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Create Shadow-Free Lighting With Ecoshift’s LED Tube Lights

Create Shadow-Free Lighting With Ecoshift’s LED Tube Lights


Have you ever been bothered by shadows created by some kinds of lighting? Even if the room is bright, sometimes there are still dark, gloomy areas because of the incorrect placement or lack of bulbs. These shadows can be a hindrance to productive work.

To work comfortably, people usually need a well-lit room free from distractions. One way to achieve this is by adding LED tube lights to the ceiling. With their many applications, these lights can provide good illumination for any space.

If you want to purchase LED tube lights for your residential or commercial space, look no further than Ecoshift Corporation. We care about your lighting comfort, which is why we offer reliable, durable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting lighting fixtures for your project.

What Are LED Tube Lights?

LED tube lights are elongated bulbs used for various applications such as residential, commercial, and industrial lighting. Compared to regular light bulbs, tube lights provide broader illumination with the same wattage. It does occupy more ceiling space, but it’s perfect if you want to create shadow-free rooms.

You can usually see these inside malls as the primary light source. If you check their ceilings, you may see one to four tube lights in louver housings. They are placed in these to help reflect the glow of the bulbs for better illumination.

These types of lighting are also popularly used in houses because of their various purposes. Instead of louvers, batten housings are often used for residential areas. If you plan on adding lights to your garages and kitchens, consider using LED tube lights for bright illumination throughout the room.

There are many tube lights you can choose from, such as T5 and T8, that you can utilize according to your needs.

How Are T5 and T8 Tube Lights Different?

With the different sizes available for LED tube lights, choosing the right one for your project may be difficult. What does it mean to have a T5 tube light versus a T8 one? Here are some differences:


The first thing you must know is that these bulbs are not interchangeable. When you buy a batten housing for a T5 bulb, the T8 light will not fit there because these two differ in length. This information means that you have to purchase different accessories for each if you want to use both of them. Generally, a T5 light bulb would be a bit shorter than a T8 one.


Aside from their lengths, these two kinds of tube lights also have different diameters. The T5 bulbs are significantly smaller than the T8 ones, which contributes to the incompatibility of housings. In fluorescent bulbs, a smaller diameter would mean more energy savings. The same is true for LED lights, however, since they are already energy-efficient, the difference is not as big.

Energy Consumption

Generally, the T5 emits the same brightness as the T8, but it has lesser energy consumption. The efficiency range depends on whether you are using fluorescent or LED. When using the latter, the consumption of T5 and T8 lights would be significantly closer than using the former. However, today’s LED options have the same lumens and wattage for both options.

Tips for Purchasing LED Tube Lights in the Philippines

Before purchasing LED tube lights, you must know where you will be using them. There are so many options for this type of lighting, so we have listed some tips to help you choose the right one:

Learn About the Different LED Tube Light Sizes

Like other fixtures, LED tube lights can be used for different functions depending on their sizes. Their lengths can be as short as one foot and as long as four feet, so they can fit areas of various sizes.

Before purchasing, consider the space you will be placing these bulbs in. Use a retractable measuring tape to get the dimensions, then from there, choose the specific length you need to achieve the lighting you want.

If you are unsure which tube light to get, you can always ask for help from Ecoshift. We will recommend the perfect lighting for you and assist you with installation.

Find Stores that Offer Low LED Tube Light Prices in the Philippines

Lights, in general, can be pricey, especially if you buy from malls. To save money, purchase bulbs from stores that offer them at lower prices. Buying cheaper does not mean that you get fragile items if you shop at reliable lighting suppliers.

Usually, these stores have many clients because they provide durable and long-lasting lights for a reasonable price. Some may even serve large companies that need lighting for bigger spaces. If people trust them with their lighting needs, you can, too.

Check Out Different Color Temperatures for Your Tube Lights

Tube lights have different color temperatures available—from warm, yellowish hues to cool, blueish ones. You can utilize these to achieve the atmosphere you want or the effect you need for any area.

When checking the color temperatures of bulbs, you might see numbers like “3,000K.” These are the measurements of how warm or cool a color is. Here are some examples of color temperatures and where you can use them:

  • Warm White (2,700 – 3,000K) – This color temperature gives off a welcoming, calming, and relaxing feel. If you’re designing an office or a warehouse, this is perfect for highlighting the reds and yellows.
  • Nature White (3,500 – 4,500K) – Fixtures with this color temperature give off cool and clean lights that look like sunlight. You can place these lights in classrooms or office spaces, where good lighting is essential to complete various tasks.
  • Daylight (4,500 – 6,500K) – Luminaires with daylight color temperatures are clear and crisp lights that work well for offices, garages, and hospitals. In addition, these products are ideal for security lights.


Where Can You Buy Superior LED Tube Lights in the Philippines?

You can purchase high-quality LED tube lights from Ecoshift, the leading supplier of durable and eco-friendly LED luminaires in Manila, Philippines. We have provided lighting products for the offices of GMA Network, PLDT, Monde Nissin Corporation, and many more. If you want superior lighting for your project, turn to Ecoshift.

We also offer services, such as store pickup, free delivery in select locations, and free installation upon approval.

What Tube Light Products Does Ecoshift Offer?

No matter what kind of project you’re working on, you can rely on us to offer a variety of long-lasting tube lights for your needs. Here are some of them:

T5 LED Tube Light (16W, 4ft, Industrial, Daylight)

This T5 LED tube light has a daylight color temperature, which is perfect for office environments. With a length of 4 feet, this light can provide wider coverage for your space. It also has 1,600 lumens, giving you a bright and clean look in any room. You can have these attached in factories or warehouses.

LED Tri-Proof Light (40W, Daylight)

If you are looking for water-resistant, dust-proof, and explosion-proof tube lights, then this LED tri-proof light is perfect for you. These lights are bright enough to provide decent lighting in places that may be splashed with water. With their durability against so many external elements, these products are ideal for various outdoor areas, such as verandas or patios.

T8 LED Tube Light (9W, 2ft, Daylight, Dimmable)

This T8 LED tube light allows you to change the brightness of your lights based on your preference. Dimmable lights like this are ideal for areas like bedrooms where you do not always need bright lights. With these kinds of lights, you can save energy by lowering the radiance of bulbs in places where proper illumination is not yet necessary.

LED Pendant Light (Black, Hanging Linear Light)

The LED pendant light is a sleek-looking hanging tube light that perfectly fits classy interiors. Despite its expensive appearance, this luminaire is available at a reasonable price. It is also energy efficient, which helps you save money on your electricity bill. Additionally, this product has a brightness of 2,400 lumens and a length of 4 feet, making it suitable for restaurants, cafés, and showrooms.

T8 LED Tube Light (18W, 4ft, Industrial, Yellow Light)

These T8 LED tube lights release sodium vapor gas, which can help prevent the fast degradation of photosensitive samples because it has no ultraviolet rays. In addition, yellow lights like these usually do not attract insects, making them ideal for laboratories and other chemical facilities.

Circular LED Light (15W, Daylight, G10Q)

Not all tube lights are linear. Some are circular like this one. This bulb provides diffused lighting, which helps lessen shadows in certain areas. It also does not emit any ultraviolet light, so it’s safe for photosensitive areas. When eating meals at your dining table at home, this light is perfect because of its bright and even lighting.

LED Pendant Light (48W, Hanging Linear Light)

Here’s a light you can use for large areas because of its specifications: a brightness of 4,800 lumens and a length of 4 feet. It also does not emit ultraviolet rays, so it’s ideal for most spaces. If you need clear, bright, and natural-looking lighting for your home, office, or commercial establishment, then this LED pendant light is the right one for you.

LED Linear Light (Frosted/Clear End Cap, 14.4W)

These LED linear lights are perfect for false ceiling lighting where the bulbs are hidden in a shelf-like layer just below the ceiling. There are three different color temperatures available for this product, so you can achieve the aesthetic you want. These lights will surely be helpful for any false ceiling design.

T5 LED Tube Light (6W, 1ft, Industrial, Nature White)

Do you want tube lights for smaller spaces? This item could be the one you are looking for. This T5 LED tube light is only one foot long, allowing it to fit in small spaces like cabinets. Get this for your workspaces at home, where you need a decent amount of lighting to get things done.

T8 LED Tube Light (9W, 2ft With T5PIN, Warm White)

This T8 LED tube light is a good option if you want to give a room a warmer ambiance. If you need to illuminate a space but do not need too much brightness, this product will do the job. Additionally, this fixture has a T8 bulb with a T5 pin, so you can use it in housings for T5 tube lights, assuming it has the same length.


LED tube lights serve as good lighting for many kinds of rooms because they are energy efficient, long-lasting, and durable. Whether you’re working on a residential remodeling job or commercial construction project, these lights can be used for any of your needs.

Ecoshift will help meet your specifications by providing you with the highest-quality lighting fixtures. Contact us today for more information about how we can assist you. We look forward to serving you!

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