7 Best Solar Flood Light Applications You May Not Know About

Ecoshift Corporation offers some of the best solar flood lights in the Philippines. Read this article to learn about the applications of our products.

7 Best Solar Flood Light Applications You May Not Know About


The best thing about solar flood lights in the Philippines is you can use them for different purposes. They have a wide range of applications, some of which are not as common as others. Read the rest of this article to learn about the various ways you can utilize solar flood lights.

Public Parks

Public parks need to be safe and secure at all times, especially because they are expected to always be crowded. They are highly accessible to people, so they are popular meeting places for large groups to gather and socialize. In some cases, couples visit parks to go on romantic dates without needing to spend too much money. These places can also sometimes be a venue for families to bond together.

It is not surprising that public parks are packed with people, even after sundown. And for that reason, those who manage these properties should do whatever they can to keep the area safe at night. One way to do that is by installing high-quality flood lights. These fixtures can be easily installed from high places, like tall walls and lamp poles, so they can illuminate a larger area of the park.

Indoor and Outdoor Cafes

Cafes, like any other dining place, need to be cozy and inviting, and lighting plays a big part in achieving that kind of ambiance. Installing too many fixtures might make the area too bright, which might not give a good experience to customers. The same is true if you don’t use enough lights. In this case, the entire space might be too dark, and the people dining inside might have trouble seeing their food or companions.

There are many types of lights you can install in a cafe. However, if you want something that can provide proper illumination, flood lights are a good idea. These fixtures come in small sizes that are beneficial for indoor spaces and large sizes perfect for outdoor applications.

Entertainment Venues

When you go to a concert or sporting event, there is a big chance you will see solar flood lamps being used to illuminate the venue. After all, one of the most common applications of these fixtures is to brighten outdoor arenas and stadiums. Solar flood lights, however, can also be used in smaller entertainment spaces, such as theaters, cinemas, or even function halls.

Large venues require multiple flood lights installed in different locations because a few units will surely not be enough to illuminate such a wide space. In smaller spaces, there might not be any need to use as many fixtures. Setting up several fixtures in strategic areas might suffice to illuminate the room properly.

Construction Sites

There is no denying that construction work is difficult. It requires a lot of manual labor, and, in some cases, employees need to go on duty at night. In those instances, making the work site bright is necessary to mitigate safety hazards and help prevent accidents in the workplace as much as possible. Using 200W solar flood lights or those with higher wattages might be a good idea.

The installation of solar flood lights does not only benefit construction workers. In many cases, they are also for the safety of the public. They make the area visible at night, so pedestrians or drivers around the vicinity can easily spot hazards in their path, such as falling debris.

Parking Lots

Commercial establishments, like malls and office buildings, need large parking areas to accommodate the people who visit them. The same goes for residential facilities, such as condominiums and exclusive subdivisions, so residents can leave their vehicles safely.

Parking lots need to be properly illuminated at all times to boost safety and security in the area. By investing in some of the best solar flood lights in the Philippines, parking managers can avoid crashes and collisions among vehicles. Additionally, these fixtures could help curtail crimes such as theft and vandalism.

Billboards and Signages

Companies pay large amounts of money for billboard spaces to advertise their products or services. After all, these large signages are effective marketing tools since their size can easily catch people’s attention. If someone is walking or driving by the area, they will surely notice the huge and colorful tarpaulin where a particular business’s name is printed.

However, billboards must be placed strategically to maximize their advertising power. They need to be well-lit, too! So, those who lease billboard spaces often invest in commercial solar flood lights to illuminate these large signages and keep them visible at all times, even at night.

Public and Private Pools

In a tropical country like the Philippines, visiting resorts to go swimming is a popular way to freshen up and stay cool. Some venues even have pools that accommodate people at night so guests can enjoy the refreshing water at any time of day. 

Resorts that offer night swimming should keep their pools adequately illuminated. They can do that by installing high-quality solar flood lights around the pool area. These fixtures can make the venue more aesthetically pleasing after sundown and make the space safer for visitors.


Because of the versatility of solar flood lights, they can be used for a wide range of commercial or residential applications. We listed a few examples that might inspire you, but you might find other uses for these lights that aren’t listed here. No matter where you choose to install them, you can be sure that these fixtures will give you the illumination you need to complete the look of your project.

If you are looking for the best solar flood lights in the Philippines, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We are a trusted supplier that can provide you with an extensive selection of superior lighting products—from flood lights to street lamps. Get in touch with us today for more information!


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