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View the Companies That Trusted Ecoshift To Install LED Tube Lights in Their Facility


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Ecoshift Corporation has been a trusted provider of industrial, commercial, and architectural lighting products since 2011. As the years passed, we have provided our clients with numerous fixtures that were utilized to enhance the safety and boost the aesthetic of their establishment. Some of our projects where we installed LED tube lights in their facilities include:

JP Morgan Building in BGC


In 2018, Megaworld started building a 25-story tower for JPMorgan Chase Bank’s Philippine Global Service Center. With the structure finished in 2021 and ready for full operations in 2022, the skyscraper is located at the heart of the Uptown Bonifacio.

Providing lighting fixtures to the tall and expansive building was a daunting task. However, Ecoshift stepped up to the challenge and successfully signed a 5-year contract with JP Morgan. We were their only source for lighting products for all their buildings in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) as well as those in Cebu. We replaced over 1,000 LED ceiling lights and 12,000 LED tube lights in the Philippines for this project.

PLDT Head Office


In the Philippines, PLDT is one of the biggest telecommunications, internet, and digital service holdings company. They started as a small enterprise that mainly provided telephone services. As the years passed, however, their team of professionals worked hard to expand their reach. The fact that they became the first cellular phone network in the country, eventually leading the wireless race and dominating the landline domain, is a testament to how innovative their solutions are.

PLDT’s head office is located in Makati, Philippines, and Ecoshift had the honor of supplying their premises with the following fixtures:

  • 10 Pieces of LED Spotlights 2×3 (Lobby)
  • 10 Pieces of LED Spotlights 3W (Lobby)
  • 15 Pieces of LED T5 Tube Lights 18W (Cove Lighting)
  • 200 Pieces of Beehive Housings 6″ With LED Bulb 12W (2 Training Rooms)
  • 500 Pieces of LED Linear Lights 24W (2 Training Rooms)

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP)


Established in March 1975, Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP) assembles and distributes top-quality HINO trucks, buses, and spare parts. Their team also provides long-term maintenance services to all their clients, helping automobile owners determine and solve their issues with their respective vehicles. Whether you need a chassis assembled or a customized vehicle made, you can be sure that the professionals in this one-stop shop can help you.

Ecoshift closed a deal with HMP to supply and install their facility with only the best LED products in the market, such as linear light and tube light. We understand that proper illumination is required for one to accurately assess the current state of a vehicle, which is why we made sure to provide them with bright and energy-efficient lighting products.

Sun Life Philippines

Sunlife Philippines is a global company that offers a range of financial services. Their team is dedicated to helping their clients achieve lifetime financial security with the help of their insurance, retirement, and investment products. To this day, their team of professionals strives to improve the quality of what they have to offer to ensure a brighter future for their clients.

At Ecoshift, we take great pride in partnering with such an impressive company. We helped their employees focus on their tasks by installing high-quality lighting fixtures in their office located in BGC. Our team helped them pick the best LED bulbs and tube lights that fit their needs and preferences.

Top Shopping Mall in Manila


Our company and a top shopping mall in Manila have entered an agreement for us to provide them with more than 12,000 LED downlights and 5,000 T8 LED fluorescent tube lights. Since they were planning to renovate their premises, they required a reliable supplier to get them the items they needed on time to make the re-opening take place as scheduled. The lights we used were approved by renowned lighting designers and architects, with the fixtures’ brightness expected to last 50,000 hours from the installation date.


Children and teenagers alike would benefit from visiting a place where they could have fun and work off some of their excess energy. Playing different games not only reduces stress but also improves an individual’s cognitive abilities, reflexes, and muscle memory. This is precisely why Quantum, an entertainment and amusement arcade center, has become a popular destination for various people.

Ecoshift was contacted to supply and install seven different LED lighting products to ensure their premises remain eye-catching. In this project, we successfully put up the following in all their branches nationwide:

  • 1,000 Rolls of 5-Meter LED Strip Lights
  • 10,000 Pieces of LED Modules
  • 10,000 Pieces of LED Tube Lights
  • 2,000 Pieces of LED Flood Lights
  • 3,000 Pieces of LED Bulbs
  • 3,000 Pieces of LED Panel Lights
  • 50 Pieces of LED Track Lights

Shopping Mall Project

shopping mall project

Our LED lights at Ecoshift are safe and eco-friendly, providing less heat than other fixtures and lasting more than 50,000 hours after installation. These characteristics made them perfect for the newly constructed building of a top shopping mall. As a place where many people visit to hang out with their friends, eat great food, and shop for different things, there must be proper illumination inside and outside the building.

After reaching an agreement with the business owners, we supplied and installed the following fixtures in and around the mall:

  • 1,185 Pieces of LED COB Downlights
  • 128 Pieces of LED T5 Tube Lights
  • 28 Pieces of LED 100W Power Supply
  • 28 Pieces of LED Strip Lights
  • 52 Pieces of LED Panel Lights
  • 58 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights
  • 76 Pieces of LED Exit Lights
  • LED Explosion Proof Lights
  • LED Integrated Solar Street Lights

Monde Nissin Office Project

Now a household brand, Monde Nissin has been providing Filipino consumers with high-quality products for more than 30 years. It is one of the biggest food corporations in the Philippines, most known for its Lucky Me! Instant noodles as well as Monde biscuits and cakes.

To ensure that their newly built offices had the best LED lighting products available on the market, Monde Nissin partnered up with Ecoshift. We supplied them with the following fixtures and later installed each one into their building:

  • 142 Pieces of LED Panel Lights
  • 16 Pieces of LED Exit Lights
  • 167 Pieces of Round Recessed LED Panel Lights
  • 2 Pieces of Elevator Shaft Fixtures
  • 2 Pieces of LED Bulbs 9W
  • 26 Pieces of LED T5 Tube Lights 18W
  • 283 Pieces of LED Panel Lights With Round Surfaces
  • 40 Pieces of 1×40 Weatherproof Lights
  • 40 Pieces of LED Tube Lights 18W
  • 74 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights

Isuzu Tagum City

Isuzu Cars Tagum City Lighting Project
Isuzu Cars Tagum City Lighting Project

For the past 70 years, Isuzu has been one of the most known companies in the Philippine automotive landscape. Not only do they offer cars and trucks for sale, but they also provide service for all the vehicles they’ve manufactured.

After discussing their needs and determining which fixtures would be best for their premises, Ecoshift closed a deal with Isuzu Philippines. We supplied and installed 3×40 louver with T8 LED tube lights (18 watts, industrial type) for their branch in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

Their showroom contained various vehicles that needed proper lighting to fully showcase each car’s feature, which is why we made sure that each lighting product was able to provide efficient and bright illumination. We also guaranteed that each unit was appropriate for industrial and commercial spaces.

GMA Network

GMA Network LED Install and Supply by Ecoshift Corporation Philippines

As one of the most popular free-to-air television and radio networks in the Philippines, GMA has produced various radio shows and TV programs that have left a mark on every person that watched or heard them. They are often referred to as the Kapuso Network and are most known for their newscasts and telenovelas.

Ecoshift had the pleasure of supplying and installing a range of LED lighting products in their building in Quezon City. The items we provided them with include:

  • 1,000 Pieces of Industrial LED Tube Lights 18W for Their Parking Areas
  • 100 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights
  • 200 Pieces of Industrial LED Flood Lights
  • 3,000 Pieces of Industrial LED Tube Lights 9W for Their Studios and Offices
  • 350 Pieces of Industrial LED Tube Lights 21W
  • 5 Pieces of LED High Bay Lights
  • 500 Pieces of LED Spotlights for Their Hallways
  • Outdoor LED Strip Lights for 4 Building Logos

Top Food Manufacturing Company

At Ecoshift, we previously supplied 150 pieces of LED explosion tri-proof lights to one of the top food manufacturing companies in the Philippines. Our fixtures helped them ensure that their employees had proper illumination, which can help minimize human errors and boost productivity. Additionally, our products protected their workers against any electrical shocks as our LED explosion tri-proof lights do not rely on basic insulation.

We strive to develop new and high-quality lights for progressive manufacturing firms such as these. Although we already have a few in our current catalog, we are determined to produce more products that are useful for industrial purposes.

Robinson’s Land Warehouse Project

Known as one of the largest and most successful chains of malls in the country, Robinsons Malls is a name that is familiar to almost every Filipino. Their team strives that each of their malls serves as a retail complex that offers everything they’re looking for. Aside from providing the best deals to their customers, they also want each visitor to feel invigorated and happy when entering their premises. This is where Ecoshift has helped them.

Using our lighting products, we helped Robinsons Malls reach its goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our fixtures helped them create an ambiance where people can relax and have fun in, all while highlighting the different stores that can be found in each location. Recently, we installed 165 units each of high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient industrial LED T8 tube lights (18W, Daylight) and 1×40 industrial housing aluminum reflectors in a Robinsons Land Warehouse.

LED Tube Lights and Weatherproof Housing Installation


In the past, Ecoshift has done a controlled room installation of LED tube lights and weatherproof housings for a factory warehouse in Davao, Philippines. We installed the following items:

  • 96 Pieces of 1,200mm T8 LED Tube Lights 18W
  • 48 Pieces of 2×1,200mm Weatherproof Housings
  • 16 Pieces of Surfaced Mounted LED Panel Lights 18W

Honda Cars Tagum City


Known worldwide as a reliable manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, Honda has various showrooms in the Philippines. These areas are where car sales agents take the opportunity to point out each vehicle’s different features and help customers decide which one would fit them best.

However, these areas can be pretty large. Therefore, specific lighting products must be installed to ensure that people can better appreciate the offered products. After much deliberation, Honda reached out to our team at Ecoshift to install the following products in their branch in Tagum City, Davao del Norte:

  • LED Panel Light Round 18W
  • 600×1200mm LED Panel Light 72W
  • 4ft LED T5 Tube Lights 18W

Warehouse Area


A warehouse is a building that is usually used to store, pack, and ship different items. Since these areas are typically enclosed, it is essential that companies who utilize them invest in high-quality light fixtures that can help their employees stay alert and avoid making errors during their shifts. After being contacted by a business owner, Ecoshift replaced the formerly traditional lights of their warehouse with T8 LED tube lights 18W (daylight).

Wellington Flour Mills Warehouse


When they decided to create a new warehouse for product storage, Welling Flour Mills reached out to us at Ecoshift to provide them with top-of-the-line lighting fixtures. They are one of the biggest producers and distributors of high-grade flour in the Philippines, and we understood that they needed bright and long-lasting lights to ensure that their workers have enough illumination to complete their daily tasks correctly. We supplied them with 6,800 units of LED tube lights and 500 units of LED floodlights.

Rely On Ecoshift To Install LED T8 Tube Lights In Your Next Project

At Ecoshift, we offer a range of LED tube light sizes and LED tube light wattages. We have partnered with various companies over the years, and we always made sure that the lighting fixtures’ specifications perfectly met their needs and preferences. If you want to learn more about lighting layouts for your office or T8 LED tube light prices in the Philippines, feel free to get in touch with us today!




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