, and even with a clouded mind, a lit pathway can help you get to safety.

Guide for Rescuers

When installing excellent LED exit lights like the ones sold by Ecoshift, you shouldn’t just think of your employees. You should also consider the rescuers who will respond when emergencies happen.

Since some of them will be accessing the building for the first time, it might be confusing what floors they are on or what rooms they should go to. Having proper exit signs will allow them to navigate the whole place and rescue your employees quickly.

Adhere to Regulations

Since exit signs are crucial parts of building safety, every owner is mandated to install them according to the Rebuplic Act No. 9514. Even the government sees the importance of having LED exit lights when disasters happen, as these products help boost public safety and encourage owners or landlords to take the initiative to reduce further damages.

Failure to comply with this may result in serious consequences and charges as you risk the lives of those who are working or inhabiting the building.

Ecoshift’s Previous Projects

Ecoshift has been successful in helping building owners protect their employees. Here are some satisfied companies that tapped us to supply LED exit lights for the following projects:

Shopping Mall Project

Shopping malls are always full of people, no matter the time of day. Whether you are buying something, eating inside a restaurant, or just window-shopping, you will need an LED exit light to guide you to safety when emergencies happen.

Ecoshift was hired by the owners of this newly-constructed shopping mall. We supplied and installed them with different lights and lighting fixtures, including 76 LED exit lights and 58 pieces of LED emergency lights.

With these additional lighting and exit signs, people are now more confident to shop and enjoy activities inside the mall.

Monde Nissin Office Project

For almost 30 years, Monde Nissin has been a reliable provider of high-quality products and services for Filipino consumers. They are popular for their snacks and instant products like Lucky Me! Instant noodles, Monde biscuits, cookies, and more.

To keep up with their commitment to quality, they have chosen Ecoshift to equip their brand new offices with top-of-the-line LED lights. We installed 74 pieces of LED emergency lights and 16 pieces of LED exit lights to ensure their employees’ safety inside their building. Aside from these, they also ordered other lighting solutions, including LED panel lights and LED tube lights.

Savemore Market Lighting Project

The management of SM has been building a lot of Savemore markets in different towns and cities all over the Philippines. They are smaller versions of SM Supermarkets that also sell a selection of products—from food and meat to beverages and everyday household essentials.

People flock to this kind of grocery store as they are accessible and convenient when they need to do some last-minute shopping. To ensure their customers’ safety, Savemore struck a deal with Ecoshift.

We have supplied almost all of their branches with excellent lighting solutions. This includes different LED bulbs, panel lights, track lights, and of course, LED exit lights and emergency lights. A total of 4,357 pieces of various exit signs and 5,063 pieces of emergency lights were successfully installed in their stores.

Where To Place Your Exit Signs

Although LED exit lights have different terms, like exit signs or fire exit signs, they are not necessarily only placed in areas where people depart. They can be strategically installed in locations where people usually pass by or stay since they are meant to be used in the event of a lighting interruption.

Here are the common areas where they are installed:


When calamities occur, most elevators and escalators are turned off to avoid further accidents from happening. Thus, exit signs should be placed along stairwells so people staying on the top floors of a building can go down properly.

Staircases are also the first place people think of when they want to quickly exit a floor or an area when the power is down, so illuminating the pathway toward them is vital to ensure proper evacuation.

Internal Rooms

Disasters can happen at any time of the day. Once the power goes out, internal rooms like bathrooms, storage areas, and closed conference rooms with no windows will be pitch black. People trapped in these rooms will need emergency exit sign lights to guide them to the stairwells.


The pathway between internal rooms and stairwells should also have LED exit lights since all people from every area of a building will surely go through these hallways during emergencies. Furthermore, you must ensure that the line of sight to the exit signs is clear of decorations and other obstructions for faster clearing.

Things To Keep In Mind When Installing Exit Sign Lights

Choosing the right exit sign is the first step to ensuring your employees’ safety inside their workplaces. Once you have partnered up with a top-tier lighting company like Ecoshift, it is now time to think of the considerations you need to make when installing them. Here are some important ones:

Invest in Secure Electric Wiring Housing

According to the Philippine Electrical Code, no matter what housing of any electric wiring you choose, it should be secured and approved for use in hazardous areas. This includes all switches and sources of ignition.

When installing exit sign lights, owners must make sure that they invest in vapor-tight housing to avoid any electrical malfunction when emergencies occur. As mentioned earlier, these lights are meant to be used when interruptions happen, so it is vital to keep them in optimal condition all the time.

Choose an Efficient Emergency Power System

To operate emergency lights during a power outage, you should consider getting a highly-efficient emergency power system like emergency generator supervision devices. Anyone inside the building can manually start them within seconds after a blackout, allowing a continuous flow of power even when the main source is down.

This is nonnegotiable if you want to maintain safety when evacuating your employees to a secure site. Walking in an unlit building might cause serious injuries and ignite panic, which should be avoided during calamities.

Select an Exit Sign With Legible Font

Exit sign lights are meant to be seen from afar, so it is best to choose one that has “EXIT” written in plain, legible letters that are not less than 15cm in height and 19mm in width. This is the standard measurement provided by the authorities, and other signages with different dimensions cannot be used.

Connect It to a Backup Generator

Sometimes, relying only on building power is not enough. Backup generators should be ready to provide power when all other sources are out. Connecting your LED exit lights to one will give you the sense of comfort that no matter how many disasters come your way, you will always have a backup electricity source.

Pick a Lighting Product With a Specific Lumen Value

Under the provisions of Section of the Illumination of Means of Egress, every LED exit light shall be illuminated by a light source to give a value of not less than 5,000 lumens per square centimeters.

This kind of illumination shall not be interrupted throughout the emergency period, and it shall light all points, angles, and directions toward the hallways and stairways where people are evacuating.

Count On Ecoshift for the Best Exit Light Prices in the Philippines

Ecoshift Corporation is one of the top suppliers of LED exit lights in the Philippines. A lot of recognized companies and business owners have come to us for their lighting needs, and we can confidently say that we have delivered a top-tier service for each of them.

If you plan to install exit signs in your workplace or buildings in the Philippines, you can turn to us for reasonable exit light prices. Do not hesitate to ask us questions regarding our products and the services we offer. We’ll gladly address all your concerns so we can start our partnership as soon as possible.

We also offer 24/7 customer support, free shipping, guaranteed warranty, supply and installation services, and lighting consultations. Contact us now!

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