Design and Get Creative Using Versatile LED Rope Lights

Design and Get Creative Using Versatile LED Rope Lights

Design and Get Creative Using Versatile LED Rope Lights


More and more people are installing rope lights on their properties because they see how versatile these fixtures can be. Rope lights can be mounted on ceilings, floors, walls, lawns, building facades, and other parts of your home or commercial facility.

You just need to plan carefully on where and how you want to install them. This is a way for you to maximize their use and ensure that your purchase is worth it. Of course, it’s essential that you have to buy your rope lights from a reliable lighting supplier in the Philippines, and that’s where Ecoshift Corporation can help. Contact our team today to place an order for our rope lights and other lighting fixtures.

Where Are Rope Lights Commonly Used? 

Since rope lights are versatile, they can be used in different parts of the property, whether outdoors or indoors. The only limit is your creativity. Here are a few places where you can install them:

  • Ceilings – Rope lights on ceilings are getting increasingly popular these days. These fixtures are prominently used for cove lighting because they can easily be hidden in small spaces.
  • Staircases – To make your stairs look elegant, you can install rope lights around them. Apart from improving the appearance of that part of your property, the lights will serve as an added safety feature for people who want to climb up or go down at night.
  • Gardens – You can use rope lights outside, too. They can be installed in gardens and lawns to make the area appear more visually appealing at night. However, the ones used for these purposes need to be waterproof to prevent rain damage.


Get Creative Using Rope Lights 

There are many ways to get creative with rope lights since they can be installed in false ceilings, staircases, gardens, and other parts of your property. Additionally, they can be used for different types of lighting, such as:

Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting refers to the overall illumination in an area. This is why people typically think of large fixtures like chandeliers and panel lights when installing ambient lighting on their property.

However, if you want to be a bit creative, you can install rope lights instead. Using these fixtures to cover a large area in your ceiling can create a unique effect. You might think that choosing rope lights in lieu of bigger luminaires might not be enough to brighten up the entire area dim. This won’t be the case if you plan properly and set the fixtures up well to spread the light adequately.

Cove Lighting 

Cove lighting is perhaps one of the most prominent uses of these fixtures. Rope lights in cove ceilings create a beautiful effect that exudes elegance and sophistication.

The best thing about rope lights is that they are thin and lightweight. This means you can simply slide and hide them into the space you’ve created in your cove ceiling. These fixtures are also quite flexible, so it’s possible to bend them around the corners, allowing for easier installation.

Accent Lighting 

There might be features in your property that you might want to highlight. They can be a painting, a sculpture, a house plant, or any other fixture you just want to emphasize and catch the attention of anyone visiting you. You need accent lighting for that, and rope lights are perfect for the job.

You can get creative in using rope lights for accent lighting. You can install them behind mirrors, portraits, and other items mounted on your wall. It’s also possible to wrap them around columns and posts to make those areas in your property look less bland.

Perimeter Lighting 

Many people think rope lights can only be used for aesthetic purposes. That isn’t the case, though, because these fixtures are also beneficial in improving the security and safety of your property. You need to install them as perimeter lighting to mark the area around your entire compound. This helps prevent the entry of trespassers and other people who want to make mischief.

These fixtures are perfect for perimeter lighting because they can be installed almost anywhere, including the floor and the ceiling. Rope lights for floors and ceilings are often low-priced, too, so they are perfect for people on a tight budget. Just be sure to purchase from reputable lighting stores to avoid buying substandard items.

Decorative Lighting 

Some people buy rope lights instead of Christmas lights during the Holiday season, which proves that these fixtures can be used to embellish parts of your home. However, its decorative applications do not necessarily end there.

Rope lights come in warm white, cool white, daylight, and other colors. There are RGB rope lights, too, so you can buy them to express your individuality as you decorate your property. Since these fixtures are flexible, they can easily be bent to almost any shape or letter you desire. Of course, you must buy high-quality rope lights to ensure they won’t get damaged quickly as you twist and curl them into different figures.


Buy Rope Lights From Your Trusted Supplier 

Rope lights are versatile, so it isn’t surprising that more and more people want to use them for their property. These fixtures are perfect for everyone, no matter if you’re a simple homeowner who wishes to beautify your residence or an entrepreneur who plans to improve your commercial building.

If you like to purchase rope lights today, Ecoshift Corporation is the right store to go to. Our company offers rope lights that you can install in your ceiling, stairway, landscape, garden, and other parts of your property. We have been in this business for quite a while, so you can expect us to have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the kind of fixture perfect for your lighting project.

For more information about our products, feel free to browse through our online catalog. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to speak directly with our staff.




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