Factors That May Affect LED Emergency Light Prices in the Philippines

Factors That May Affect LED Emergency Light Prices in the Philippines


In times of emergency, there’s a large chance that electricity would be cut off. A sudden fire or explosion inside a building, along with earthquakes, torrential rains, and other weather disturbances, can all cause a huge power outage.

When this happens, your lights will automatically be out, as well, causing darkness to envelop the whole area. This causes a bit of anxiety for some people, which can lead to panicking. If that happens, they might not be able calm down for a moment or have the capacity to think about what they should do.

This is why it’s important for buildings— both commercial and residential properties— to have LED emergency lights. These fixtures will automatically turn on in the event of a power outage, preventing people from panicking and helping them exit the facility safely if necessary. Although they can be quite expensive, they’re still a necessary investment.

If you’re planning to buy them, it’s wise to learn where your money goes. So, here are some of the factors that affect LED emergency light prices in the Philippines:


LED emergency lights come in different sizes. And of course, bigger fixtures tend to have a higher price tag. Larger products, after all, require more materials and are typically harder to produce compared to their smaller counterparts. So, if you plan to purchase a large LED emergency light for your home or office, be sure to prepare extra cash because it’s highly likely they’ll be a tad bit more expensive.

Smaller LED emergency lights are better for those who are on a tight budget. Though they are more affordable, they come with a few drawbacks, too. Since some models can be pretty tiny, these fixtures can’t be expected to illuminate larger areas. Even so, they would still be useful in times of emergency when all the lights are off.


Lighting technology evolves over time, and the invention of LED lights is a testament to that. However, there have been many innovations that have come after LED lights have been introduced to the market. Today, there are lamps that have a lot of additional features that people back in the day couldn’t have thought of. Some products, for instance, can be connected to smartphones, allowing you to turn your fixtures on and off without having to stand up.

Motion sensors are another innovation that can come in handy. Some LED emergency lights affixed with this device don’t turn on right away when the power is cut off. Instead, they will only be illuminated when the sensors detect movement around the area. This feature allows you to save the battery of your light fixtures, so they last a bit longer in emergency cases.

Of course, motion sensors and smart features come at a high price. So, emergency lights that have them can be quite costly.

Battery Type and Protection

LED emergency lights can turn on when there’s a power outage because they are battery-powered. Inside the fixtures, there are rechargeable batteries that store energy, which will be used to power up the bulbs during emergency situations.

Rechargeable lamp prices in the Philippines can be quite high, depending on the type of batteries used. Fixtures equipped with high-quality energy storage devices are surely more expensive because they are marketed to last longer during times of emergency.

Don’t be discouraged though, since there are also some rechargeable lights in the Philippines that come at a low price. These products are ideal for those who don’t have enough budget yet. Although they may not last as long, they’re still effective if they’ll be installed in smaller properties.

IP Rating

Ingress protection (IP) rating refers to the capacity of the fixture to protect itself from being penetrated by solid and liquid particles. In short, IP ratings are there to tell you if the lamp you’re buying is dustproof and waterproof.

LED emergency lights with higher IP ratings (IP65 to IP68) won’t get damaged even if they are exposed to dust, water, and liquid or solid objects. They are pretty expensive and are mostly only used for outdoor purposes only.

On the other hand, fixtures with lower IP ratings are ideal for indoor use where they aren’t exposed to a lot of external elements, such as rainwater and dirt. These emergency lights are quite affordable, which means they are perfect for people who can’t shell out a large amount of cash at the moment.


Another factor that affects an LED emergency light’s price in the Philippines is its brand. Fixtures from well-known manufacturers are marketed to be more reliable and longer-lasting, so they are often more expensive compared to products with a less popular brand name.

It’s hard to pinpoint which the best brand of emergency lights in the Philippines is. The only clear thing is that you should do research before buying any fixture to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Wholesale or Retail

The number of fixtures you’re going to buy is also another factor that can affect the price of the product you’re getting. If you’re planning to purchase in bulk, it may be better to approach a wholesale seller so you can get big discounts. This is what happens to business owners and real estate developers who procure dozens, if not hundreds, of emergency lights at once.


There are many factors that affect LED emergency light prices in the Philippines. If you’re planning to buy these fixtures, it’s best to conduct a bit of research to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. It’s a good idea to ask experts, too, and listen to their informed opinion about which products best suits your needs.

Even though there are emergency lights that can be quite expensive, they’re still a necessary investment. If you plan to buy them, feel free to get in touch with us at Ecoshift Corporation. We are your trusted lighting supplier in the Philippines, so you can rest easy knowing that all the items we offer are top quality.


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