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Highlight Architectural Pieces and Artwork With Track Lights in the Philippines


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People from around the world visit museums and galleries to view various artworks, especially if they are well-made or evoke certain feelings. In the Philippines alone, there are thousands of masterpieces available for viewing and appreciating. From architecture and sculptures to paintings and literature, they represent certain times, emotions, and events that people can learn about.

One of the best ways artists or collectors present art is by pointing lights at their beautiful pieces. The light illuminates them, allowing other people to see details the artists worked hard on. Proper lighting also helps direct people’s eyes toward the artwork.

Art takes time and effort to be made, so it’s just right that they are the center of attention wherever they are placed. If you are looking for track lights that you can use to emphasize an artwork’s magnificence, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We offer high-quality track lights you can use to make your work stand out even at night.

What Are Track Lights?

Track lights are multidirectional lights placed on ceilings or walls that can be pointed at areas where illumination is needed. They are flexible and customizable, making them ideal for many functional and decorative lighting needs.

If you have a corner in your home that is quite dark, you can direct one of these lights there to brighten the area. They can also be pointed toward the outside of your house for added security. Additionally, some use them to highlight artworks and architectural pieces so people can appreciate them better.

To make track lights work, you must install them onto a track light bar. This bar functions as a light bulb socket for track lights, except it’s elongated and can power multiple track lights simultaneously.

Why Did Track Lights in the Philippines Become Popular?

Here are some reasons why track lights became popular in the Philippines:


People enjoy areas with nice aesthetics because they are pleasing to the eyes. That is why some establishments create unique lighting designs in their spaces.

With their flexibility, track lights can be utilized to add attractive designs to buildings. Some use them in cafés to emphasize architectural features, highlight art, or create a cozy ambiance.

Space Saver

Since track lights are mounted on the ceiling, you can save a lot more floor or desk space than if you installed floor or table lamps. You can then use this extra space for other furniture or simply leave it blank for a minimalistic feel.

Powerful Lighting Option

Track lights range from 700 to 4,000 lumens, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications. With the capability to change directions and angles, track lights can provide the best lighting for areas that need it most. You can also have several lined up on a track bar to provide better lighting coverage.

Which Track Light Designs Did People Follow?

In the Philippines, many people have utilized track lights for different purposes. Here are the most common designs you can try:

Near Art Pieces

When light is focused on art pieces, they get a certain glow that makes them stand out in a room. The lights direct people’s attention to these works, making them more noticeable. If you want to make your art the centerpiece of a room, you can aim for a track light that gives off a warm white glow. By doing so, you allow the art to be viewed in its original colors.

You might be thinking that sunlight is enough to display your painting, but that can damage it with ultraviolet radiation. Choose LED track lights instead because they produce very little UV rays and heat, which is safer for your art.

Above Kitchen Counters

Some people use track lights as lighting over their kitchen counters for focused lighting when moving around the space. Others direct the lights toward cabinets to make their contents visible. This makes it easier and safer to search through your pantry.

During celebrations, these track lights can be used to make the food on the counter look more presentable and appetizing to guests.

In Low-Ceilinged Rooms

Rooms with low ceilings can be quite dark, especially when there are only a few electric sockets for lights. Some people choose to add hanging lights to illuminate every corner of the room, but this can make the space appear smaller. To make these rooms brighter without emphasizing the low ceilings, people use track lights to brighten dark areas.

However, if you have very low ceilings that you can reach when you raise your hand, you should avoid placing track lights in the middle of these rooms so you don’t bump into them. You can put them in a corner where they won’t be in the way.

Buying Guide for LED Track Lights in the Philippines

There are several things to consider when buying LED track lights in the Philippines. Here are some of them:

Purchase Budget-Friendly Track Light Designs

Choosing budget-friendly lights will allow you to save more money while still getting the right lighting products for your needs. However, don’t mistake this for purchasing flimsy lights. When you search through our store at Ecoshift, you will find track lights durable enough to last up to fifty thousand hours. You can even purchase eco-friendly LED track lights at good prices.

Customize Track
Light Bars and Other Accessories

Track light bars have different lengths you can choose from. Make sure to purchase track light bars that you can maximize for your purpose. If you’re looking for more lights to focus on a certain site, then a long one may be the one you need. You can also use accessories like extensions if you want dangling track lights.

Buy Only From Reliable Track Lighting Suppliers

Always buy from reliable suppliers of track lights because they provide quality items and great service. Usually, these stores have done projects with several companies, which means they are known to give good lighting solutions. Some even offer services like installations or replacements for broken products.

Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Track Lights in the Philippines?

No matter what kind of track light you’re looking for, you can rely on Ecoshift to provide you with lighting solutions perfect for your space. We have worked on several lighting projects—from illuminating the Rizal Memorial Basketball Coliseum for the 30th SEA Games to installing LED panel lights for a well-known fast-food restaurant.

Our team has gained the trust of many people when it comes to providing high-quality LED lights and great service. With our expertise in the industry, we have the knowledge to help you find the perfect track lights for your needs.

If you need assistance with the specifications of our track lights, feel free to message us.

LED Track Lights You Can Purchase Here at Ecoshift

Ecoshift offers a wide variety of track lights in different designs, color temperatures, and shapes. With our selection of luminaires, you will surely find a product that suits the look of your space. Here are some track light options you can choose from:

Square LED Track Light (10W, Black, Warm White)

The square LED track light has a warm white color temperature perfect for lighting display items at home. You can even use these in art galleries to ensure that each piece can be appreciated in its original colors.


Track lights are versatile and cost-effective lights with endless applications. No matter your needs, you can rely on Ecoshift to help you create the perfect lighting plan. We will provide you with high-quality lights that will fit the design or functionality you are looking for.

Feel free to contact us today so we can get started on your track lighting project!


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