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Perfect Your Interior Lighting With LED Ceiling Lights


When designing the interior of any space, lights are often underestimated. They are the last things homeowners or business owners decide on since most people think they are not that significant.

However, there are plenty of reasons why lights should be a priority when completing your office or room’s interior design. They control a lot of aspects in the room, and they have psychological effects on people who will be using the space.

For starters, lights can add illusion to your space. Installing LED ceiling lights in the Philippines will illuminate your room and make it appear bigger. Other ceiling lights designs, like linear lights or pendant lights, can add texture and layer to a blank area and improve its overall theme or ambiance.

Emotions are affected by light, too. Placing an excessively bright LED ceiling light can reduce the productivity of people in the area. In fact, it was proven that daylight and a modest amount of artificial light are preferred by those working or studying.

Now that you know the importance of installing proper lighting solutions, it is best to partner with a reliable company like Ecoshift  Corporation. We are the most complete lighting supplier in the Philippines, and we can provide and install your LED ceiling lights in no time. If you’re planning to start your next room or office renovation soon, do not hesitate to contact us so you can learn more about our top-of-the-line products.

What Are LED Ceiling Lights?

Lighting products made of LED or light-emitting diodes are gaining popularity nowadays because of their efficiency, durability, and longer life span compared to incandescent light bulbs. In fact, they are 90% better lighting solutions than other lighting products.

There are many types of LED light bulbs, and the most common ones are LED ceiling lights. They are lighting fixtures installed on ceilings, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that can perfectly fit any type of room and its theme. LED ceiling lights in the Philippines are versatile and can give the proper amount of light to any space.

Since this new lighting technology arrived, it has been slowly replacing traditional light bulbs in residential areas, warehouses, offices, hospitals, schools, and more.

The Benefits of Good Ceiling Light Design

A good ceiling light design will not only illuminate your area but will also tie the look of the place together. However, those are not the only reasons they are such great inventions. Here are some benefits you can get when using LED ceiling lights in your home or office:

Consumes Less Energy

Yes, illuminating your rooms properly is good. Adding beautifully designed ceiling lights is even better. However, if your lighting products consume too much energy, they are not good investments in the long run. They will only blow up your electric bills and become additional expenses.

When you use LED ceiling lights in the Philippines, you are confident that you are not consuming too much energy. LED products produce less wasted light and use just enough lumens, unlike other lighting products. Once you switch to an LED ceiling light, you will notice that there will be a 60% to 70% improvement in your electricity consumption.

Withstands Damage

LED ceiling lights are versatile and durable lighting products. They can serve as interior or exterior lighting solutions for your space. With this, they are made to withstand any weather without getting damaged. Being installed in freezing, wet, or dusty areas will not affect their quality.

Balances Light Dispersion

Spotlights are great lighting solutions, especially if you want to brighten an area with just one light. However, they produce harsh illumination that can be irritating to the eyes.

With LED ceiling lights, there’s a balanced light dispersion since the LED bulb is often encased in a panel. This panel blurs the direct light and spreads it to produce softer illumination. There are also different types of ceiling lights that are enclosed in circular lighting fixtures and are installed directly into the ceiling. Depending on how high the ceiling is, they can also extend and diffuse the illumination they produce.

Produces Low Heat

You might not know it, but when you use a regular incandescent light bulb, it wastes around 80% to 90% of energy as heat. This is why when you touch these light bulbs, you will feel that the surface is hot.

LED ceiling lights, on the other hand, remain cool even when they are turned on for a long time. This is because they do not contain any glass components, which means they will not heat up even under temperature fluctuations.

Enhances Overall Style

LED ceiling lights have a stunning modern look that can fit right into your room’s aesthetic. Their noninvasive design allows you to have wiggle room to be creative and layer different lights to achieve the ambiance you are going for. Pendant lights are the best example of this since they can be placed just above blank walls to illuminate artworks or furniture that can be the focal point of your room.

Different Types of Ceiling Lights

There are many factors that affect the price of LED ceiling lights. One is the type that you will be using.

Among the three types of ceiling lights, recessed lights and flush-mounted lights are the more affordable variants. This is because they are directly installed in ceilings. Hanging ceiling lights, on the other hand, are more costly than the two since they have elaborate designs and styles.

Here are some other differences between the three types of LED ceiling lights:

Flush-Mounted Ceiling Lights

Flush-mounted light fixtures are LED lights directly mounted to the ceiling and are commonly flat or have a dome, drum, or globe-like shape. They are quite pleasing to the eyes with their simple style, and they do not take up a lot of space.

It is best to note that when using these LED ceiling lights, your ceiling height must not be higher than eight feet, as the illumination they produce might be diffused.


Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed ceiling lights are installed inside holes in the ceiling and are covered in glass and metallic trims. The trims used may vary from adjustable, open, baffle, reflector, pinhole, shower, and wall-washer.

They are commonly used in rooms with low ceilings and do not need very bright illumination. This type of ceiling light is mostly seen in conference rooms and hallways, and they are installed in rows.


Hanging Ceiling Lights

From the term itself, this type of LED ceiling light hangs from the ceiling using a wire. It is usually used as ambient or task lighting as it cannot light large portions of an area. Moreover, the fixture for hanging ceiling lights commonly houses a single bulb only.

Common Areas Where You Can Install LED Ceiling Lights


You can use different ceiling lights designs when arranging the interior of your bedroom. For starters, to avoid unpleasant glare, you can install recessed or flush-mounted ceiling lights with panels or covered bottoms. These will diffuse the light produced by the LED bulbs and will not distract you when sleeping or lounging in bed. In addition, hanging ceiling lights are perfect as task lighting for your bedroom desk or vanity area.

Living Rooms

The space where your whole family can bond and do activities should always be well-lit. Using several recessed and flush-mounted ceiling lights effectively creates a bright area. However, using those two alone can dull the look of your living room. To create beautiful layered lighting, you can use statement pieces like intricate hanging ceiling lights.

Office Spaces

Working areas should have a combination of natural and artificial lighting to enhance workers’ productivity. By installing big glass windows, natural sunlight can illuminate your space. Moreover, you can add rows of recessed lights to brighten your office when the sun goes down.

Where Can You Purchase Quality LED Ceiling Lights in the Philippines?

For reliable LED ceiling lights in the Philippines, turn to none other than Ecoshift  Corporation. We offer superior lighting products as well as excellent after-sales services, free delivery nationwide, and a great warranty policy.

If you want to partner with us, you can contact us anytime, and an Ecoshift  representative will address all your questions and concerns.

Ecoshift ’s LED Ceiling Light Products

LED Panel Light (600×1200, 72W, Daylight)

This LED panel light has a life span 42 times longer than incandescent bulbs. It is best used as general lighting for different areas since it can brighten the room without producing harsh light.

Premium LED Downlight (15W, Surface Mounted)

Our LED downlights provide adequate lighting with just a minimal thermal footprint. They do not take up much space, so they are best used in restaurants, museums, stores, and other commercial establishments.

LED Ceiling Light (E27, 24W, Daylight)

This product uses 24W, has a beam angle of 120 degrees, and has a life span of more than 30,000 hours. If you want a modern-looking lighting product that is highly energy efficient, this is the perfect lighting solution for you.

Round LED Panel Light (6W, Daylight)

Every round LED panel light from Ecoshift  has an aluminum housing and frosted PC cover. This fixture produces high brightness and has a minimalistic style that fits offices and conference rooms.

Square LED Panel Light (6W, Daylight, SM)

Ecoshift ’s square LED panel lights have an IP40 rating and can last up to 50,000 hours. They are highly recommended for offices, hallways, and lobbies that need general lighting.

Premium LED Downlight (Directional, 7W, COB)

These premium LED downlights are your top products if you want unparalleled energy efficiency without sacrificing brightness. They give high-intensity illumination, especially for compact areas.

Decorative LED Ceiling Light (18W, Daylight)

If you’re looking for a nice ceiling light design for your bedroom, you can install this decorative LED ceiling light. The housing already displays a creative pattern that can add character to your room.

LED Panel Light (300x600mm, 24W, Daylight)

For bigger areas such as hallways, production rooms, and lobbies, you can use these 300x600mm LED panel lights. They only use 24W and can produce high brightness that is not too harsh on the eyes.

LED Linear Light (Black, Circular Light, 36W)

These hanging ceiling lights are the perfect lighting fixtures if you want to achieve a modern look. They have a minimalistic and elegant look and can serve as your room’s focal point.

LED Downlight (SMD, 5W, Daylight)

This daylight LED downlight has a 6000 to 6500K color temperature and uses 5W. It is commonly used in the interior of places since it produces enough illumination without heating up.


If you want to perfect your interior lighting design, you should first plan what LED ceiling lights you will use. Partner with a superior lighting products supplier like Ecoshift  Corporation for your LED ceiling light needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for help with your next lighting project. We are confident with the lighting solutions we sell, and we can ensure you an even better customer service experience.

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