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Illuminate Your Spaces With the Different Types of LED Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines


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One kind of fixture does not solve all lighting problems. When setting up your space, you must always remember that lighting plays an important role in the design of your room to help you utilize it better. Some choose to use lights decoratively as an accent or design for the walls, while others prioritize the functionality of their fixtures. If you want to achieve the right kind of lighting for your space, you might have to use a variety of luminaires for the whole room.

Whether used for brightening offices or decorating bedrooms, LED lighting fixtures in the Philippines can help give you the illumination you need at more cost-effective prices. While their upfront costs may seem expensive, their energy-saving features make them much more affordable in the long run. They even come in many designs that will surely fit the unique style of your space.

If you are looking for a reliable lighting supplier in the Philippines, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We are one of the leading providers of durable and long-lasting LED lights. We offer a wide variety of luminaires for all kinds of projects—from residential spaces and commercial establishments to corporate offices and industrial facilities.

Here are just a few of our high-quality products:

Strip Lights

Strip lights are great fixtures to use for accenting walls or creating backlighting. These products are versatile lighting solutions you can use at home or in commercial buildings. They come in a long, flexible circuit board that you can cut into strips to create the lighting design you want.

Using LED strip lights has many advantages, especially since they can be placed in many areas. Benefits of using these luminaires include less heat generation, lower electricity costs, and various colors options. If you are interested in using strip lights, you can set them up in corners of your room, under elevated coffee tables, or on the ceiling as cove lights.

Are you looking for top-quality strip lights? Get them from Ecoshift. We offer them in warm white or daylight color temperatures, as well as different colors, including red, blue, and green.

Pin Lights

You can utilize pin lights as general lighting in homes, offices, malls, and more. They are often used to provide ambient illumination to boost productivity in certain areas. To use these lights, you just need to screw them into a receptacle normally found in most buildings.

Optimize their usage by choosing specifications that best fit your space. When picking a pin light, you can decide which color temperature you want for your room—daylight or warm white. You can also choose bulbs by their lumens, depending on how much brightness you need in the room. Place some in your dining area, living area, or workspace for a well-lit environment.

Pendant Lights

Are you looking for lights to increase the aesthetic of a room? Go for pendant lights. These are stylish luminaires that hang from the ceiling, are simple to install, and are easy to customize. They make good additions to rooms because of their various designs. However, these lights are not purely decorative. They also provide ample illumination for general and task lighting purposes.

You can use them uniformly or mix and match them for an artistic feel. Choose from unique designs, color temperatures, and brightness levels to make a minimalistic room look elegant.

Check out the many options we offer here at Ecoshift! You might just find the best one that fits the theme of your project.

Emergency Lights

In case of power outages, it is always important to have a light source to direct you to exits safely or to increase your visibility in an area. These items are called emergency lights. They are rechargeable luminaires that automatically turn on when there is no electricity. By placing exit lights in corridors of buildings, they can provide lighting that may help save people during critical situations.

Emergency light prices in the Philippines are typically affordable, so you can get one or two for your building in case of loss of electricity.

There are three kinds of emergency lights you can find at Ecoshift—exit signs, twin head lights, and solar-powered lamps, which you can charge during the day in case of long-term power outages.

Street Lights

If you need illumination outdoors, specifically along roads at night, installing street lights is the perfect solution. These luminaires can often be seen along expressways or streets to provide better visibility for motorists and pedestrians alike. Just by having these lights in the vicinity, you can help prevent various road accidents and possible crimes. Street lights can also be great decorative additions for gardens or public parks.

These lights often come with high lumen levels for enough illumination outdoors when there is no more sunlight. Street lights are also built to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rains and extreme heat.


The chandelier is similar to a pendant light because it hangs from the ceiling, but it usually has several light bulbs in a single unit. These are decorative lights that you may often see in the lobbies of hotels as centerpieces. Why do they put chandeliers there? Placing these lights in a room gives the area a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, which is ideal for businesses.

When shopping for chandeliers, you may find massive ones with crystal-like designs or small luxurious ones with sleek shapes. If you are planning to add one to your house or building, determine the style of the room where you want to place it. Afterward, check out the available chandeliers at Ecoshift to choose a luminaire that best fits your interior design.

Fairy Lights

When decorating rooms, consider adding fairy lights for an extra dash of charm. These are tiny LED bulbs evenly spaced on a thin wire, making them look like fairies floating around an area of the room. They provide a simple yet elegant aesthetic to any space, which is why they are popular fixtures for decorative lighting. Here are some ways you can use them:

  • Place a short line of them in a bottle as a centerpiece.
  • Set them up in the background for romantic outdoor dinners.
  • Take photos while holding them close to you for some lovely shots.

Depending on how you want them to look, you can purchase these in warm white color temperatures or various colors. Water-resistant fairy lights are also available so you can maximize their usage outdoors.

Rope Lights

Rope lights have a similar look to strip lights. However, these lights are inside a long tube that can measure up to 100 meters. Another difference between the two is they can easily be connected to other tubes to make the string of lights longer.

You can use them outdoors because they are water-resistant, making them perfect for illuminating open pathways. Rope lights can also be used indoors with the same applications as strip lights. In addition, they are bendable, which makes them versatile for various building lighting designs.

Par Lights

Do you want to accent a certain part of a room? Choose par lights for that task. They are bright bulbs that can be used for can lights and spotlights. If you get the ones with lower lumens, you can use them to emphasize portions of the room that others may overlook, like art pieces or paintings. Some par lights also have good water resistance with higher lumens, which can be used for outdoor events.

To get the best par lights for your project, purchase our products at Ecoshift. We carry a variety of options, so you can be sure to find a fixture that meets your needs

Flood Lights

If you need great outdoor lighting systems, choose flood lights. They are high-intensity lights typically mounted on high poles, making them perfect for lighting up large areas like football fields or arenas. Smaller flood lights are also available for various industrial applications.

These fixtures come in different lumen and wattage levels, so you can purchase the right one based on your needs. You can also find solar-powered flood lights that automatically light up at night and serve as security lights for your space.


Some LED lighting fixtures in the Philippines are best for indoor lighting, while others have specifications that allow for outdoor use. Certain variations are more decorative than functional and vice versa. With the many types of lighting available for homes, offices, and commercial buildings, there is no shortage of options for you to choose from.

For durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly lights, shop at Ecoshift. We provide reasonable LED light prices in the Philippines, so you can stay within the budget of your lighting project. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us today. We look forward to serving you!


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