Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Any Room With Elegant Cove Lighting

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Any Room With Elegant Cove Lighting


Nowadays, minimalist interior design has slowly been gaining popularity. Most people love keeping things simple— they paint rooms with plain colors, decorate using simple artworks, place functional pieces of furniture, and illuminate the area with neutral lighting fixtures. This creates a clean look and a light ambiance, which gives people a space to breathe and allows them to take a break from their busy, everyday lives.

Meanwhile, for some, decorating their place is their way of showing their personalities. Despite minimalism’s popularity, they ignore the trend and stick with what makes their character shine most in their homes. They buy the most creative artworks, paint their walls a distinct color, and invest in versatile lighting solutions for each room.

Versatile lighting products like LED strip lights are perfect for elevating your ceilings, walls, floors, and other parts of your home. They can be cut and customized, giving you the freedom to use your imagination on how to illuminate your surroundings. Whether you are a minimalist or a bold designer, these lights can fit into any style you are aiming for.

With Ecoshift Corporation as your lighting supplier, you can start coming up with light designs for your cove ceiling. We offer superior LED strip lights with varying colors, temperature, wattage, and other special features. Moreover, our products have been installed in several homes, office buildings, and retail stores, showing just how trusted our products are across the country.

What Is Cove Lighting?

Cove lighting is a form of illuminating surroundings indirectly by mounting lighting solutions in ceilings, ledges, walls, and other recessed parts of a room. The light it produces directly shines on ceiling planes, providing overall diffused illumination and a soft glow.

This type of lighting can be used as your primary source of light. You can use LED strip lights and attach them to your ceiling to illuminate the whole room. Meanwhile, you may also use cove lighting as an ambient luminescence by installing strip lights on accent walls or behind your television in the living room. Doing this will elevate the look of your area as it elegantly highlights the corners you want to showcase.

Several lighting products can be used to achieve cove lighting. The most common ones you can use are fluorescent lights since you can mount them inside your cove ceiling. However, this type of light increases your electricity consumption because it wastes energy as heat. For a better option, you can use eco-friendly LED strip lights, which can last up to 50,000 hours while consuming just the right amount of energy.

Why Do People Invest in LED Strip Lights for Their Ceilings?

At the end of the day, we all have to come home to rest. Of course, no one wants to settle down in an uncomfortable, poorly lit, and undecorated space. People invest in LED strip lights for their ceilings and other parts of their houses to give their place a relaxing vibe and help them destress after a long day at work.

In addition, installing LED strip lights has more benefits, including:

Fixtures Take Up Less Space

Ceiling details matter, and cove lights can easily elevate that part of your house. And the best part about it? LED strip lights only take up a small space.

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that has several LEDs. It is highly flexible and can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees, making it easy to light up small corners of your house where LED bulbs cannot fit. It can stick to almost any surface and add powerful lighting to your ceiling in various colors.

Ideal for Any Interior Design Style

If you are wondering how hotels and other establishments illuminate and elevate different parts of their area, the answer is that they use LED strip lights. Because of how versatile these lights are, they can be incorporated into any room, from minimalistic ones to extravagantly decorated spaces.

LED strip lights are a long line of LEDs. They do not disrupt or clash with any element of decoration present inside a room, making them the perfect lighting solutions.

Energy-Efficient Option

Before, recessed ceilings were illuminated using fluorescent lights as they are elongated and can fit the small space in between. However, they consume more electricity, and a lot of energy is wasted as heat when they are used.

On the other hand, LED strip lights are more energy efficient as they use 20% less power. Moreover, they do not contain toxic materials such as mercury, which can be hazardous when not disposed of properly.

How To Achieve Amazing Cove Lighting Designs

Paint First

Cove ceilings can be tricky to paint once the LED strip lights are already installed. You must cover the lights using special tapes or plastic to keep them clean when painting. The best thing to do is paint first so you won’t have to worry about messing up the LED strip lights’ appearance.

Consider All LED Lighting Options

Aside from being an eco-friendly and efficient choice, using LED lights all over your space will give you consistent illumination. Halogen, fluorescent, and LED lights can be mixed, but they do not provide the same brightness and temperature. Doing this will make your space look unorganized.

Take Accurate Measurements

LED strip lights can be cut into pieces to fit the outline of ceilings or other surfaces in your house. But before doing so, make sure that you have the correct measurements to avoid repeating the process of installing LED strip lights.

Make Sure To Complete the Connections

After attaching your LED strip lights, you have to complete the connections properly. Check if you have the right switch, as it can cause the lights to flicker or malfunction if they are not compatible. Moreover, it would be best to use a LED power supply for constant and uninterrupted power for your lights.

Consult Professionals

It is best to consult someone with extensive knowledge about LED strip lights, their installation, and maintenance. If you are unsure how to install the lights you purchased, contact your lighting supplier for proper guidance, correct troubleshooting, and helpful advice.


Having your own room or place to decorate is an amazing thing. You have the freedom to express your personality by installing versatile lights, using different pieces of furniture, and choosing an interior design of your preference.

If you plan to renovate your home and elevate your cove ceiling, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We can provide you with the best LED strip lights on the market, and you can choose from different colors, wattages, and lengths.

For more information about our products and services, feel free to contact our team!


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