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Supply Install LED Emergency Lights LED Bulbs

supply install LED Emergency Lights LED Bulbs

Project Location: Manila, Philippines

We supply and installed 28pcs of our LED Emergency Lights (25pcs for Matte Black and 3pcs for White Model, both Twin Head Type) to one of the most popular TV network in the Philippines. Emergency lights are very crucial to offices and other commercial establishments to comply with city regulations and fire safety codes. LED Emergency Light illuminates the exit pathway in case of an emergency power outage.

Ecoshift Corp also supply and installed three hundred fifty pieces (350) of 7W LED Bulbs to further improve the lighting quality of their offices.


Installed Items:
LED Emergency Light Twin Head Matte Black
LED Emergency Light Twin Head White
LED Bulb 7 Watts

Installed Item: Twin Head LED Emergency Lights and 7W LED Bulb Lights