Supply and install LED Lighting products for Facade lighting of one of the most popular TV Network in the Philippines. LED items such as Industrial LED Flood Lights (200pcs), Outdoor LED Strip Lights for 4 Building Logos, Industrial LED Tube Lights 9W (3,000pcs for their Studios and Offices), Industrial LED Tube Lights 18W (1,000pcs for their parking areas), Industrial LED Tube Lights 21W (350pcs), LED Spotlights (500pcs for Hallways), LED High Bay Lights (5pcs), and 100pcs of LED Emergency Lights.

Installed Items: Industrial LED Flood Light 100W LED Strip Light 5050 Blue Outdoor
LED Strip Light 5050 RGB Outdoor Industrial LED Tube Light T8 18W Industrial LED Tube Light T8 9W
LED Spotlight 7 Watts MR16 LED Emergency Light LED High Bay 150W Industrial LED Tube Light T8 21W