6 Things You Should Know About Solar Flood Lights in the Philippines

6 Things You Should Know About Solar Flood Lights in the Philippines


Flood lights have become familiar sights in homes, businesses, and public places all around the Philippines. Their popularity is within reason, given that these fixtures offer some of the most intense beams on the market today.

Modern innovations have allowed manufacturers to enhance this lighting solution, creating a greener option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing quality or brightness. Enter solar-powered flood lights!

Solar flood lights in the Philippines offer limitless possibilities, but those unfamiliar with them might need help to make a decision. To help you out, Ecoshift Corporation has compiled this guide to walk you through the basics of solar LED flood lights and provide helpful tips on locating reliable suppliers in the Philippines.

How Do Solar-Powered Flood Lights Differ From Other Fixtures?

The clue is in the name– solar LED flood lights don’t need electricity like regular fixtures. Instead, they use the power of the sun to emit light beams that effectively illuminate properties of all kinds.

You will find that modern solar-powered flood lights have rechargeable batteries that store the energy harnessed from sunlight during the day. This stored power is used to give off a bright light at night, which is highly efficient and cost-effective. In addition, these fixtures are often equipped with sensors that detect movement in their vicinity, which can trigger the lights to turn on and off as needed.

Since solar flood lights in the Philippines don’t rely on traditional power sources, you also have emergency lighting solutions in case of outages. This makes them the ideal choice for people living in remote areas or with limited access to electricity, allowing them to benefit from reliable light fixtures that don’t cost millions.

You should note, though, that solar LED flood lights will require some maintenance to keep them functioning well. This involves cleaning the solar panels regularly and making sure the batteries are adequately charged.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Flood Lights?

The most obvious advantage of using solar flood lights in the Philippines is the incomparable illumination. This lighting option functions incredibly regardless of property type, making it a flexible choice when searching for green solutions.

Those hesitant to invest in solar-powered flood lights should note that the initial buy-in cost may be higher than traditional lighting systems. However, you can make up for this expense in long-term savings since solar LED flood lights are energy efficient and consume relatively low amounts of electricity. Moreover, they are incredibly durable, withstanding extreme weather conditions without needing much maintenance.

Another benefit of using solar-powered flood lights is their accessibility. Unlike in the past, these models are readily available on the market, and you can even find them online. If you take the time, you can easily track down the model that best suits your needs by comparing solar flood light prices and specifications.

Lastly, utilizing eco-friendly lights like solar LED flood lights can be an excellent way of helping reduce pollution and save the environment. This is due to their green production process and lack of any toxins, making them an ideal choice for those who prioritize sustainability in the long run.

Are Solar Flood Lights Customizable?

While there are suppliers in the Philippines that offer personalized solar flood lights, this option is only sometimes necessary, given that the market is vast and the choices are diverse. You can find fixtures with fixed or standalone panels, warm or white beams, and various wattages.

Solar flood lights with fixed panels come with cells connected to the build, allowing users to install this model on posts, walls, and ceilings. On the other hand, the standalone option requires a separate space to mount the panels, which can be quite limiting on some properties.

The solar flood light models in the Philippines also feature a wide range of wattages, with some offering as little as 10 watts and others as high as 300 watts. Keep in mind that watts are separate from lumens, which is the measurement that indicates the brightness of solar flood lights. Taking note of the LED wattage to lumens ratio will help you find a solar flood light that meets your needs.

As for the color or temperature, solar flood lights don’t have the most comprehensive range, but you still have the option between warm or cool white. The latter is the popular selection for most properties since it offers beams that remain bright even when it’s rainy or foggy.

Another factor for solar flood lights in the Philippines is their Ingress Protection (IP) rating. This value describes a fixture’s resistance to dust, moisture, and other elements, which plays a significant role in its performance and longevity. The solar flood lights for sale by reliable suppliers usually come with an IP rating of 65 or higher, guaranteeing that your solar flood light will perform efficiently regardless of the weather outside.

Where Can You Use Solar Flood Lights in the Philippines?

Solar flood lights in the Philippines are designed to provide a broad beam of illumination across an area. However, their reliance on the sun’s energy limits their application, unlike regular flood lights.

As such, you can typically find 100-watt solar flood lights brightening outdoor locations with spaces to mount panels. In addition, residential, commercial, and even industrial properties benefit from this lighting solution; you only need to purchase models with the appropriate specifications.

For instance, extensive outdoor spaces such as parking lots and public parks don’t require one prominent fixture for illumination. Several solar flood lights spread across the area can deliver the desired effect. In this case, you need solar flood lights with fixed panels, so you can install the fixtures on posts without worrying about mounting the panel separately.

Since solar flood lights in the Philippines come in various wattages, they can also be installed in smaller locations without the worry of blinding people. Let’s say you have a home with dark perimeters. Installing 10-watt solar flood lights on the sides of the property will provide the necessary illumination to enhance your security. The same model can apply to gardens, pathways, and backyards.

Given that the best solar flood lights in the Philippines don’t need electricity to function, these lighting solutions can replace regular fixtures in remote getaway homes. They come in different intensities, light colors, and builds, so you can customize their installation for energy-saving and decorative purposes. Plus, you can rest easy knowing you will have lights even during emergencies.

How Does One Shop for the Best Solar Flood Lights?

Shopping for lights is typically an overwhelming experience, especially for those doing it for the first time. The experience extends to solar flood light shopping, but you can easily find some of the best models in the Philippines by keeping in mind a few things.

First, list the qualities you want in your fixture since these can help you narrow down your options. Let’s say the installation area is a large construction site with no ceiling. You need powerful solar flood light models to illuminate the location, even during rainy days or night shifts.

With this information, you can create a selection pool already, with the most notable options being an industrial 100-watt solar flood light or two 60-watt solar flood lights in warm white.

Second, set a specific budget or range you are willing to spend. This step will help you decide which solar flood light model best suits your budget. You can also compare solar flood light models with similar features and prices to determine the better bargain.

Lastly, be mindful of the stores you purchase from. Many suppliers in the Philippines claim to offer reliable solar flood lights, but only some live up to their promises. So, do your research and read reviews before committing to a solar flood light supplier.

Where Can You Find the Best Solar Flood Lights in the Philippines?

As the market for solar flood light steadily grows, finding reliable suppliers in the Philippines has become challenging. Many businesses offer fixtures with similar specifications and prices, making it hard for most to come to a final choice.

A tip to always follow is to check beyond a shop’s catalog. Installation fees, customer service, and after-sales support can also affect solar flood light shopping, so review the shop’s credentials before committing to any brand.

If possible, look for solar flood light suppliers in the Philippines with a long history of customer satisfaction— this indicates that their solar flood lights are reliable and their services are reliable.

Applying these tips to your selection process can lead you to businesses like Ecoshift Corporation, where customer satisfaction is the top priority. Our team of lighting experts can help you find quality solar flood lights in the Philippines. Moreover, our collection features other LED solutions, such as motion-sensor, UV disinfection, and emergency lights. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.


Solar flood lights in the Philippines offer sustainable lighting solutions that have residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With advanced features, these models can effectively illuminate space, enhance security, and reduce energy costs.

If you’re looking for the best solar flood lights, it only makes sense to work with suppliers in the Philippines with proven track records. Ecoshift Corporation offers a wide range of solar flood light models and other LED fixtures to brighten your property. We stand by our customer-centric approach and promise to provide solar flood lights worth the price. Contact us today to learn more.


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