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Choosing Sustainability Through Solar Energy Lighting


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It is easy to overlook how important light is during the day, when natural lighting from the sun can illuminate our surroundings. However, when the night comes, and the world is covered by darkness, we all look for one thing—an artificial source of light.

Artificial lights come in different types. There are lamps, torches, and of course, innovative light-emitting diode or LED tubes and bulbs. For quite some time, LED lighting has been the most efficient way to produce artificial lights, whether for homes, streets, big commercial spaces, or office areas.

LED, like any other artificial lighting source, still consumes energy and somehow increases your electricity bill. This led to the invention of commercial solar powered street lights and other lighting products that use renewable energy to produce illumination.

Solar powered street lights benefit more and more people by the day. Those who switched no longer have to worry about high electricity bills and other cons of using electric-powered lighting products.

If you are ready to live a more sustainable life, Ecoshift Corporation can provide you with various lights and street lights powered by solar energy. Just contact our team, and we will assist you when it comes to choosing and installing products.

What Is Solar Energy?

All solar powered street lights are able to give benefits because of solar energy. Solar energy comes from solar radiation emitted by the sun. This electromagnetic radiation can be captured and converted into useful forms of energy or, as we call it, renewable energy. This can be turned into heat and electricity.

The total amount of solar energy the sun produces is widely more than enough for the world to consume—even to the point of excessiveness. With the latest technologies turning it into renewable energy, it has the capacity to fulfill all future energy needs of the world. This means, it can illuminate areas and, at the same time, power appliances and gadgets.

Compared to LED lights, halogen lights, and fluorescent lights that all consume energy from fossil fuel coals, petroleum, and natural gas, solar powered lights are far more sustainable for our environment.

The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Energy

Like any other product, there are disadvantages and advantages to using solar powered street lights and lights.

The first advantage of using solar energy is it lowers your electricity bills. Knowing that you are not consuming electricity while still receiving the same amount of light is something beneficial for everyone. Second, solar powered street lights are low maintenance. Your local government won’t have to worry much about checking up the lights on every street because they can function even under different weather conditions. Lastly, it slowly removes our dependence on electricity grids.

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of using solar energy is that it requires a significant amount of initial investment. Buying commercial solar powered street lights is not cheap, and their installation should be done by experts. Moreover, solar powered lights have limited energy storage. Thus, they cannot work for a long period, and you need to make sure they can constantly receive solar radiation from the sun.

How Do Street Lights Powered by Solar Energy Work?

Street lights serve as our guide at night– they illuminate spaces and add a sense of security to those walking alone. Most of solar powered objects are either equipped with two types of solar energy technologies: photovoltaics (PV) or concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP).

Photovoltaics is the more common type of solar energy technology. It is utilized in solar panels. Once the sun shines onto the panels, energy is absorbed by the PV cells. This then creates electrical charges, which are stored in batteries and later on move in response to the internal electric field in the cell, finally producing light.

CSP systems use mirrors to reflect and focus sunlight onto fluid receivers of solar energy. The collected thermal energy is used to spin a turbine or power an engine to produce electricity. This type is mostly used in large power plants like water desalination facilities, enhanced oil recovery sites, chemical processing companies, and so on.

The Benefits of Switching to Solar Powered Street Lights

No wonder solar energy is growing in popularity nowadays. More than benefiting people, it also helps the environment and wildlife.

Benefits for People

As mentioned above, people benefit from solar powered lights by paying lower electricity bills and allocating their saved money to more important things, such as food and better daily living. Moreover, with solar street lights, people can live in a sustainable environment that’s independent of power grids.

Benefits for Wildlife

Solar street lights produce way less light pollution than the traditional ones primarily because of motion sensors attached to them. These sensors will only trigger the light to function when there is movement in the area. With this kind of feature, it lessens the disruption of nocturnal animals’ life cycle and sleeping patterns.

Benefits for the Environment

Since solar energy can single-handedly power solar lights, we no longer need to use fossil fuels and other environmentally destructive ways just to produce electricity. This will help the environment heal and conserve its resources.


The benefits of solar powered street lights outweigh the disadvantages they come with. Switching to using solar energy to light up streets and even your own homes is a great way to achieve sustainability.

Let Ecoshift Corporation become your partner in preserving the environment. We are considered one of the most complete lighting suppliers in the Philippines, and we can provide you with quality solar powered lighting products. Aside from that, we give value to our customers by offering 24/7 after-sales services, free shipping nationwide, and the best warranty policies.

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