Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines

Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines


As we progress as a civilization, we tend to look and want for more. This includes better technology, facilities, and overall quality of life. In fact, this way of thinking is apparent in how our ancestors started the industrial revolution in the mid-19th century. During this time, various pieces of machinery, engines, heavy equipment, chemicals, and energy were created and used to produce products.

As a result, however, by the middle of the 20th century, the effects of the industrial revolution were beginning to be felt by countries all over the world. There was a significant change in our climate, with more natural disasters being recorded and many bodies of land and water being deemed as polluted.

Given this, more and more people are striving to do their part to make the world better again. One thing you can do is find eco-friendly alternatives to the things you frequently use. For instance, instead of installing regular street lights, you can buy from solar street light suppliers in the Philippines, like Ecoshift Corporation, that can provide you with high-quality and eco-friendly lights.

If you plan to start your lighting project, it may be best to consider purchasing from solar street light vendors. Light pollution is real, and improperly using regular street lamps can worsen the damage it causes. It is your responsibility to make better choices for the world we live in.

How Street Lights Affect Wildlife

Many people are not aware that the simple street lights that guide them in the dark at night affect the flora and fauna when they are not properly used. Leaving these luminaires on for too long and using the wrong wattage can result in artificial lights that harm many aspects of the ecology of wildlife.

Here are the effects of improper use of regular street lamps:

Effect on Animals

Artificial lights affect both diurnal and nocturnal creatures. Diurnal species are animals awake during the day and sleep at night. With too much illumination from street lights, their days are longer, disrupting their sleep cycle, migration patterns, and habitat formation.

On the other hand, nocturnal species awake at night cannot get enough sleep and downtime for their bodies to repair themselves, which alters reproductive cycles. Moreover, many nocturnal animals cannot reproduce when there is too much artificial light due to higher predation risks.

In addition, bright lights attract some organisms like moths, frogs, and sea turtles, luring them to places they should not be in. As a result, they are preyed upon by other animals. Some even die of exhaustion from finding their way back.

Effect on Plants

Plants need light to grow. However, when street lights are not properly used and turned on for a long time, they alter the natural circadian rhythms of plants. As a result, their pollen season gets longer. On top of that, this also advances the date of breaking leaf buds in spring by nearly nine days and delays the coloring of leaves by about six days in the fall.

Overall, too much quantity of lighting affects the rate and direction in which plants grow and their ability to produce flowers and healthy fruits. Given this, it is recommendable to buy products from all-in-one solar street light manufacturers so that we can reduce the damage to our environment. These lights only turn on at night, ensuring that they give illumination when needed.

Preventing the Problem

Understanding the root cause of light pollution will prevent problems from arising. Regular street lights are not so bad for the environment when properly operated. The only time they’ll cause issues is when they are not used correctly, leaving them on too long and using brighter lights than needed.

Solar street lights suppliers in the Philippines can help you learn more about the products that they sell. When you purchase from them, make sure to ask important questions, such as the correct number of fixtures you need, how to install the solar street lights properly, and how you can use them so that they will not end up creating light pollution.

Other Environmental Issues

If you are still not convinced to switch to solar street lights, here are more environmental issues that improper use of street lights brings:

Large Energy Consumption

Street lighting accounts for a large percentage of total energy consumption worldwide. In fact, it has been observed that almost 300 million street lamps use outdated technology that contributes to global warming. Their large energy consumption demands massive production of fossil fuel energy.

To lessen this, people should turn to solar light pole suppliers selling energy-efficient solar street lights that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%. Since they do not need electricity to function, there is no need to burn more fossil fuels.

Significant Amount of Waste

There are many things wasted when we use regular street lamps. First, the bulbs should be replaced every two to four years due to prolonged usage, compared to solar street light bulbs, which are only replaced every five years. Moreover, street lights left open until the morning waste a lot of energy, unlike solar street lights that only need sunlight to function.

Both of these can be avoided by switching to solar street lights, which use less energy, produce better and direct illumination, as well as last almost seven times longer.

Eco-Friendly Street Lamps for Sale

Ecoshift Corporation, a trusted solar street light supplier in the Philippines, is here to help you make the world heal better. We have worked with different companies and government offices to illuminate streets, highways, parking lots, and roads, ensuring they get the best lights for a reasonable price.

With our top-quality products, you can be sure you are not contributing to light pollution. If you are ready to order, you can easily choose from our wide range of solar street lights and fixtures for your next roadway lighting project.


Many things affect the environment negatively, and one of those is light pollution. It can be managed and resolved by installing and using more solar street lights and learning how to use the regular ones properly.

Consult your go-to solar street light vendors and ask them what products you can get that are more eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient. For inquiries and questions about our offerings, feel free to contact Ecoshift’s experts!


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