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Prestigious residential village awards combined P13.8m street light supply and install contract to EcoShift Corporation
November 5, 2016

1,400 hectare residential village awards P13.8m Street Light supply and install contract to EcoShift Corporation …read more

Food and Beverage company awards P12.4m supply contract to EcoShift Corporation
October 23, 2016

Top food and beverage mill awards supply contract of tubelights to be installed in 4 phases to EcoShift Corporation …read more

GMA Network awards multi-million peso bid to EcoShift Corporation
June 8, 2016

GMA Network awards bid to EcoShift Corporation to convert all their offices to LED …read more

Elune Bulbs now available in over 4000 authorized dealers
March 13, 2015

EcoShift Corporation introduces Elune LED Bulbs to more than 4,000 authorized distributors. We will be at the new product road show in …read more

GMA Contract
July 31, 2014

EcoShift Corporation has signed an agreement with GMA Network to supply their perimeter lighting …read more

EcoShift supports UAP
August 27, 2013

EcoShift Corporation sponsors an event of the United Architects of the Philippines where newly elected officers are inducted into… …read more