Keeping You Prepared: Partner With Reliable Emergency Lighting Suppliers

Keeping You Prepared: Partner With Reliable Emergency Lighting Suppliers


According to fire safety regulations for establishments and structures, a building is only considered safe once it has complied with the requirements. These include equipping the place with exit lights and rechargeable emergency lights that serve as a guide for people trapped inside during disasters that lead to blackouts.

Furthermore, the building should have an emergency power supply, like generators, and a fire department access where rescuers can easily locate street hydrants. Having these will make rescue and evacuation operations easier.

All these measures are taken to ensure the safety and preparedness of everyone. So, if you are in the process of safeguarding your establishment, Ecoshift Corporation can be your partner! We are a trusted emergency lights supplier in the Philippines that has extensive experience in helping building and homeowners install different lighting products.

The Importance of Having Emergency Lights in the Philippines

In every establishment, whether it’s your office or your own home, having at least one or two emergency lights will make a difference when unforeseen disasters strike. Here are the reasons they are important to install at different locations:

At Home

Our homes should be considered our safe zone during typhoons. Although most houses do not have several floors like buildings, families are recommended to contact emergency light suppliers in the Philippines as their products can still help reduce panic within the household during emergency situations.

With rechargeable emergency lights, people can remain calm and can ground themselves easily since their surroundings are illuminated. Moreover, family members can quickly locate their emergency kits and supplies when their rooms are lit.

At Offices

Some offices of big companies and corporations are located in skyscrapers. Experts in the Philippines recommend that each floor of the building should have several emergency lights and exit lights in order to accommodate every person staying inside. These products are essential, especially during fires and earthquakes where people cannot use elevators and are not sure where emergency exits are located.

At Commercial Buildings

Malls and other commercial buildings are frequented by many people every day. Most of these mall-goers are unfamiliar with the establishment’s exit routes and evacuation plans. With bright exit and emergency lights on every floor, they can be well-guided during unforeseen events, and exiting the mall will be much easier to do.

Where Can You Find Emergency Lights for Sale in the Philippines?

Are you ready to prepare for unforeseen disasters? There are many emergency lights in the Philippines that you can buy for an affordable price. Here’s where you can find them:

Physical Retail Stores

Many retail stores inside malls or even the small ones you’ll see on the roadside sell all sorts of emergency lights. You can purchase the fixtures in bulk or per piece there. However, in small stores, it is best to give the sellers a heads up so they can see if they have enough stock for you.

Online Lighting Shops

If you prefer your emergency lights to be delivered, it is best to purchase from online lighting shops. Some lighting suppliers like Ecoshift have a strong online presence. You can simply visit their social media and find the link to their Shopee and Lazada pages.

Hardware Stores

Local hardware stores usually carry LED bulbs, tube lights, and other lighting supplies. Not all will have emergency lights in stock, but some are connected with suppliers who can request them for you once you inform them that you will be buying some.

Lighting Suppliers

If you want convenience and assurance of getting superior products, you can partner with emergency light suppliers in the Philippines. These companies know the best products in the market, and you can ask them for advice regarding what’s best to install in your area. Furthermore, these suppliers have a reputation to uphold, so rest assured that they’ll deliver to your expectations.

Partner With a Trusted Emergency Lights Supplier in the Philippines

A lighting supplier like Ecoshift Corporation gives a lot of perks to their customers who entrust them with their lighting projects. Here are some examples:

Superior Warranty Policies

When you work with a lighting supplier, it is almost impossible that you’ll receive faulty products or bad service. However, in case you don’t get satisfied with what we deliver, we have prepared a warranty for our clients.

To claim your warranty, you need to send us an email containing your complaint. Afterward, our representative will contact you for a refund or replacement of the products.

Wholesale Prices

If you are a business owner installing many exit lights and rechargeable emergency lights in your building, it is best to connect with a lighting supplier. This way, you can get discounted prices for your purchases since you are buying in bulk.

Most suppliers lower the cost per unit of a product for bulk purchases, whereas if you buy in a retail store, they might just charge you the regular price since they do not cater to big orders on a daily basis.

24-Hour After-Sales Service

Here at Ecoshift, you don’t stop being our client after receiving our products. We pledge to continue answering your questions and guiding you in installing our lighting fixtures.

To stay true to this pledge, we established a 24-hour after-sales service. Through this, our customers can contact us anytime, and they can expect that one of our representatives will always be there to assist them. This does not only apply to concerns or product refunds. You can call our 24-hour after-sales service if you have simple questions about the installation or application of the products you purchased from us.


When disasters strike, you can be in a life-or-death situation in a blink of an eye. But you don’t have to face these unforeseen events unprepared. You can always assemble an emergency kit, plan an evacuation route with your family or officemates, and install reliable exit and emergency lights to guide you.

For inquiries about our lighting products, feel free to contact our team, and rest assured that we’ll assist you as soon as possible.


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