Lighting Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making in 2024


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One of the most exciting things about owning a home is having the freedom to design it exactly how you want it. From the layout to the finishes to the furniture, every detail matters when creating a space that reflects your personal style and meets your needs. But one element that often gets overlooked in home design is lighting.

Good lighting is essential for both the functionality and aesthetics of any space. It can make a room feel more inviting and comfortable, or it can create a specific mood or atmosphere. It can also highlight architectural features and artwork, and it can even make a small space feel larger.

However, with so many different lighting options available, it can be easy to make mistakes. Here are a few common lighting mistakes to avoid in your home design in 2024:


Getting rid of natural light

Natural light is a must for every home! Owners often miss having natural lighting inside their homes and just stick to artificial lighting. Using natural light in your home will help you reduce energy consumption, elevate your room’s interior design, and help your body produce hormones that will help balance your circadian rhythm—physical, mental, and behavioral changes following a 24-hour cycle.

But, of course, natural lighting should always be arranged with the proper lighting fixtures. Ecoshift offers a wide variety of lighting fixtures for you, whether it be an LED bulb, pendant lights, high bay light, ceiling light, and many more.

Not maximizing power consumption

When selecting lighting fixtures for your space, it’s crucial to prioritize not just aesthetic appeal but also energy efficiency. Carefully plan and assess the lighting options you intend to incorporate into your home. Failing to do so may result not only in energy wastage but also in increased electricity costs. Opting for LED lights is a preferable choice compared to fluorescent fixtures, offering both style and energy savings.

Fail to think of shadows 

A common oversight among homeowners is neglecting the impact of shadows. Shadows naturally occur where there is light, often stemming from the improper placement of lighting fixtures. It is crucial to carefully choose the right lighting fixtures and position them to minimize undesirable shadows. Explore options like vanity wall lights, linear lights, ceiling fans with lights, and more to achieve optimal lighting placement in your home.

Do not accentuate lighting characteristics 

Consider several factors, such as contrast, quality, direction, and intensity. For instance, selecting an inappropriate color temperature for a specific room can adversely impact the overall interior design and atmosphere. Similarly, opting for high-quality luminaire lighting fixtures may lead to frequent replacements and repairs, resulting in increased maintenance expenses. Prior to making a purchase, thoroughly examine the fixtures to ensure they meet your requirements.

Putting fixtures in a confined mode

Placing your chosen lighting fixtures in inappropriate locations diminishes their effectiveness. For instance, installing a large chandelier over a small dining or living room table can appear mismatched and disrupt your overall interior design. Prioritize accuracy by taking measurements and thoroughly evaluating your preferred lighting fixtures before making a purchase


Avoid these lighting mistakes in 2024 and elevate your dream home with Ecoshift’s wide selection of lighting fixtures. Elevate your living space with the advantages of top-notch, energy-efficient LED lighting, bringing both functionality and style to your home. Explore our extensive catalog of lighting products now to discover the perfect solutions for all your lighting needs!

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