Which Low Profile Ceiling Fan Is Best for You? Consider These Features To Find Out

Which Low Profile Ceiling Fan Is Best for You? Consider These Features To Find Out

Which Low Profile Ceiling Fan Is Best for You? Consider These Features To Find Out


Much like human lungs, buildings and structural facilities need to breathe to serve as comfortable spaces for working or daily living. With proper ventilation, rooms can stay fresh and cool for human beings. Moreover, having a well-ventilated area gives us many benefits, such as reduced temperatures, controlled impurities, and a better health state.

To achieve such living conditions, there are some things people can do. First, you can start by letting natural air and wind come through open windows and large doorways. With enough entrances and exits, air can properly circulate inside.

Second, you can invest in other mechanical systems to add flow inside your building. One example is an exhaust fan, which effectively pulls odor, fumes, and moisture from the inside and vents them outdoors. In addition to pulling unwanted fumes, exhaust fans also reduce the chance of mold growth inside buildings as they prevent condensation.

If you are not yet capable of investing in exhaust fans, you can choose to install low-profile ceiling fans in every room. These are much easier to install and are as effective at keeping your space ventilated. Furthermore, their intricate designs make any room more aesthetically pleasing.

Ecoshift Corporation offers a wide range of low-profile ceiling fans with lights for outdoor and indoor uses. We have several options that will surely match the design of your space, whether you’re going for a traditional or modern look. If you are still unsure what to buy, continue reading our list to find out what features you want to see in your low-profile ceiling fans.

WiFi and Smart Home Capabilities

We now live in a technologically advanced world. Everything is optimized and innovated to give total convenience to consumers. Hence, modern low-profile ceiling fans already have WiFi and smart home capabilities. This means, you can connect them to smart home apps like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Through these apps, you can easily control your fan settings with just a few taps using your phone or by commanding Alexa and Google Assistant. You can give commands for turning the fan on and off, controlling its speed level, powering the light attached to it, and so on.

This feature is best for tech-savvy homeowners who want to integrate everything inside their houses. Fixtures with these capabilities can also benefit people with disabilities, allowing them to operate the fans with ease.

Remote Controls

Before, low-profile ceiling fans could only be turned on and off using switches or strings directly connected to the fan. These are still being used nowadays, but manufacturers have since invented something that makes using the fans much easier.

They came up with a remote control that offers maximum convenience for fan owners. The remotes they invented are similar to the ones provided when you purchase air conditioning units. They can switch the fan on and off, change the settings and speed, and dim the lights attached to them.

If you are not techy enough to integrate your low-profile ceiling fans into a smart home system, these remotes can give you a similar convenient experience.

Light Kits

When we look at ceilings, we usually expect to see lights and lighting fixtures. Therefore, manufacturers had a great idea of integrating ceiling fans and lights for a two-in-one function.

Once you install the best low-profile ceiling fan with lights inside a room, it improves and centralizes the area’s lighting while adequately ventilating the place. This is best for those who do not have enough ceiling space to accommodate individual fans and lights at the same time.

On top of that, you can purchase ceiling fans with dimmable and multi-colored lights to add ambiance and mood lighting to your room. These may come with a wall switch or remote control to adjust the lighting.

In-Wall Fan Controls

Some people are not fond of pulling the strings attached to ceiling fans to turn them on and off. Moreover, not every household is integrated with smart home systems. Instead of using those, you can opt for in-wall fan controls.

In-wall fan controls are switches that are drilled and attached to the wall. These allow you to adjust the settings of your fan by clicking some buttons. They make controlling your fan convenient as you can easily reach them when entering or exiting the room.

They are also perfect for people who do not like constantly replacing the batteries of their remote controls to control their ceiling fans. These in-wall fan controls are low maintenance and do not need to be replaced unless damaged.

Rated Speed, Air Delivery, and Consumption

Hundreds of low-profile ceiling fans are available on the market, and they all have features that differentiate them from others.

First, they have different rate speeds. A fan’s speed is affected by the length of the blades, design, and size. Typically, when these three are adjusted, the speed is affected as well. The average rate speed of a ceiling fan is 300 to 350 RPM, which is enough to ventilate a medium-sized room. You can also adjust a fan’s mode, depending on what you prefer. The three common selections are low, medium, and high speed.

Second, they have different air deliveries. When buying fans, you must know the kind of airflow they deliver, which is commonly measured in cubic meters per minute. A good air delivery runs around 205 to 230 CMM, enough to ventilate a room as well as eliminate fumes, moisture, and other unwanted elements.

Lastly, they consume energy differently. Some ceiling fans have smart saving modes, which automatically regulate electricity consumption. On average, these ceiling fans only need 15 to 90 watts to function correctly.


When building a home or office, one thing everyone should prioritize is the comfort of the space that will be occupied. Comfort is commonly achieved when the place is furnished with cozy furniture, adequate lighting, and proper ventilation. Therefore, homeowners and business owners should carefully pick the fixtures to install inside their properties, such as the lights and ceiling fans.

If you are looking for durable and stylish low-profile ceiling fans, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We are a reputable lighting supplier in the Philippines, and we offer a wide range of ceiling fan selections with lights to our customers. For inquiries, you may contact our team!


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