Proper Street Lamp Installation: Dos and Don'ts Need To Keep in Mind

Proper Street Lamp Installation: Dos and Don’ts Need To Keep in Mind

Proper Street Lamp Installation: Dos and Don'ts Need To Keep in Mind


When nighttime comes, the roads we usually cross and walk on become danger zones. According to statistics, one of the top causes of car crashes is night driving with low to zero visibility on the road. Because there are no lights to illuminate the way, many drivers cannot see what they are driving into. In addition to driving accidents, burglars or robbers may lurk in dark corners, ready to commit crimes when no one is looking.

A simple problem with unlit streets causes a lot of issues. To avoid all of these common dangers and accidents, road safety must be established. This includes installing quality street lights and fixtures, which can be used to illuminate streets at night.

When you visit your local light vendor, you will see street lamps in different types, sizes, and lighting capabilities. Solar street lights are powered by sunlight, so they do not need electricity. Meanwhile, regular lamps are attached to batteries or direct electrical wires, which can give bright illumination to more expansive areas.

If you are planning to install lights in your street or the nearby road beside your house or establishment, turn to Ecoshift Corporation, an established street lights supplier in the Philippines. We can supply you with durable products that can solve numerous issues you are experiencing right now due to dark roads.

In addition, we have prepared a list of dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind once you acquire the street lights from us.

DO: Create a Suitable Lighting Plan

It may look like it is easy to install street lights. Some would assume that you just have to buy a couple of lighting products from a street lights supplier in the Philippines and learn how to install them using a video or manual of sorts. However, there are many factors that you should consider.

First, you have to create a suitable lighting plan. You cannot just arrange the light posts according to what you like. There are standards that should be followed. For instance, a single-sided arrangement in which all street lights are located on one side of the road shall only be used when the road is less than or equal to the mounting height.

Meanwhile, if you plan to follow a staggered arrangement, place the street lamps alternately on each side of the road. You should also have a street with an equal width or at least one to one and a half times the mounting height.

There are more lighting arrangements to choose from. Creating a lighting plan will help you decide on other important factors such as pole height, conductors, brackets, lumens, design construction, shape and direction, and so on.

DON’T: Forget To Consult the Authorities

LED street light manufacturers are not the only experts in street lighting. There are specific authorities or government offices, like the Department of Energy, that create roadway lighting guidelines for businesses that want to start installing street lamps around their establishments.

Using their detailed guidelines, you can start planning and consulting other professionals to help you illuminate the places you choose. With their guidance, you can better understand how to properly brighten areas to increase safety and security in your place.

DO: Buy the Right Number of Fixtures

People who do not have a lot of knowledge about street lights, or lights in general, may just come up with a ballpark number of fixtures to buy for their street lighting project. Doing this can lead to numerous problems when installing the lights.

First, you might end up with too many fixtures, which cannot be installed either way because placing too many lights in a driveway or road can lead to light pollution, glare, and excessive brightness that can distract drivers. Moreover, it would be a waste of money and energy.

Second, you might end up with fewer street lights, which defeats the purpose of installing them as there will not be enough illumination to brighten the place. What you can do is consult street light suppliers in the Philippines and follow the recommended street light spacing of one lamp post every 10 to 50 meters.

DON’T: Consider It as a DIY Project

Installing lights inside your home is different than setting up numerous street lights. This is not as easy as turning off the fuse and replacing the light bulb of your LED light in the living room.

Therefore, never consider street lighting a project you can do alone. It is best to consult qualified electricians, experienced installers, suppliers, or even authorities to ensure you are doing the right thing. One mistake can lead to many issues, such as faulty wiring, uneven light distribution, poor heat dissipation design, driving power failure, and more.

On top of this, we also recommend asking the experts about maintenance and proper repair of the street lights. Since you will use these products continuously at night, you may have to maintain them properly to extend their lifespan.

DO: Get Street Lamps From Trusted Sources

Ecoshift Corporation is one of the many suppliers of regular and solar street lights in the Philippines. We have been in the lighting industry for many years and have completed numerous lighting projects with well-known companies and government facilities.

We offer a wide range of products with different styles, sizes, watts, and fixtures, so when you choose us as your supplier, you are given many options for your lighting project.

On top of our quality products, we can ensure that we will be hands-on when installing street lights and guiding our customers on how to use them and maintain the fixtures properly.

With our customer service, promos, delivery options, and warranty policies, it is guaranteed that you can trust our business to help with your lighting project.


Something as simple as lighting can affect many things, including our safety at night. As homeowners or managers of establishments, it is our responsibility to illuminate walkways, gate fronts, roadways, and driveways to minimize troubles in the future.

Increase safety and security in your area by installing durable and reliable street lights from Ecoshift Corporation. For more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact our team!


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