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A Buying Guide To Help You Look for Cheap Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines


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Whether you spend most of your time in your home or office, proper illumination plays an important role in your everyday life. It allows you to see things better, increases your safety, and even improves your mood. However, good lighting is an investment, and not all fixtures in the Philippines come cheap. Some luminaires cost more than others due to various factors, such as brand, design, and color.

For example, the price of cove lights for your ceiling in the Philippines is likely more affordable than a grand chandelier, which often costs more because of its intricate design and large size. Of course, the number of luminaires you get will also affect the total cost of your lighting project.

Don’t worry, though, because you can still find cheap lighting fixtures in the Philippines if you know where to look. Fortunately, Ecoshift Corporation provides a comprehensive guide to help you save on your lighting needs.

Set a Strict Budget

If you want a surefire way to save money on your lights, you should set a strict budget for yourself when buying fixtures. Allot a specific amount that you can expend, and make sure to stay within that number when you shop to avoid overspending.

To create your budget, you can research the prices of bulbs first and determine the price range of those you want to purchase. Check different stores or online shops to get this information. You can then collate the data and decide how much you’re willing to shell out for your lighting project.

List Down What You Need

When going out shopping, it’s easy to get tempted to purchase other things that may not be necessary. If you buy items you did not originally plan to get, you may lose some of the money you set aside for buying luminaires. Avoid that extra expense by only listing down the fixtures you need.

Start by looking around your area and ask yourself, “which light best suits this room?” You can search for lighting recommendations and determine which style you like. Once you have decided on a theme or look, measure the area of the room to find the perfect fixture for it.

Prepare Backup Options

Sometimes, lights go out of stock because of the demand for the product. The best thing to do when this happens is to prepare backup options that would still fit your lighting project. Before buying cheap lighting fixtures in the Philippines, you can search for design inspiration for your space. This will help you find good alternatives if the luminaire you plan to purchase is unavailable.

Let’s say you want a chandelier that is fairly priced in the Philippines. You want to get it because of its elegance, but its cost goes way over your allotted budget. A possible backup option for you would be pendant lights, which also hang from the ceiling, giving them a similar aesthetic.

Wait for Seasonal Sales and Promos

If you do not need to buy new lights immediately, you can wait for sales and promos at your preferred store. Many lighting suppliers offer discounts during certain months for special occasions and holidays. Sometimes, they also have clearance sales to empty their inventory and make way for new products.

Waiting for sales may take a long time, but it is definitely worth the wait. One way you can stay updated on the latest deals is by following the social media accounts of your favorite lighting suppliers or checking their websites regularly.

Be Wary of Overly Low Prices

When you go out to buy luminaries, you may find an item with a very wide price range. Let’s say it costs 100 pesos in one store but only 20 pesos in the other. With this kind of difference, you may prefer to purchase the cheaper one because it can save you some money. However, it’s best to check the quality of the item before buying it. Some stores can only provide fixtures at low prices because their products are not made of durable materials, which could affect their functionality and life span.

When you come across lights being sold at low prices, make sure to use your best judgment as some luminaires can be cheap but well made. You can distinguish which ones they are by holding the fixture in your hand and reading its specifications on the packaging.

Learn Some Lighting Jargon

Lighting fixtures have labels on their boxes with specifications, such as wattage, lumens, and color temperature. If you are not familiar with these terms, you might purchase a luminaire that may not be right for the room you want to put it in. The lights you buy may be too bright or dim for your space.

You may also unnecessarily spend more on fixtures that are not ideal for your project. These specifications typically affect the prices of lights, which is why it’s best to know the exact specs needed for your room. This way, you can ensure that you’re investing in products that provide the best-quality lighting.

Buy in Bulk

If you are working on a large lighting project, like a mall or corporate building, buying fixtures in bulk can greatly help you reduce your costs. Wholesalers typically offer their products at cheaper prices when you order a certain number of items. They can do this because they have more space for new items when you buy their current stock, and the money invested flows back to them.

Wholesalers have different minimum quantities, but usually, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost of each item. For example, a company may sell 100 bulbs to you at 85 pesos each instead of 99, but they may price it even lower, like 60 pesos, if you were to buy 1000 pieces of their stock.

Ask Experts for Opinions

If you are not too familiar with light bulbs, you can always ask for assistance from experts. They have the knowledge that can help you determine whether an item is cheap but made of high-quality materials. These professionals can even provide you with lighting recommendations for your project.

Suppose you want to buy some ceiling lights to design your house in the Philippines. There are many options and variations you can choose from, so it is a great idea to consult an expert for the ideal lighting plan for your home. With their help, you may be able to find cheap ceiling lights that perfectly fit your room and budget.

Read Through Online Reviews

Another way to find cheap lighting fixtures in the Philippines with decent quality is by reading online reviews. When you check testimonials from previous customers, you can find out if a luminaire is really worth its price. If it’s a good lighting fixture, you are more likely to see people listing down the reasons they like the product.

However, some individuals may still leave bad reviews even if countless others have praised the quality of the item. You must also consider these comments so you can decide whether or not it fits your personal standards.

Find a Supplier You Can Trust

The word “cheap” sometimes has a negative connotation that can make you doubt the quality of an item. People usually get this impression because many low-priced items are not well made. However, it is important to remember that not all cheap products have bad quality. There are trustworthy stores around the Philippines, like Ecoshift, that provide superior luminaires for lower prices.

Finding a reliable supplier that offers affordable and durable items can take some time and money because of the trial and error you have to do. However, once you find the best one, you no longer have to worry about spending so much on your lighting projects.


There are many ways to find cheap, good-quality lights in the Philippines. You just need to have patience and remember all the tips we’ve provided to find the best prices for your lighting products.

If you’re planning to buy fixtures soon, browse through the products we offer at Ecoshift. We offer durable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and affordable luminaires perfect for your home or office. Contact us today for more information!


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