Are Recessed Lights Only Good Indoors? Or Can You Use Them Outdoors Too?

Are Recessed Lights Only Good Indoors? Or Can You Use Them Outdoors Too? 


Recessed lights are a notable type of lighting unit designed to be installed on most flat surfaces. They are used primarily on ceilings and walls, which is why many are unaware whether these units are solely made for indoor lighting setups or are more versatile than assumed. This guide will help clear any misconceptions regarding recessed lights, LED interior lights, and outdoor lights.

What Are Recessed Lights?


First, it is important to clarify what recessed lights are. These particular lighting fixtures can be used in place of standard lightbulbs that hang from the ceiling. They are hidden downlight units placed directly inside ceiling foundations and other building surfaces.

Where Do You Typically Install Recessed Lights?

Due to their build and design, recessed lights are typically found indoors. When searching for “indoor lights Philippines,” you will likely find images and articles about these fixtures and how they complement indoor setups. These fixtures, with their small and non-obstructive designs, are most commonly used to make rooms appear more spacious due. Even multiple installations of recessed lights, if distanced well from each other, can provide the impression of a taller ceiling.

Living Room

Perhaps the most notable place where people install recessed lights would be the living room. Since this is an area meant for gathering and welcoming people, it is optimal for the room to appear large and spacious. In this space, recessed lights can highlight various art pieces and installations in an environment while still helping provide a warm ambience that can help guests feel more comfortable.


Following the living room, the bedroom is another notable area where people might install these indoor lights in the Philippines. These luminaires can provide you with enough illumination will they stay well-concealed. Furthermore, with the right color temperature, your bedroom can appear as relaxing and comfortable as you’d want it to be.

Dining Area

Since the dining room tends to be its own gathering space, recessed lights are a boon to have in the areas of your home. You can keep your dining room looking sleek and clean while making it appear spacious and vast. Recessed lights can even be installed within any flat surface to maintain a modern atmosphere as you and your loved ones enjoy your meals.

Can You Install Recessed Lights Outdoors?

Given their application and functions, it might be assumed that recessed lights are strictly for indoor lighting setups in the Philippines. However, this happens to be a misconception, since you can actually install them in various outdoor areas! This article lists some of the ideal places where you might want to place them.


The patio is a lovely place to stay when you want to relax. Most of the time, it’s used for gatherings or quiet musings. By mounting recessed lights somewhere in this outdoor space, such as the overhead deck, you can ensure that you can use this area even after the sun has set, relaxing with a cup of tea as you overlook the world outside your home.


Like the patio, your balcony can be a cozy spot where you can rest. Recessed lights help in setting a comfortable mood for the space while acting as a practical aid for you to maneuver the room better. They provide a warm sense of illumination to an open area, making settling on the balcony a comfortable and rejuvenating experience.


The garden is likely the most unlikely of places where you might imagine having lights installed. However, they also help maintain a nice warm ambiance for the home’s exterior. They can appear as purely decorative pieces, brightening the garden from their spots on your outdoor ceilings even in the darkest weather. Alternatively, these lights can also make it easier to highlight specific arrangements you might be fond of.

How Can You Install Recessed Lights Outdoors?

There are many things to account for when planning to install recessed lights for a household’s exterior. Because they are more commonly used indoors, you might find that there are more details to remember should you want to use them in an entirely different environment. Keep reading to see our tips and tricks for what to keep in mind when doing so.

Create a Detailed Lighting Plan

The first step in any attempt at installing a lighting setup is to create a detailed lighting plan. Figure out which areas you might want to highlight best and decide where to input your recessed lights. It would also help to mark particular furnishings in this plan, alongside all open areas of the space, to give yourself a basic idea of how your setup may function.

Buy Waterproof Options

If you intend on putting these fixtures outdoors, it’s essential to invest in waterproof options to accommodate changing weather patterns. Waterproof lighting options will be more resilient, require less maintenance, and ensure lessen the chances of any accidents related to electric wiring. By choosing these variants of outdoor recessed light bulbs, you can save yourself less trouble and money in the long run.

Ask Professionals for Help

Of course, nothing beats asking a professional for guidance and advice. Consult with a local lighting supplier or retailer for the best recessed outdoor lighting options. This allows you to know what might be at your disposal immediately. At the same time, this gives you an immediate connection to someone who can immediately inform you of any potential difficulties or suggestions for your lighting setup.

Buy Indoor and Outdoor Recessed Lights From Us!

With Ecoshift Corporation’s wide array of products, you’re guaranteed to find options that will suit your needs and preferences. Recessed lights are lighting units known to be tricky to handle, so with our quality products, you can find your mind at ease when purchasing. Get your ideal indoor and outdoor recessed lights from us and contact our team now.


Recessed lights are a versatile and adaptable unit that can be used in most settings. You don’t need to confine yourself to simply interior lighting setups if you want to use these lighting fixtures. If you’d like to browse through a catalog of what variants of such are available, we at Ecoshift can provide it for you. Reach out to us today!


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