Need Lights for Cold Storage Areas in the Philippines? LEDs Are Your Best Bet

Need Lights for Cold Storage Areas in the Philippines? LEDs Are Your Best Bet

Need Lights for Cold Storage Areas in the Philippines? LEDs Are Your Best Bet


Storage is a crucial consideration when running a business, especially one that deals with produce and perishables. You must create a specific environment to ensure that no material goes to waste, hence the need for cold storage.

This space goes by many names, such as cold room, freezer room, and refrigerated warehouse. Companies use these areas to store food items, artworks, cosmetics, medicines, textiles, and other materials that require a low temperature.

Given the state these items need to remain in, cold storage areas must be heavily controlled, to achieve the ideal lighting, temperature, and humidity levels. Temperature and humidity go hand-in-hand, but lighting can stand on its own.

Ecoshift Corporation can assist you with cold storage lighting, providing insight into this space’s unique qualities and needs. Reach out to our lighting experts today to learn more about LED light fixtures used in cold storage spaces in the Philippines.

Unique Characteristics of Cold Storage Spaces

All storage areas have standards to follow, but cold rooms require an extra layer of control. If one component fails or doesn’t meet the specifications, you risk items perishing in an untimely manner, resulting in significant losses.

That said, the components of a cold storage space vary depending on the nature of the business, but a few remain constant. The temperature system consists of the compressor, condenser, receiver, evaporator, and blowers. Each component has unique functions, with the compressor acting as the central part.

Aside from the cooling system, you also have shelving and storage racks. These must be able to bear the weight of your stocks, especially if you’re storing items in bulk. In addition, they must resist moisture and corrosion to ensure they last long despite the extreme temperature.

If you have tall shelves, you need to provide workers with the means to acquire products from the upper shelves. It can be a ladder, forklift, or stairs, but you must account for safety when installing them.

Another factor to consider is the power supply. Cold storage spaces require a stable source of energy and voltage with no fluctuations whatsoever. As such, consider installing a backup generator to ensure the area runs smoothly.

Lastly, you need an efficient lighting system that won’t affect the temperature in cold storage. Various fixture options are available in the market, which will be discussed below.

Requirements for Cold Storage Lighting

Cold room lighting standards are stricter due to the extreme temperature within the space, meaning it would be wise to adhere to them at all times to prevent any mishaps.

The first requirement is to use light bulbs that don’t emit heat to ensure that the area remains cool at all times. Cold storage lights must also be well-sealed to prevent moisture accumulation within the fixtures. Moisture can lead to corrosion, affecting the lights’ performance in a cold environment.

The light bulbs should also be able to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity. To do this, you must check their IP rating before purchasing. A fixture with an IP65 rating is ideal, as it means that they are dust-tight and can resist liquids from all directions.

Another factor you need to consider is cleaning and maintenance, especially if you plan to store food items. Lighting fixtures must be easily accessible for regular cleaning, as you wouldn’t want the space contaminated due to dust buildup.

Lastly, consider the glare that lights may produce in a cold storage area. Choose bulbs with a low glow to prevent workers from getting irritated or disoriented while in the room.

Why Choose LED Lights for Cold Rooms

Among all the lighting solutions on the market, LED lights remain the most popular choice for meeting cold room lighting standards.

It’s imperative to maintain the temperature in freezer rooms, which is why halogen and incandescent lights are out of the question since they generate heat while producing light. On the other hand, LED lights emit very little heat, making them optimal for cold rooms.

In addition, LEDs are energy-efficient, lasting as long as 50,000 hours. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing the bulbs frequently, lessening the expenses on installation and fixtures.

Moreover, LED lights come in various forms, with their components offering plenty of options. You can find fixtures with different wattages, color temperatures, bulb types, and builds, making it easy to find one that best suits your cold room.

For instance, small cold storage rooms can benefit from rows of tube lights since these products produce bright illumination while taking up minimal space. If you have a large freezer room, you can use canopy lights to illuminate the area efficiently.

Cold rooms differ from one another, requiring customization of the LED lighting solutions. That’s why it pays to consult an expert who can assist you in developing the ideal lighting system for your space.

Tips for Purchasing Cold Storage Lights

Remember that the light bulb and fixture hold equal weight in cold storage, so it’s best to review their specifications before committing. Both components need to be able to withstand the extreme temperature in the room, and you can ensure that they do by taking note of the following information:

  1. Ingress Protection (IP) Rating – This value represents the cold room light’s level of protection against dust and water.
  2. Corrosion-Resistant – Moisture is ever-present in cold storage, so light fixtures must be able to resist damage from humidity.
  3. Lumen Output – This value refers to the intensity of light that comes from the bulb. The higher it is, the brighter the area will be.
  4. Operational Temperature – Cold storage rooms have an average temperature maintained to ensure the freshness of the items in these spaces.
  5. Shatter-Proof – On the off-chance that the light bulb breaks, a shatter-proof liquid coating will help prevent broken pieces from flying around.

Another tip is to research cold room LED light suppliers. Doing so will help you find the best quality fixtures for your budget. Make sure to read customer reviews to better understand what other people think about their products.

Procure Quality Cold Storage LED Light in the Philippines

The supplier you work with is arguably the most crucial factor in your cold storage lighting project. You need someone who can provide long-lasting, energy-efficient fixtures that meet the unique requirements of a cold room.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we have a wide selection of LED light fixtures suitable for cold rooms and other controlled environment applications. All our products are compliant with various safety regulations, enabling you to set up a secure facility without sacrificing efficiency and productivity.

Our trained personnel will also be happy to assist you with the installation process, ensuring that each component works as intended. Reach out to us today, and let’s discuss your business’ needs!

FAQs About Cold Storage LED Lights in the Philippines

Why Do Cold Storage Spaces Require Good Lighting Design?

Having adequate lighting in cold storage guarantees that the space has high visibility. This means that workers can efficiently perform their tasks, such as searching for products and navigating around the room. Moreover, it ensures that all areas are well-lit to prevent accidents from happening due to poor lighting.

Can I Use HPS Lights in a Freezer Room?

High-pressure sodium vapor (HPS) lights are not suitable for cold rooms since they emit heat while in use, causing the temperature to rise. On the other hand, LED lights create almost no heat and are more energy-efficient.

Do Regular LED Lights Work in Cold Rooms?

LED lighting fixtures have unique characteristics, making some more suitable for cold storage. As much as possible, you want your lights to be weather- and shatter-proof since these qualities can guarantee the fixture’s durability despite temperature fluctuations. It is best to seek professional assistance when choosing the right lights for your cold storage space.

What Color Temperature Should I Use in Cold Storage Spaces?

When outfitting cold storage with LED lights, choose fixtures with a cool white color temperature. A cool white hue can reflect the cold atmosphere while providing adequate light for workers. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause any extra heat buildup inside, resulting in energy savings and protecting your items from damage.

What Extra Features Should I Consider for Cold Room Lights?

When choosing LED lights for cold storage rooms, you should consider fixtures with motion sensors and dimmers. Motion sensors can detect movement within the area and turn on the lights automatically when someone enters it. Dimmers help you adjust the brightness of your lights depending on your needs. These features can help conserve energy while still providing adequate lighting in the space.

In addition, you should invest in lights with backup power supplies in case the main power fails. These are essential for ensuring that workers can find their way out of the room if needed. Finally, you should ensure your lights have extended warranties so that you can replace them or fix them quickly should any issues arise.


Cold storage lighting is vital in keeping your stored materials safe and preserved. Knowing this, you must choose the right fixture for this purpose since inefficient and incorrect light design can result in dark spots or raised temperatures, either of which can compromise your products.

To ensure the best results, work with Ecoshift Corporation’s expert lighting team to find the perfect LED light fixtures for your cold storage in the Philippines. Our specialists can provide you with vital information and advice on installation and maintenance, helping you reduce costs and maximize efficiency. Reach out today for a consultation!


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