A Light in the Dark: How To Illuminate Commercial Spaces With Flood Lights

A Light in the Dark: How To Illuminate Commercial Spaces With Flood Lights

A Light in the Dark: How To Illuminate Commercial Spaces With Flood Lights


Lights can infinitely transform a space, creating highlights and shadows that draw attention to certain features, add ambiance, or influence the overall atmosphere. This principle remains the same even when focusing on a commercial space.

That said, illuminating commercial areas is a challenging feat since the factors to consider are more extensive. Before starting this venture, you must first understand the impact of good lighting design in a commercial setting. In this article, you will find several tips on using flood lights and other fixtures to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces properly.

Importance of Good Lighting Design in a Commercial Setting

It’s a known fact that a well-lit space can make customers feel welcome. In some cases, it can even give them a positive perception of the business. The impact of good lighting design doesn’t end there, though.

Suppose you were to invest in flood lights and other fixtures from a reputable supplier in the Philippines. In that case, these lighting solutions can aid in creating a space that your customers can easily navigate.

Dimmer flood lights, for example, can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere without sacrificing visibility in the area. Moreover, flood lamps that are strategically placed on certain surfaces or points of focus can draw attention to important features such as displays and shelves.

Outdoor locations can also benefit from good lighting design. Take, for example, a large outdoor parking lot. Flood lights can be used to provide adequate illumination in the entire area, creating a safe and secure environment for customers, even at night.

Tips on Lighting a Commercial Space

There are many ways to utilize flood lights and ensure that they illuminate a commercial space properly. Here are some helpful tips:

Envision the Layout of the Space

Before you install indoor flood lights or other lighting solutions, you must first assess the area. Doing so allows you to get a better grasp of the space, especially if you take the time to get measurements. In addition, you can also determine the best layout for the fixtures, taking into account area division if you’re planning lights for a store.

Let’s say you’re adding lights to a clothing store. You have the entrance, display areas, fitting rooms, and cashier counter. Each section has a unique purpose, requiring different lighting solutions.

For non-display spots dedicated to tasks, such as the cashier counter, you want to use direct, bright lights, such as indoor flood lights. On the other hand, display areas can benefit from accent lights since they can draw more attention to the garments and accessories.

Complement the Desired Aesthetic

If you are making changes to an existing space, then it’s likely that it already has an established aesthetic. Remember to keep this design or theme in mind when purchasing flood lights from a supplier in the Philippines.

It may seem inconsequential, but installing fixtures that don’t complement the style of the area can be a distraction. For instance, rustic flood lamps will look out of place if the space has glass walls and modern furniture. Clients may not even notice at first, but their subconscious will pick up the wrong notes.

Moreover, buying flood lights and other fixtures compatible with any particular theme can create a cohesive look. As a result, the area will appear more polished and put together, making your establishment look more credible and inviting.

Remember the Basics of Lighting

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for lights, especially since there are several options to choose from. To prevent this from happening, you must always keep the basics of lighting in mind.

First, and perhaps the most critical, is that lights can be divided by function, resulting in four primary categories: accent, decorative, ambient, and task lighting. Knowing the differences between these types can help you plan out the layout more effectively.

Second is that LED bulbs in fixtures come in various luminosity and colors. Take, for example, a small rechargeable flood light. Bulbs for this lighting solution are usually around 700 to 1300 lumens, with the color temperature landing at 5000 Kelvin.

The higher the lumens of light, the brighter the beam it emits, so you want a lower number for indoor flood lights compared to models designed for outdoor use. On the other hand, the Kelvin rating determines the hue of the light, with 5000 indicating cool white illumination. Lower Kelvin values indicate warmer shades.

Finally, the size of a light fixture should be proportional to the area you plan to illuminate. This means that lights for a large office should be more prominent than those used in the hallway or small meeting rooms.

These basics of lighting will help you figure out which luminaires are best suited for your commercial space, especially when shopping from reliable flood light suppliers in the Philippines.

Procure Fixtures From Trusted Flood Light Suppliers in the Philippines

Once you have the basics down, you can begin browsing through the available lighting solutions in your area. The countless options may be overwhelming at first, but the tips above can help you narrow down the selection that best suits your commercial space.

For flood lights, you want to ensure you’re buying a suitable model since indoor and outdoor flood lights have different specifications. If you wish to have a fixture for an outdoor area, you need to check the IP rating to ensure it can withstand elements like dust and moisture.

Another consideration is the power source. Regular lights rely on electricity to function, so you need a backup generator in case of a power shortage. Rechargeable flood lights, on the other hand, can be solar-powered or battery-operated. These are excellent purchases if you want a more sustainable flood light that is less dependent on the grid.

Aside from considering your options, you also want to find a trustworthy supplier of flood lights and other fixtures in the Philippines. Checking reviews, comparing prices, and ensuring they have the necessary certifications can lead you to stores like Ecoshift Corporation.

Ecoshift is a leading light supplier with years of experience in the lighting market. Our catalog features numerous flood light models for indoor and outdoor use, and our team is more than willing to help you find flood lamps that are perfect for your commercial space.


Illuminating a commercial space may be tricky, but it is possible. The key is knowing the basics of lighting, evaluating your area, and researching lighting options to find the best flood lights for your needs.

If you want more insight into commercial lighting design, you can reach out to Ecoshift Corporation. Our years in the industry have allowed us to establish a name for ourselves as a go-to flood light supplier in the Philippines. We can assist you in finding fixtures that can adequately light up your commercial space. Get in touch with us today!


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