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Emergency Lights 101: Everything You Need to Know


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Some unforeseen circumstances cause power outages in a wide area or in a single facility. When this kind of situation happens, properly installed emergency lights will automatically turn on and illuminate the area. These luminaires are essential in preventing people from panicking because of the sudden darkness. They are not as bright as ceiling lights, but they are enough to let everyone exit the premises safely.

Installing these lighting fixtures at any commercial establishment is important. If you own a business or an office building, be sure to mount a few of them in the right locations. Emergency light prices in the Philippines are affected by many factors, but they are vital in keeping you and your employees safe in the event of a sudden power outage. If you want to purchase these fixtures, contact us at Ecoshift Corporation.

What Are Emergency Lights?

As the name suggests, emergency lights are fixtures that are used during unexpected events. They are usually battery-powered and rechargeable. When an emergency arises, and the power in a certain establishment is cut off, their lights will automatically turn on. The illumination that they provide during blackouts is totally indispensable, so they are needed in buildings where many people gather, such as:

  • Office Buildings
  • Malls, Groceries, and Retail Stores
  • Churches and Chapels
  • Theaters and Cinemas
  • Government Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels and Guesthouses
  • Hospitals

Commercial establishments require emergency lights, but it is a good idea to install them in residential buildings too. Property owners should provide their tenants with adequate lighting in cases of emergencies. This way, everyone can see the way to the exit, so they can evacuate the premises properly.

If you are planning to purchase emergency lights, feel free to contact us at Ecoshift Corporation. We offer high-quality fixtures that you can install in your commercial or residential building. The average emergency light price in the Philippines is around P1,000, but it can go higher or lower based on the brand, wattage, battery power, and other factors. Check out our products to see if they fit your budget.

Are Emergency Lights Required in the Philippines?

The short answer is yes. The government mandates all private and public buildings to be furnished with emergency lights. To comply with the rules set by authorities, business owners should install fixtures that pass certain standards, particularly:

  • They should be powered by high-quality batteries that pass national standards.
  • They should have enough stored energy to light up for at least 90 minutes.
  • They must automatically turn on in the event of a power interruption. A delay of about 10 seconds is permitted.
  • They should be properly maintained.

Anyone who fails to abide by the rules might face certain consequences. However, more than these penalties, business owners should express greater worry to the safety of their employees that will be compromised if they do not install emergency lights.

If you want to purchase high-quality fixtures, feel free to contact us at Ecoshift Corporation. Emergency light prices in the Philippines are not that low, but the safety that they provide in certain situations makes them really worth it. Browse our products today to see if anything piques your interest.

Which Situations Require the Use of Emergency Lights?

Emergency lights are needed in any event that causes a power interruption. Here are a few examples:

Major Power Outages

City-wide power interruptions that affect a large area occur from time to time. In this kind of situation, businesses without high-powered generators often come to a halt. The people inside who need to evacuate are guided to safety by large emergency lights and glowing exit signs.


The country is hit by a minimum of 20 major storms every year, and they sometimes cause massive blackouts. Emergency lights will illuminate some areas in office buildings and other establishments to ensure the safety of the people still inside. If it is safe to exit the premises, everyone can evacuate safely if they can see the way out.


In this kind of situation, it is necessary for everyone inside the building to evacuate as soon as possible. In many cases, the fire starts because of a short circuit, which might also result in a power interruption inside the establishment. The emergency lights must turn on automatically, so the people can exit properly.

However, even if there is no power interruption, it is still best to turn the emergency lights on when people are evacuating because of a fire. After all, the floor might eventually be filled with smoke, and it will be hard for everyone to see. Emergency lights can improve the visibility in the area.


Seismic activities happen a lot in the Philippines, but most of them are minor and just cause a small shake. On rare occasions, though, earthquakes can be strong enough to cause major power outages in some cities.

Of course, these situations come without warning, but it does not mean that there are no means to prepare for them. Installing emergency lights does not completely eradicate all the dangers posed by a massive earthquake, but they help a lot in evacuating people to safety.

There are many other unforeseen circumstances that will require the use of emergency lights. If you want to purchase these fixtures and install them at your office building, be sure to contact a reliable store like Ecoshift Corporation. Emergency light prices in the Philippines are affected by many factors. However, the luminaires that you can get from us are high-quality and durable, so they sure will be worth every peso.

How Do the Different Types of Emergency Lights Differ From Each Other?

There are at least three kinds of emergency lights that should be installed in commercial establishments. Each of them serves a certain purpose in keeping people inside an office building safe in the event of a power outage. Here is how they differ from each other:

Standby Lights

Temporary or standby lights are the standard and most common kind of emergency lights. They provide excellent visibility in case of a power interruption, but their primary purpose is not to lead people to safety. Instead, they are used to continue various activities that cannot be postponed even during emergencies.

Many residential homes have standby lights installed, but some commercial establishments need them too. A few examples include:

Hospitals – Even during a major power interruption, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals cannot really stop what they are doing. Before the generators can power up the whole establishment, standby lights automatically turn on to prevent delays in certain activities.

Churches – Masses typically do not stop when there is a power outage, especially the interruption is not caused by a fire, an earthquake, or a storm. Standby lights are used so the mass can resume without a problem.

Retail Shops – If a sudden power outage is not caused by something dangerous, some retail shops will simply continue their activities. Standby lights are turned on to prevent any interruptions in their business operations.

Standby lights often have LED bulbs and heat-resistant plastic bodies, but there are also more durable options that are made of steel. At Ecoshift Corporation, we offer high-quality emergency lights that you can choose from. Here are some of the items that are available:


Emergency lights provide enough illumination in the event of a blackout. They automatically turn on if the power inside a building is cut off, and they are often used to lead people to a certain location. Emergency light prices in the Philippines vary based on various factors, but even if they can be quite costly, they should still be installed in commercial establishments.

Ecoshift corporation is the right company to turn to if you want to purchase high-quality emergency lights in Manila, Philippines. Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about the products that we offer.




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