Ceiling Fans With Lights: Everything You Need To Know

Need Help With Ceiling Fans With Lights in the Philippines? Here’s the Ultimate Guide


Every item is created with a primary purpose in mind. In the past, many inventions had to be repurposed to serve a new function, but that isn’t the case now. More and more bright minds are developing hybrid products for convenience.

Take, for example, the stand mixer, which can work on dough, stuff sausages, and press pasta. Your handy smartphone is one more popular, versatile item since you can use it to call people, browse the internet, and watch videos.

Hybrid inventions aren’t always complex, though. They don’t need to perform thirty different tasks when all it takes is two or three to be considered a hybrid product. Modern ceiling fans perfectly represent this.

Types of Ceiling Fans Available on the Market

Ceiling fans are fantastic additions to rooms that require better air circulation. Not to mention the fact that they come in various sizes and designs, occupy no floor space, and require little energy to run.

Even better, newer versions of the modern ceiling fan present advantages other than improved ventilation. You have smart ceiling fans that you can incorporate into your home automation system. Depending on the model, you may even change settings with a mobile application.

Aside from smart ceiling fans, there are also modern fans with lights, which come in a wide range of styles, including classy, rustic, and minimalist. Elegant modern ceiling fans typically come in the form of chandeliers with fans with varying degrees of ornateness.

Meanwhile, rustic ceiling fans evoke a more natural vibe with wooden blades, making them the go-to choice for country-themed homes. If you want a sleek, no-frills installation, you should consider minimalist ceiling fans.

Of course, design isn’t the only consideration when shopping for modern ceiling fans. Homes that do not have high ceilings won’t be a problem considering that low-profile ceiling fans are available on the market. The outdoors aren’t an issue either since there are outdoor ceiling lights for sale, too.

It’s worth noting that the aforementioned modern ceiling fans all feature the standard open blade structure, but you can also acquire caged variants if you so wish. There are even dual motor caged ceiling fans that allow for different blade speeds.

Tips for Buying Ceiling Fans With Lights

Homes in the Philippines benefit significantly from ceiling fans with lights, especially considering how humid it can be in the country. Modern ceiling fans are a must-have in some scenarios, and the addition of lighting makes them more worthy of purchase.

Before going out to buy one, though, you should keep in mind that the model you get for your home will depend on several factors, including the area of installation, installation process, and warranty.

The space where the modern fan with lights will go is arguably the most critical consideration, given that it can influence the type and size of your ceiling fan. Let’s say the place of installation is your patio; that means you need to get an outdoor ceiling fan. However, you can’t just buy the first item that catches your eye; you also need to check its rating, which ranges from dry to damp to wet.

On the topic of location, you mustn’t forget about ceiling height, either. After all, a fan that’s too low or too large can pose a safety hazard. The passable distance between the fan and floor is eight to nine feet, but you can go as low as seven or as high as eighteen. Low-profile ceiling fans are the best option if your home cannot accommodate the necessary height.

Should you find yourself lost in the research process, you can always consult with an expert regarding the matter. Professional input is always valuable, especially since they can assist you with installations, returns, and refunds, too.

Which Ceiling Fan Is Perfect for Your Home?

Finding the perfect ceiling fan with light for your home in the Philippines requires a similar process to your pre-purchase research. There is one glaring difference: You can now filter your options based on the specific rooms on your property.

For example, a ceiling fan for common areas with high ceilings should ideally possess features that improve accessibility. You can’t install a fan with a pull chain since that will make reaching it challenging. Instead, use a model with a wall or remote control for easy access.

After accessibility, you also need to identify fanning power and light intensity. Smaller rooms can make do with a less potent motor and dimmer light, while the opposite is true for larger rooms.

An additional note is that you don’t need to buy a ceiling fan with light for sale if the room already has other lighting fixtures, such as wall and floor lights. That would be a waste of resources.

As always, you can seek professional assistance with this decision-making process. Ecoshift Corporation, for example, is more than happy to help you with your purchase. We offer a wide range of ceiling fans and consultations to ensure you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

Where Can You Install Your Ceiling Fan With Lights?

You might wonder, “Where can I install ceiling fans with lights?” The answer to this question is anywhere with a ceiling. One of the best qualities of this hybrid product is its versatility, which allows for installation in any roofed space, both inside and outside the house.

Outdoor ceiling fans, for instance, can easily enhance your roofed porch, giving you and your family the chance to enjoy the sunlight without worrying about overheating. Another place you can install this modern ceiling fan is a greenhouse. The added light will help your plants grow, and the fan will ensure proper air circulation.

As for indoor locations, any room is a candidate for installation, even attics and garages. Modern fans with lights are instrumental in the attic, where they can provide much-needed ventilation and dispel stuffy air. The same concept applies to basements with little to no light sources.

The living room is prime territory for ceiling fans with lights, too, thanks to how much activity it experiences regularly. A chandelier with a fan can instantly turn a stuffy room into a refreshing space. You also benefit from having a gorgeous fixture in your common area.

All in all, there’s no limit to where you can use modern fans with lights, provided the space has a ceiling.

When Should You Replace Your Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans with lights in the Philippines are highly durable, but they don’t last forever. You will have to replace them at one point, regardless of how much care and maintenance you invest in them.

When the motor starts to make strange noises, it’s time to start looking for a ceiling fan with lights for sale. This development usually means the fan isn’t getting enough oil, eventually leading to damage and a complete breakdown. You can always try to oil the motor, but that’s only a temporary solution and may lead to higher expenses.

Another telltale sign of a failing ceiling fan is when it starts wobbling excessively. This movement puts stress on the fan’s infrastructure and can cause it to detach from the ceiling. As such, you need to inspect the blades and other parts for any damage or looseness.

You can also check for flickering lights, which usually means the wiring has a problem. Ceiling fan light flickering can also occur when the bulbs are nearing the end of their lifespan. You may have to get the wiring fixed or replace the lights, depending on the circumstances.

Finally, it would be best if you also replaced your ceiling fan when the style starts to look outdated. Ceiling fans typically draw the eye due to their size and placement, so you might as well give your household and guests something pleasant to glance at.

Establishments That Offer Ceiling Fans With Lights

It’s not challenging to find quality ceiling fans with lights in the Philippines, given that most hardware and lights stores offer them. The difficulty lies in finding a reliable establishment to procure them from.

See, suppliers are inherently unique no matter the similarity of the products they sell. They differ in catalog size, prices and discounts offered, installation services availability, and even after-sales service. The factors may seem overwhelming, but the key is finding a balance, which Ecoshift Corporation strives to achieve.

Here at Ecoshift Corporation, we offer an array of ceiling fans with lights for sale. There are styles to use in homes, offices, and other commercial spaces. In addition, we take pride in our customer service, as we have a team of light experts that can help you with the installation works. Call us today if you need assistance choosing the right modern fan with lights.


Modern fans with lights are some of the best products of innovation, proving that hybrid products need not be complicated. Those who invest in ceiling fans with lights will find they’re excellent additions to any space. They provide light and ventilation, two essential elements in a room.

When shopping for quality ceiling fans, don’t forget to assess the installation space and consult with an expert. Doing both can save you from the burden of having to replace your ceiling fan too soon.

If you’re looking for a trusted brand that offers quality ceiling fans with lights in the Philippines, look no further than Ecoshift Corporation. Our catalog features a wide range of designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste. We also have a team of light experts who can help you with the installation process. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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