6 Tips To Help You Shop for the Best Solar Flood Lights

Buy LED Solar Flood Light From Suppliers in the Philippines

6 Tips To Help You Shop for the Best Solar Flood Lights


Because of how bright solar flood lights are, you can illuminate large spaces without having to install too many units. This is a primary reason these fixtures are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It won’t even be surprising if you wish to purchase these products, as well, to install them in your home or building!
However, before you look for a solar flood light supplier in the Philippines, check out the tips in this article first. We’ve listed important reminders you should keep in mind when looking for the right solar flood lights.

Determine the Purpose of the Lights

Before you visit your favorite lighting store to purchase solar flood lights, it is best to devise an effective lighting plan first. You should determine which areas of your house or building require solar flood lights to establish what purpose the lights will serve. This will allow you to roughly estimate how many units you need and how bright each one should be.
Determining the primary purpose of your lights will also help you narrow down what kind of solar flood lights to buy and how much you would need for your budget. If you plan to install the fixtures outside, it is best to purchase waterproof and dustproof units. They can come with an IP65 rating or higher, but they might be a little more expensive.
If you know that you only need the lights indoors, like in storage rooms or lobbies, you do not have to buy fixtures with high IP ratings. Non-waterproof options are typically more affordable.

Check the Installation Space

How much space you have is a significant factor to consider when purchasing new solar flood lights. If you plan to install the fixtures in a tiny room, it is best to get a smaller unit because it might be enough to illuminate the entire area.
You can install small fixtures in large areas, as well. However, you might need more than one unit to ensure the room is adequately illuminated. Setting up too many solar flood lights can be a hassle, especially for those untrained to do so. If you do not want to experience that problem, consider purchasing just one large fixture that will be bright enough for the whole space.
You can ensure you get the right size by having the staff test the product for you. This will let you see how bright a unit is when switched on. If you plan to buy your lights online, you can check the indicated lumen level instead.

Research Available Models on the Market

There is nothing wrong with being a bit picky about the lighting fixtures you wish to purchase. After all, you will use them for your own home or building, so it is totally up to you which one you think best suits your needs. That’s why it’s a good idea to research the different models available on the market. The most convenient way to do that is to check out online lighting stores that offer solar flood lights.
However, sometimes, you might not be able to find anything on the internet that piques your interest. In that case, you can visit physical shops instead. You might think it is a hassle to go to the store, but doing so has many benefits. For example, you can speak directly to the staff and ask them for recommendations. Just tell them you want solar LED flood lights that can be installed either outdoors or indoors, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Consider Function Over Price

We understand that you may already have a set budget that you cannot go over. However, despite your budget, you should still consider buying high-priced items if they can better serve your purpose.
Some products on the more expensive side are typically equipped with certain advanced features. For example, some have built-in motion sensors, so they light up automatically when someone is in the vicinity. These solar security flood lights are helpful in keeping your property protected. You can easily spot intruders trying to get into your facility because the lights will turn on with any movement they detect.
Since solar flood lights with motion sensors might be more pricey compared to regular options, it’s important to consider whether you really need the additional features or not. If you think they are worth the cost, it’s probably best to adjust your lighting budget.

Ask for Help

Forgetting or neglecting to consult professionals is one of the biggest and most common mistakes committed by those who want to purchase solar flood lights. Many people think they can simply purchase anything they want without expert assistance, but that is not always the case.
Seeking professional assistance can help you decide which fixtures to buy. With their knowledge and expertise, they can guide you toward making the right choice. Some professionals can even ensure your safety by helping you with the installation process.

Look for a Trusted Solar Flood Light Supplier in the Philippines

Consider yourself lucky because you do not have to search far and wide to find a reliable lighting supplier in the Philippines. Ecoshift Corporation is a reputable lighting company that offers high-quality solar flood lights and other fixtures. We have an extensive selection of products, so you can surely find a product that meets your needs.
If you are looking for product recommendations, you may also consult our lighting experts. Our staff members are highly knowledgeable about the industry, so they can be a big help to you. Get in touch with us today!


Buying new solar flood lights can be a little overwhelming, but with our tips, you might find the task a little easier. As your trusted solar flood lights supplier in the Philippines,  Ecoshift Corporation will always be here to help you!

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