Helpful Tips You May Not Know To Lower Your Monthly Electricity Bill

Helpful Tips You May Not Know To Lower Your Monthly Electricity Bill 


According to research by Statista last June 2021, the total number of households in the Philippines with electricity connections amounted to 24.57 million. This means that the electrification level in the country is about 94.94%.

With these many consumers in this country alone, it is alarming how much it can affect the earth. As a matter of fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development warned people that our current energy consumption will increase by 70% by 2050 and will accelerate the negative consequences of climate change, such as higher temperature and a rise in the frequency of disastrous weather events.

As homeowners, it is our responsibility to do our best to lower our energy consumption. This is not only about saving money, but rather, it is a way for us to contribute to saving the earth and the resources we are using to produce energy.

One way to do this is by being aware of the LED bulb wattages in the Philippines as well as the light bulb types you use. Many are unaware of how much they affect your energy consumption, and Ecoshift Corporation, a trusted lighting supplier in the country, is here to thoroughly explain them to you.

Why You Should Monitor Your Electricity Consumption

We all have our permanent monthly expenses, and our electricity bill is one the most significant things that we should manage in order for us to save money and allot our cash on other important things such as food and daily expenses.

Many people are unaware, but it is actually possible to closely monitor your electricity consumption with the use of smart plugs, home electricity monitoring tools, and other energy monitoring devices connected to mobile apps. Using these gadgets, you can see which appliances are consuming the most energy and which LED bulb types are the most eco-friendly.

Once you develop the habit of monitoring your electricity consumption, you will naturally become more mindful of your environment and the things you use. The next time you are shopping for different LED bulb types and wattages in the Philippines, you will realize that you are now more willing to purchase energy-saving appliances and lights rather than sticking to non-eco-friendly choices.

Moreover, once you see the exact figure of how much energy you consume monthly, you’ll be more aware of the consequences it may bring, resulting in encouraging you to reduce your carbon footprints.

How Lights Affect Your Electricity Bill

It is only natural for people to install several lighting products inside their home, especially if there are no big windows or glass ceilings that can let in some sunlight. After all, we cannot really do simple tasks like cooking, working, or doing chores in the dark.

However, every time you choose to turn on a light, your electricity runs, and it costs you a lot more than you think. Your lighting accounts for about 9% of your energy consumption, and when you leave lights on for longer hours, they consume even more.

Aside from turning your lights off, one thing you can do to save money is learn how to choose the right LED bulb wattage in the Philippines. Electric power is measured in wattages, which means the higher the wattage of the LED bulbs you use, the more power they consume.

If you are using 12V bulb types, you might want to choose lights that have lower wattages, such as three or four watts, to lower your consumption.

What Can You Do To Lower Your Monthly Bill?

There are so many benefits you can enjoy having once you choose to lower your energy consumption. Aside from saving money, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and make this world a greener place for everyone.

Here are some things you can do:

Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

When your electronics are plugged in, they still consume energy even though they are turned off. This is called phantom load or vampire energy, and they waste about 75% of your consumed electricity. Therefore, make it a habit to unplug appliances after using them.

Turn Off Light Fixtures When Natural Light Is Available

If you are planning to build a house, make sure to install windows and other access ways where natural sunlight can come in. This will save you a lot of money as you do not need to turn your lights on during the day. Furthermore, with abundant natural light, your physical and mental health will flourish as sunlight is a good source of vitamin D and helps your brains produce a hormone called serotonin.

Consider Getting an Energy Audit

If you have extra budget, you should hire professionals to conduct an energy audit at your home. This process determines the energy efficiency of your house, providing a complete electricity consumption assessment and pinpointing the trouble areas you have. Through this, you can obtain vital information to identify and correct any energy usage issues and implement a renewable energy system.

Check the Energy Rating of Appliances Before Buying

Manufacturers of different home appliances place an energy rating label to inform customers how much energy an appliance will consume over a year. This is usually measured in kilowatt-hours. If you want to save money and energy, go for the ones with the highest number of stars.

Invest in Quality Luminaires

Quality makes a difference when it comes to energy consumption. Many substandard lights are available in the market, and aside from they consume more electricity, they pose a great threat when used. These lights heat up easily and may explode when used for a longer time. Buying quality luminaires is still worth the investment as you can use them longer, and they draw less power.


There are many reasons we should start consuming less energy and do more things to lessen our carbon footprints. In the upcoming years, we are expected to face drastic climate changes, higher temperatures, and numerous weather disasters because of how we consume electricity today.

As homeowners, we must take the initiative to monitor and reduce our electricity consumption by simply making a habit of turning off lights and unplugging unused electronics. Through these small ways, we can do our environment a big favor and, at the same time, we can save our hard-earned money.

If you wish to buy eco-friendly LED bulbs and other lighting products in the Philippines, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We have been supplying several businesses and individuals with our quality products for many years now. Feel free to send us a message if you have questions or concerns about our offerings!


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