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Why Having High-Quality Store Lighting in the Philippines Matters

Even with the rise of online shopping platforms, some people still prefer to regularly visit physical shops, retail stores, and malls to personally purchase things they want to buy. It is almost a routine for everyone to go there at least weekly or monthly since we get our home supplies, food, clothing, and other essentials from these stores.

Oftentimes, we see ourselves frequenting shops that are well-lit, spacious, and have a light ambiance. There is actually a study behind consumer behavior affected by simple lighting and lighting fixtures. It is said that contrast of lighting, color, and intensity can greatly affect a buyer’s attention, emotion, and desire to purchase products.

If you are a business owner in the Philippines planning to construct and design a new physical retail store, it is best to use the right store lighting for your shop. Consulting with an expert decorative lighting supplier in the Philippines like Ecoshift Corporation is a great start to making sure your business will attract a lot of customers in the future.

How Does Store Lighting in the Philippines Affect Your Sales?

It might be hard to believe, but simple lighting can have big effects on your business and the people who buy there.

For instance, choosing blue, white, or any cool-toned lighting for your store enhances your customer’s mood and emotion because of its short wavelengths. They are more natural to the eye, and people will stay longer browsing through your products. This is why people gear towards cool environments when they are shopping.

On the other hand, stores with warm lighting, like orange and yellow, are less likely to be visited because warm lighting gives the impression of intimacy, calmness, and comfort. This type of lighting is more appropriate for restaurants, spas, and other shops that offer pampering services.

Professional lighting fixture suppliers in the Philippines have listed more reasons why lighting affects your sales. Here are some of them:

Showcases Products

A retail store doesn’t only focus on one product. Some offer various items—from shoes and clothing to food and skincare essentials. After all, the more products business owners sell, the higher chance they can make bigger profits.

Using different lighting products in the Philippines is a great practice to showcase all your goods properly. For starters, having good ambient lighting in your shop is essential to attracting customers. A well-lit store will make them feel comfortable while shopping compared to dim and dingy stores.

Accent lighting is also needed if you have special promos or specific products you want to highlight. Usually, lighting fixtures like LED track lights are used to achieve this kind of product showcasing. You can simply direct the light to the items you want to accentuate, and customers will automatically turn their attention to them when they enter your store or pass by your spot.

Lighting can totally help advertise your goods to people as they can easily attract them to further inspect what your shop sells.

Creates a Better Ambience

When you don’t work with reliable lighting fixture suppliers in the Philippines, you could end up with harsh fluorescent lights that wash out the colors of the products you sell and leave customers overwhelmed when shopping.

Creating a good ambiance is essential to attracting potential customers to come in. The atmosphere you set will also allow them to have a comfortable browsing experience and help them leave happily with excellent reviews of your shop and products.

To achieve a good ambiance, you can install overhead LED panel lights that are not too bright on the eyes and deliver just enough illumination to give a welcoming vibe. Additionally, you can also play with accent lighting to add depth to different parts of your store, drawing the eyes of your customers to certain items.

Ambiance also plays a big role when it comes to safety. If you have a retail store that sells clothing articles, your fitting rooms should have a safe ambiance for people to be comfortable enough to enter them and try on clothes. Using effective task lighting such as LED downlights will help add illumination so customers can effectively assess if the clothes they chose fit well.

Affects Buying Behavior

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm conducted a study about the effects of lighting on the buying behavior of customers. Their subjects were placed in stores with different lighting—some were well-lit, while others had dimmed lights.

Their eye movements were tracked, and it was proven that placing products under bright, harsh light diverted the subjects’ attention to products under softer lighting. This gave the experts the idea that contrast lighting is more effective than just bombarding your stores with bright lights.

Layering lights using ceiling lamps in the Philippines and other accent lighting also adds character to your shop. This gives your customers the impression that they are buying from a well-designed, reputable store.

What Types of Store Lighting in the Philippines Should You Get for Your Shop?

Now that you have an idea of how lighting affects your business, you might be wondering what lighting fixtures to purchase. Despite what you sell or what kind of store you have, a few lighting fixtures are already staples. Here are some of them:

Ceiling Lamps in the Philippines

Lighting fixtures like ceiling lamps are good lighting solutions for retail stores that want enough downward lighting to illuminate their shelves, window product advertisements, and the rest of the shop. These lighting fixtures are often installed all over the store as they do not produce harsh direct lights, like spotlights and fluorescent tube lights, that customers do not like.

Decorative Lighting in the Philippines

Lighting goes beyond simple illumination. If you want to be creative, you can play around with the types of lights you use. Many versatile luminaires can give you contrast and different textures when installed strategically by your trusted decorative lighting supplier in the Philippines.

There are also lots of lighting fixtures that serve a more decorative purpose than a functional one. You can use chandeliers, drop lights, pendant lights, and fairy lights to decorate your storefront, windows, and entryways.

LED Emergency Lights in the Philippines

As store owners, you have to be responsible for your customers’ safety. They are not just random people shopping in your store. They are people with families who need to go home safely after they are done shopping. In order to do this, installing LED emergency lights is a must. This will help guide them when unforeseen events occur, such as fires, earthquakes, typhoons, and so on.

During these calamities, blackouts can happen, and these emergency lights will guide them to the nearest exit of your building just in case it gets too hard to see or if they are unfamiliar with the building’s emergency exit plan.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines

Some shops have warehouses in the back to store their product supplies so they can easily restock when they run out of goods in the store. In these warehouses, it is best to use industrial lighting fixtures. These can be explosion-proof lighting, flood lights, and more.

The purpose of using this kind of lighting fixture is to enhance safety in the workplace, reduce accidents, and improve productivity. Explosion-proof lighting solutions are very durable and can withstand heat and pressures that may come from the production area of the warehouse. On the other hand, flood lights can produce bright lights that illuminate the whole place and motivate the workers to perform better.

Downlights in the Philippines

Just like ceiling lamps, downlights are meant to give downward illumination. They are perfect for lighting stores with low ceilings, and they can provide a modern vibe to your shop.

There are different types of downlights you can choose from, depending on what look you want to achieve. Fixed downlights are permanently pointed toward the ground and can give a vertical beam of light to certain spaces. Gimble downlights can be moved into different directions and can also be used as accent lighting. Lastly, if you cannot drill holes through ceilings in your shop, you can opt for surface-mounted downlights. They are installed just slightly lower than your ceiling height, so they still save you a lot of space.

Which Company Should You Trust if You Need High-Quality Store Lighting in the Philippines?

Managing the construction and design of a new retail store is surely challenging for every business owner. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Ecoshift Corporation is one of the leading store lighting suppliers in the Philippines that can provide you with the right lighting fixtures for your shop.

Ecoshift is highly committed to making your business establishment the best one yet. Our team is composed of knowledgeable people who have experience helping entrepreneurs and big corporations with their lighting needs.

What Makes Ecoshift an Excellent Lighting Fixtures Supplier in the Philippines?

Aside from our commitment to making your store better and supplying you with top-quality lighting products, we extend our reliability even after you receive our products. Here at Ecoshift, we value lasting partnerships, which is why we offer the following:

Conducts Superb After Sales Service

Ecoshift provides round-the-clock after-sales service from knowledgeable professionals who can attend to your concerns any time of the day. You can ask them questions about our lights, product maintenance, and other inquiries you might have.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the products we have supplied, Ecoshift has an excellent warranty policy for every product. Once you receive the lights, you are entitled to our warranty. If the items do not meet your expectations, simply submit a warranty claim to an Ecoshift representative, and we will happily replace or refund your products if your claim is valid.

Worked on Numerous Projects

Ecoshift has been a part of different retail store lighting projects, including those you see in malls.

Levi Strauss & Co., an American clothing company that has been popular in the Philippines for its classic jeans, and Yves Rocher, an innovative beauty and cosmetics brand, have tapped us to provide lighting fixtures for their retail stores.

We have supplied them with high-quality LED products like LED strip lights, LED panel lights, LED track lights, LED downlights, LED emergency lights, and LED exit lights.

These were all used to create a better ambiance in their stores and boost their customer visits and sales.

Offers Delivery and Installation Services

You don’t have to worry if you are not connected or in partnership with a logistics company that can safely transport the lighting products you have purchased from us. Ecoshift offers free delivery services for customers located in selected areas of Metro Manila, Davao, and CALABARZON.

If you are not situated within those areas, a minimal delivery fee will be charged. Of course, that is still negotiable once you talk with one of our representatives. Depending on the quantity of what you ordered, we may still give you discounts.

We may also install your purchase for you upon approval of your lighting requirements. It is best to leave this kind of work to professional lighting suppliers in the Philippines like Ecoshift since we know the ins and outs of our products and how they should be properly installed to avoid malfunctions.

Turn to Us at Ecoshift for Top-Grade Store Lighting in the Philippines

The right lighting can turn your store into a go-to shopping destination in no time. Remember that light intensity and light contrast play a big role in creating an inviting ambiance that makes people stay and shop in your boutique, resulting in more sales for your business.

If you want a reliable partner to help you plan your retail store’s lighting, you can count on Ecoshift Corporation to supply you with top-grade lighting solutions. Not only that, we will be there every step of the way—from strategic installation to maintenance.

Visit our website today for more information about our products. You may also contact us if you have questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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