6 Flood Light Models You May Want For Your Property

6 Flood Light Models You May Want For Your Property

6 Flood Light Models You May Want For Your Property


Large fields, small flower gardens, tiny homes, and tall buildings– all of these spaces require unique lighting solutions, given the differences in size and purpose. However, one light fixture can easily be adapted to any area: flood lights.

Flood lights offer intense beams of light perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. You may have seen them used in football stadiums, but they can also work in residential and industrial spaces. Their versatility in terms of application is due to their customizability.

See, flood lights come in different forms, each differing in build and power source. In terms of bulbs, LEDs are standard these days, having replaced halogen flood lights. Below are some flood light models you may want to consider using:

According to Build

A flood light’s build significantly affects potential placements around an area, so it’s wise to know the difference between each type. Here are three standard builds you can find in almost every catalog:

Standing Flood Lights

Standing flood lights are some of the most common models available on the market. These feature long, vertical bases staked into the ground like a tripod. The light casing can be adjustable, allowing users to direct the beam at limited angles.

Because of their design, standing flood lights function well indoors and outdoors. They are sturdy and can be placed in strategic positions to provide an even glow in an area. You may find them on construction sites for this very reason.

Canopy Flood Lights

Suppose you’re looking for a powerful source of light to install in ceilings or high structures. In that case, canopy flood lights make an excellent solution. In the past, these were typically used in outdoor parking lots and gas stations, but newer designs have made them viable in other locations.

Canopy flood lights consist of a horizontal mount with a light source on either side. The beam emitted is wide and evenly dispersed, providing excellent coverage in large areas. Some standalone models also feature an adjustable frame, allowing users to focus the light in a particular direction.

Portable Flood Lights

Portable flood lights are for people who want their lights to be unrestricted in one spot. As the name suggests, this lighting option is easy to move around, making it ideal for locations that see various activities and experience a lot of foot traffic. Some to note are camping sites, sports fields, and walkways.

Portable flood lights come in different variations. The most common model features a yellow frame with a handle and a boxy light source. Given their portability, these flood lights are often rechargeable, making them cordless and truly mobile.

It’s worth noting that portable flood lights are also highly versatile since you can pair them with separate stands, creating a new fixture altogether. If you wish to do this, you must ensure that the frame can handle the flood light’s weight.

According to Power Source

One cannot have lights without a power source. There are three common power sources for flood lights, each offering unique benefits. Read about them below:

Regular Flood Lights

Regular flood lights are models that depend on electricity to operate. They must be plugged into an outlet to offer illumination, which may be limiting for some users.

The advantage of using regular flood lights is their energy consistency. You won’t have to worry about batteries running out of juice or backup power sources failing when you need them the most. As long as there’s an outlet, the light will stay on.

Unfortunately, these are rendered useless if there is no electricity or available generator on the premises.

Solar Flood Lights

Next up is a modern rechargeable flood light that’s slowly gaining traction in today’s market: solar flood lights. If you want to convert to green energy, this model is for you. These lights don’t rely on traditional means to function, instead storing energy from the sun and converting it into power.

An obvious benefit of using solar flood lights, aside from rechargeable energy, is that you don’t have to worry about outdoor outlets. You can place these anywhere as long as they have enough sunlight exposure during the day.

It’s worth noting, though, that these aren’t the most reliable if you live in an area with little sun exposure. Also, they may provide less power than other models since solar energy is still a relatively new technology.

Rechargeable Flood Lights

Rechargeable flood lights are similar to solar-operated models, except they need to be charged with an external power source. Often, these fixtures store energy while lit up by electricity and use their backup juices if the power goes out.

Given their nature, rechargeable flood lights are the best option in terms of reliability. You don’t need the sun to fill up their backup energy, and as long as you keep track of their backup energy, they’ll be good to go when an outage hits.

Purchase Reliable Flood Lights in the Philippines

Now that you know about the different flood light models you can install indoors and outdoors, you can begin shopping for your property.

Flood lights are readily available in most hardware and light shops in the Philippines. However, it’s good to err on the side of caution when buying lights since not all of them are high-quality. To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, purchase from reputable sources like Ecoshift Corporation.

We have years of experience working with lights, and our online catalog features various features, including indoor and outdoor flood lights. Check out our online catalog to see available models!


Flood lights are at the forefront of property illumination, providing cost-effective ways of increasing security and increasing brightness in an area. In addition, they are highly customizable, with so many models available on the market. Their frames, power sources, and even bulb color can be changed to better suit the needs of each user.

With enough time spent shopping, you can find flood lights that work in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. If you don’t know where to start, you can also consult the lighting experts at Ecoshift Corporation for better insights.

You should also know that we offer more than advice to our clients. We also sell branded LED fixtures, which are known for their quality and durability. Reach out to us today to learn more about our products and services!


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