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Lighting Fixtures Companies and How They Can Help You Achieve the Interior Design Aesthetic You Want


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Proper lighting is something you should never neglect when planning a commercial space. Employees in warehouses, factories, and office buildings will find it difficult, if not completely impossible, to complete their tasks at hand without adequate illumination. Meanwhile, in restaurants and retail shops, fixtures are used to make products visible and more enticing to customers who want to purchase them.

If you’re a business owner who wants to set up lights in your commercial establishment, try not to do the task on your own. Instead, it would be wiser for you to contact experts who can assist you with planning, buying, and installing the fixtures in your facility. This way, you can rest easy knowing that the lights you’re using will be suitable for the building and help improve your company in one way or another.

Ecoshift Corporation is here to offer you the products you need for your business. We are a lighting fixtures company in the Philippines, and we can provide you with LED fittings that can illuminate any space. Get in touch with our team today to place an order.

Traditional vs. Modern Lighting Designs in the Philippines

There are many things to consider when creating your lighting plan, and one of them is whether you should stick to traditional designs or use strictly modern styles. Both of them can greatly impact how the space would look in the end, so it’s only imperative for you to think hard about which one to use for your establishment. To help you arrive at an informed decision, be sure to first learn how traditional and modern lighting designs differ from each other.

Traditional Lighting Designs

In a nutshell, traditional lighting designs make use of antique-looking pieces, such as intricate chandeliers and ornate wall sconces. Mostly, the bulbs used for these fixtures are shaped like candle flames and even emit the same yellowish glow. As a result, the spaces they illuminate often feel cozy, warm, and welcoming. They sometimes even exude a vintage vibe.

However, because of the elaborate designs of these lighting products, they tend to carry a high price tag, too. This is one of the many reasons a lot of people start transitioning to more modern fixtures and lighting designs that are prominent in contemporary architecture. Even so, this doesn’t mean that old-style fixtures have entirely become obsolete. In the commercial setting, some high-end restaurants and shops still use traditional lighting designs to create a more antique aesthetic.

Traditional lighting plans are often associated with incandescent fixtures, but that’s not always the case. There are also LED options that you can use for your commercial establishment. Here are a few examples of products you can purchase from your trusted lighting store in the Philippines:

  • Industrial Pendant Light With Vintage Dome – This pendant light features a small LED, so it doesn’t consume too much energy. It is covered by a dome to ensure that the beams won’t scatter in all directions and rather just shine downwards. You can use this product in your coffee shop or restaurant to make your space look cozier and more inviting for your guests.
  • Industrial Pendant Light With Retro Metal Cage – Level up the rustic appeal of your commercial space by hanging your light bulbs with chains and enclosing them with metal cages. That’s what this product could do! With an LED bulb that emits yellowish light, this is totally the perfect fixture to use if you want to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in your shop, cafeteria, or office space.
  • Lamp Post With Antique Design – If you want a fixture with ornate designs, this product is the right one to choose. It’s a great idea to install it in front of your restaurant or shop to make your façade feel more welcoming. The body of this lamp post is made of high-quality aluminum, so it’s sturdy and won’t get rusty even if it’s exposed to a lot of outdoor elements.

Modern Lighting Designs

Modern architecture is becoming more and more famous because of the many things it offers. It embraces minimalism, so it looks appealing to people who believe that simplicity is beauty. In many cases, modern houses and buildings look entirely unique from each other, but a lot of them prominently use box or quadrilateral shapes, which are easier and more economical to construct. This architectural style is popular among restaurants, shopping malls, and office buildings.

In terms of lighting, modern architecture often has large windows that allow a large amount of natural light inside. If you use this style for your commercial establishment, you don’t need to purchase a lot of lighting fixtures. Most of the products you’ll buy might serve more aesthetic purposes rather than practical.

The bulbs you’ll use might not have any intricate designs, so they are less expensive. They’ll also emit a clear and bright white glow, so they illuminate the space better and make the area seem a little cooler. Here are a few examples of the modern products you can purchase from a lighting fixtures company:

  • Customizable Linear Pendant Light – This modern pendant light is made of four LED tube lights joined at their ends to make a quadrilateral fixture. Its distinct appearance makes it a great addition to any modern space, such as offices, restaurants, and coffee shops. Since it has a black aluminum housing, it’s evident that it’s quite sturdy and can be used in tough environments, such as warehouses and factories.
  • Neon Strip Light – Using neon strip lights is an excellent way to add accents to small spaces, like the area under the cupboard or behind wall displays. This product comes in a wide range of colors, such as white, yellow, green, and pink, and you can blend various tones based on your preferences. It’s also powered by LED, so you don’t have to worry about the amount of energy it consumes when switched on.
  • Decorative Chandelier – Not all modern lighting fixtures are minimalist-looking; some also have ornate designs, such as this decorative chandelier. Because it has a striking appearance, it can be used as a centerpiece for your commercial establishment. You can also hang it in the middle of your restaurant or retail store to create a great first impression for your customers.

Hybrid Lighting Designs

No one’s stopping you from combining the two aforementioned schools of design. In fact, it’s quite an excellent idea to mix and match both traditional and modern lighting fixtures when creating plans for any commercial establishment. This means even if you envision a trendy restaurant or shopping mall, you can still use traditional-looking fixtures in some areas. The converse is also true, of course.

When choosing hybrid lighting designs, here are a few things you should remember:

  • Create a Focal Point – Many people fail to realize that their lighting fixture can double as a centerpiece for their home. If you have a modern-style house, you can put a large antique-looking chandelier in the middle of your living room. Since it looks different, it will be the center of attention of anyone who sees it, and it will definitely leave a great impression.
  • Layer Lights Properly – Layering lights isn’t new, but it becomes a bit complex when mixing and matching traditional and modern fixtures. One way to make any area at home more visually appealing is to use different colors. Your modern fixtures might emit white lights or any other colorful glow. They will definitely complement the yellow beams produced by traditional lights.
  • Contact Experts – In every project, it would be a good idea to get in touch with professionals and seek expert advice. The same is also true when it comes to buying lights. Be sure to only get in touch with trusted lighting stores in the Philippines like Ecoshift Corporation. Contact us if you wish to purchase our products.

Companies That Partnered With Ecoshift

More and more businesses, both large and small enterprises, are putting their trust in Ecoshift. As a lighting fixtures company, we have completed several major projects for some of the biggest names in various industries. Here are some projects we take pride in:

Tapa King


A haven for meat lovers, Tapa King brands themself as the “Home of the Authentic Tapa.” With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the fast-food chain has become a household name and a great restaurant of choice for people with a craving for home-cooked meat and other popular Filipino dishes. Their website says they currently have 75 branches across the country, and Ecoshift is lucky to be their trusted lighting fixtures provider.

Tapa King is a food establishment with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, so they installed modern lighting products in some of their stores. Ecoshift provided them with panel and pendant lights to create the trendy and in-style vibe that benefits restaurants that want to entice more customers.

Monde Nissin


Without a doubt, Monde Nissin Corporation is one of the largest food producers in the Philippines. Most of their products include snacks and other ready-to-eat goods, but they also manufacture and pack other foods, such as noodles, biscuits, and bread. With over 40 years in business, Monde Nissin has become a really popular name recognized by almost every Filipino.

They have a large headquarters in the Philippines, and they partnered with Ecoshift to help them illuminate the facility. To complete the request, Ecoshift supplied them with a large number of products, including hundreds of LED panel lights. This type of fixture is a great option if you want to keep a large area bright and visible without having to use too many bulbs or tube lights.

Mang Inasal


When it comes to marinated and roasted chicken, Mang Inasal is one of the most common choices for Filipinos. Their menu includes a variety of barbecued meat, which is sometimes partnered with unlimited servings of rice. Indeed, Mang Inasal is among the go-to places for hungry Filipinos from all walks of life. As of today, they have hundreds of branches nationwide, and one of those locations partnered with Ecoshift for their lighting fixtures.

Our company supplied them with a wide range of products, including LED bulbs and panel lights. These fixtures are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere that helps entice people to go inside the restaurant. LED flood lights were also provided, and these products were used to illuminate the famous yellow and green banner on their façade.

Robinsons Land Corporation

robinsons warehouse project

Famous for being one of the largest enterprises in the Philippines, JG Summit Holdings has a vast portfolio comprised of other huge companies. The corporation ventures on malls, airlines, and other businesses. Their real estate arm is Robinsons Land Corporation. With over 30 years in the industry, Robinsons Land Corporation has proven to be one of the leaders and major players in the real estate field.

They have a large warehouse, and Ecoshift is honored to have been trusted to provide them with various light fixtures. Our company supplied them with durable and high-quality industrial lights, and we ensured the products we installed for them met the standards they expected from their partners.  

Southern Philippines Medical Center


Hospitals are expected to provide the highest quality of services to their patients at all times. They can’t achieve that if their facilities are poorly lit, so they should get in touch with reliable lighting stores to provide them with the fixtures they need to illuminate their wards, rooms, and hallways. The Southern Philippines Medical Center, also known as SPMC, partnered with Ecoshift for LED panel lights to install in certain parts of their building.

Contact Ecoshift, Your Trusted Lighting Store in the Philippines

Ecoshift is here to provide you with high-quality and durable lighting fixtures in the Philippines. Our company is committed to giving our clients the service they deserve, so we always aim to meet their needs with the products and lighting solutions we offer.

As a trusted lighting fixtures company, you can be sure to find the best lighting products from us to help illuminate parts of your commercial establishment. Place an order today by contacting our team. We also provide excellent after-sales services, so feel free to tell our staff if you have problems or questions about the fixtures you bought.

Contact Ecoshift Corporation today for more information!


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