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Helpful Maintenance Tips To Make Your Round Panel Lights Last Longer

Helpful Maintenance Tips To Make Your Round Panel Lights Last Longer


LED lights are made to maintain bright and well-lit environments along with manageable energy consumption, allowing you to keep ambient and uniform lighting for an affordable price. However, to ensure that they last you as long as possible, you must know how to maintain them.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we are dedicated to helping you learn more about how to take care of these LED fixtures. Read this article now to learn more.

What Are Round Panel Lights?

Round panel lights are a type of LED light fixture that happens to be shaped circularly. Like their square counterparts, these lights aim to provide good lighting at lower power than others. In addition, their versatile design allows them to be installed in almost any environment without the risk of appearing out of place.

Are Round Panel Lights Better Than Other LED Panels?

There are many reasons to consider round panel lights over other LED panels. Though they may carry many similarities to other lighting structures, round panel lights come with their own advantages that distinguish them.

Here are some of the reasons why you might prefer round panel lights:

No Flickering

One key feature of these panel lights is how they do not flicker when turned on. Along with this, they make no noise while emitting a comfortable amount of light for your surroundings.

Do Not Generate UV Light

Another notable benefit to these LED round panel lights is that they do not generate any form of UV light. Though they do emit illumination well, they maintain a low energy cost without producing UV light by transmitting weaker rays. This makes it a safer alternative to UV lamps and lighting due to its inability to spur potential UV radiation.

Low Luminous Decay

Despite the high power of LED panel lights that are round and consumes 18w as well as its other variants, they maintain a low luminous decay. These lights also simply do not degrade in time— keeping a consistent and uniform ambiance to your environment. Its brightness stays the same, and it takes much longer before they need replacement.

Simple and Minimalistic Design

At its most basic, it is often designed to act as a recessed panel light, allowing you to install them within most spaces, structures, and wall panels. The surface of a LED round flat panel is made to be sleek, flat, and uniform, presenting a clean and minimalist design to suit almost any indoor environment.

Maintain Your Round Panel Lights Easily

Of course, the work of these LED lights cannot be achieved on its own. They require upkeep and maintenance to be kept at their best possible condition, illuminating your home in a way that is both optimal and cost-efficient.

Luckily, we have these simple tips and suggestions to help you maintain your round panel lights. By keeping these in mind, you can ensure that your LED lights last up to at least 50,000 hours.

Select the Right LED

Choosing the right LED is key in maintaining your round panel light. From the quality itself to the color temperature and rendering index, as well as its lumen, there are many factors in place when it comes to choosing one. Aside from this, you would want to check for any potential damage or susceptibility to wear with its manufacturer or supplier.

Clean Them Regularly

It should be noted that, like any item, these lights require routine cleaning and maintenance. When possible, check for dust and debris inside and outside of your panels and clean them regularly. Leaving these alone could result in potential shortages if left unchecked for too long and may affect the product negatively in the long run. Additionally, having them clean regardless would extend their lifetime use.

Perform Inspections

Inspections are an essential part of the maintenance process. Regularly check your panels to test for functionality, susceptibility to damage, and other potential concerns that might arise if left as is. You might find some parts that require replacement or care, even sections that must be moved around or cleaned up. Should any of these issues occur, you can immediately fix these problems before they need more attention and can ensure that your panels are as stable as possible.

Avoid High Temperatures and Humidity

The longevity of LED lights also happens to be dependent on the environment they are placed in. Avoid installing your panel lights in areas prone to extreme temperatures or humidity, as these would impact the electronic components within the fixture. These lights are not built to be sustained in temperatures that are too cold or hot, as these factors may decrease its overall performance and working time.

Know When To Repair or Replace Them

Of course, the most crucial tip for maintaining your LED lights is to know when they need repairs or replacement. Routine inspections will help you better understand when the situation might call for it, but it is essential to rationalize and accept when it is needed. Some problems that might occur with your LED lights can only be solved in one of two ways, and knowing when will make things easier in the long run.


Overall, round panel LED lights are an optimal solution for any, if not all, of your indoor lighting needs. They provide all the necessary illumination and ambiance you might want, at your own preference. At the same time, their designs are flexible enough for any indoor environment.

If you want to inquire further about these lights, contact us at Ecoshift Corporation or visit any of our branches for more information. Alternatively, if you would like to browse through your potential options, we have a long catalog of possible round panel lights for you to choose from.


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