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Select Basic Layering Tips for the Different Types of LED Lights in the Philippines Basic Layering Tips for the Different Types of LED Lights in the Philippines


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The right lights can make rooms look better, whether in a home or commercial building. A dimly lit room may look dull and unwelcoming and even make you feel sleepy, which is not ideal if you are working there. On the other hand, if a room is too bright, the glare produced by the lights may strain your eyes and result in headaches.

By using different LED lights in the Philippines, you can create balanced lighting plans that allow you to relax or work in comfort. The people who use the spaces on your property will surely benefit from the layered lighting in your rooms.

If you’re not sure how to utilize the various types of luminaires in a single room, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We have listed down several tips to help you improve the ambiance of your space and ensure proper illumination for any lighting project.

Ambient Lighting

Creating a room that fits different kinds of moods can be achieved through layering. This simply means you use a variety of fixtures in one room to create the perfect atmosphere. For example, you can use a bright fixture in the center of your ceiling to illuminate most of the room, then add downlights in certain areas to light up shadowy corners.

Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting since luminaires that fall under this category often serve as the main source of light in a space. It sets the overall tone of the room and provides just the right amount of illumination.

Flush Mount Lights

If you have low ceilings, these lights are perfect as ambient lighting for your room. They are installed directly in the ceiling and shine light downward, scattering illumination throughout the area. Since the light is spread out, it does not produce glare that may be harmful to the eyes.

Flush mount lights come in different styles and colors, so you can choose a product that perfectly matches your interior design. If you have a modern space, you can utilize lights with sleeker silhouettes. However, if you are going for a more maximalist look, you can choose luminaires with more decorative elements.


Chandeliers make perfect fixtures for various rooms because they not only provide good illumination but also add a beautiful focal point to your space. These hanging lights are typically large, which is why most people install them in high-ceilinged areas like foyers and lobbies.

Some people in the Philippines also use ceiling lights, like chandeliers, in their living rooms because their intricate designs make the area more attractive. It creates a welcoming feel, making it perfect for the space where you host guests.

Ceiling Fans With Lights

Another type of ambient lighting that you can use is a ceiling fan with lights. They are dual-purpose lights that give a room a cozy feel while also circulating the air in the room. When you use these kinds of lights, you add to the comfort of a room.

These lights are ideal for dining and living rooms since these are common spaces that many people use. They can also be used as ceiling lights for bedrooms in the Philippines to help cool the area.

Accent Lighting

Do you want to highlight certain artworks or emphasize an architectural design in your building? You can do that by installing accent lighting. This type of lighting is typically pointed in certain directions to draw people’s eyes toward specific objects or areas.

Track Lights

If you need multiple lights facing several directions, you should go for track lights. They are tiltable fixtures mounted on a track that can be adjusted to point directly at the items you want to display. When you purchase these lights, you do not have to worry about having only one electric source because they come with a track bar, a linear object that provides power to each fixture.

Wall Sconces

Sconces are types of LED lights available in the Philippines that are installed on walls instead of ceilings. They emit light that spreads on the wall where they are attached and do not emit light toward the room. This is why many people use them for wall washing purposes.

Some people also use these fixtures as night lights since they do not provide direct lighting. Certain wall sconces available on the market even have dimmable features, which allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights in your bedroom.

Under-Cabinet Lights

When you love cooking, you often stay in the kitchen to prepare your ingredients. However, overhead cabinets can sometimes block out the illumination from your ceiling lights. This creates shadows on the counters, making it harder to see what you are doing.

One way to achieve good lighting for your space is by installing under-cabinet lights. These are fitted underneath cabinets or shelves and point light downward so you can chop, mix, and cook with accuracy.

Task Lighting

People often do things at home that require focus, like reading school materials and constructing furniture. For activities like these, it is essential to have task lighting as additional sources of illumination so you can see your work more clearly and finish the job efficiently. Here are some common examples of task lights:

Pin Lights

A pin light provides focused lighting, which does not scatter illumination as much as other types. It gives decent brightness in specific areas to increase visibility in the space. In some cases, people use these fixtures for offices, garages, kitchens, and more.

Pendant Lights

If you need focused lighting in your workspace, you should consider getting a pendant light that hangs directly above your desk. These fixtures point light downward, providing decent illumination for any surface.

Pendant lights are commonly used in coffee shops and restaurants above dining tables because these establishments often use low ambient lighting in other areas of the building. With these lights, customers can easily see the food in front of them.

Floor Lamps

When you need a moveable light that you can use anywhere, you can opt for floor lamps. They give bright illumination in specific areas, eliminating shadows that may make it difficult to accomplish tasks. Many people place them beside a comfy chair or bed to create a nook perfect for reading.

Decorative Lighting

The primary function of most lights is to provide ample illumination in a room. However, some lights mainly serve a decorative function. They are typically used as additional decorations that add to the aesthetic of a room.

RGB Lights

Unlike traditional lights that come in a range of color temperatures, RGB lights produce a vast array of colors—from pink and purple to green and blue. These lights have grown in popularity over the years because the different colors of the lights can instantly transform the vibe of the room, depending on the user’s mood.

Fairy Lights

As the name suggests, fairy lights are strings of tiny bulbs reminiscent of fairies. These dainty lights are some of the most popular decorative lighting fixtures available because of the elegance they provide to any space. They are often coiled around poles and trees or strung up on walls to add just a hint of charm to a room.

Strip Lights

If you are looking for outdoor ceiling lights in the Philippines, try using strip lights. These are made of several bulbs connected by a circuit that can be bent to fit in corners. Like RGB lights, strip lights come in various colors that create unique atmospheres for your outdoor spaces.


With the many types of LED lights in the Philippines, there is no shortage of options you can use for light layering. You can mix and match various fixtures to create the perfect look for your lighting project.

No matter what kind of space you are working on, you can rely on Ecoshift to provide you with the products you need to achieve excellent ambient, accent, and task lighting. We also have a range of fixtures for your decorative lighting needs.

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