Join the Social Media Craze and Install LED Strip Lights on Your Ceilings

Join the Social Media Craze and Install LED Strip Lights on Your Ceilings


The Philippines has been the undisputed social media capital of the world for many years now. There are more than 80 million active social media users in the country, and that includes you!

Recently, a new video-sharing platform took the internet by storm: TikTok. Users post short clips of them dancing, singing, and just doing all sorts of stuff, so it’s perfect for those who want to watch other people having fun.

Serious content creators on TikTok put a bit more effort into what they publish. Their videos look good, especially with the backdrop of tiny glowing lights that can be created using strip lights. Those products are available here at Ecoshift Corporation, so be sure to check out our website if you wish to place an order.

The Importance of Lighting in Social Media Videos

The best thing about the LED strip lights you can buy at Ecoshift is that you can use them for other social media platforms. Whether you post static images on Instagram and Twitter or publish long-form videos on YouTube and Facebook, proper illumination with strip lights (and other lighting fixtures) is essential because it does the following:

Sets the Mood

When watching a movie, it’s easy to spot how the lighting changes depending on the mood of a particular scene. Comedy films typically use bright and vivid lighting to create a cheerful atmosphere. On the other hand, dramas and horror shows use dimmer and high-contrast illumination to exhibit something sorrowful or terrifying.

The same principle can be used for pictures and short clips you upload on your social media accounts. It’s best to have as much natural light as possible, so it would help if you film your videos outside or near a large window. If you have the budget, you can even invest in strip lights and other fixtures you can install on your ceilings and walls. These luminaires would greatly help in enhancing the quality of your content.

Helps Catch People’s Attention

Product reviews, tutorials, and other kinds of informative content help boost traffic on social media. But you can’t make high-quality videos such as these if you don’t use proper lighting. With the right fixtures, you can catch the viewer’s attention and put more focus on what’s important in your video.

If you’re doing reviews, for example, use lights that can emphasize even the tiniest detail of the product you’re trying to evaluate. For reaction videos, it’s essential to highlight your face, so you need the right type of fixture that can do that. The same goes for tutorials since they require luminaires that can be focused on your hands while you teach your viewers how to do something.

Improves Video Quality

Taking away the technicalities, proper lighting simply improves how your video looks. No one wants to watch something too dark that they can’t see anything or too bright that it hurts their eyes. Worry not, however, because you can always ask for assistance from experts or do your own research on what kind of lighting suits you based on your audience and content.

Where You Can Place Strip Lights

Content creators are lucky that they have a wide range of lighting types to choose from. Ring lights, for example, are perfect if you want to make your videos look professional and less amateurish. For background lights, strip lights might be perfect! Here are some of the places where they are best installed:

On Walls

Whether you’re singing, dancing, or just showing off your cute pet, your videos will look much better if you take them in front of a nice background. An empty wall in your home is good, but if you think it’s too plain and empty, you can decorate it with strip lights. With the proper camera settings, that kind of wall will look visually appealing in both videos and photos since the lights can be blurred out and create a nice effect.

Behind Computer Monitors

Strip lights are perfect for gamers who want to elevate their PC setup. There are many colors to choose from, but “cyberpunk aesthetics” with pre-eminent red, blue, and purple tones are among the most popular options nowadays. If you wish to create that kind of effect, you can simply line up colored strip lights behind your computer.

On Dropped Ceilings

Dropped ceilings are becoming more popular because they can make any building look more posh and sophisticated. Their visual appeal is further enhanced by cove lighting, which can be achieved by installing strip lights in between the two ceilings. Cove lights in dropped ceilings look good in pictures and videos. If you wish to do a home or office tour on your social media, your subscribers and followers will surely be amazed if you show them your cove lights in your living room or work area.

Under Cabinets or Cupboards

You want your kitchen to look stylish and elegant if you regularly post cooking videos or recipe tutorials. There’s no better way to do that than installing strip lights under your cabinets or cupboards. This way, people who watch your content will be impressed not just because of your delectable dishes but also because of your amazing cooking area.

Other Parts of Your Home

Strip lights are incredibly versatile. You can cut them to your desired length or bend them to any shape you want. That means you can install them anywhere at home, too! If you wish to, you can put them outdoors to add an extra flare to your garden or front yard. Just be sure to buy waterproof products that won’t get damaged even if they get drenched in rainwater.


Proper lighting is essential if you wish to create professional-looking videos and photos for your social media. There are many kinds of fixtures you can use, and strip lights are just one of them.

If you wish to use strip lights, you can install them on your ceilings, walls, or even kitchen cabinets. The possibilities are endless as long as you’re creative enough to think of unique ways to use these lighting products.

Do you think you need strip lights to elevate your social media content? You can get these products here at Ecoshift Corporation. Feel free to browse through our website to learn about your options.


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