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LED Architectural Lighting comes in different forms like track lights, down lights, decorative lights and adds aesthetics and gorgeous ambiance. Perfect for offices, hotels, condominiums etc.

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Architectural Lighting Philippines

Product Description

LED Architectural Lighting in the Philippines are excellent accent light sources anytime you want to get the modern look into your space or display when showcasing artwork, countertops, walls, or other room features.

It's a safer choice than halogen lights if you're looking for lighter, lower energy consumption (precisely 75% lower), and is budget-friendly lighting. Ecoshift is one of the largest LED architectural lighting manufacturers and suppliers in the Philippines!

Built with lightweight, sturdy, and high-quality LED Architectural Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines suitable for office, shop, or commercial use.

Rest assured that our items will be ideal for your LED Architectural Lighting Design. This item means our dedication to giving every household or company in the Philippines access to energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable lighting alternatives set at relatively low and inexpensive rates.

What is LED Architectural Lighting in the Philippines?

LED Architectural lighting in the Philippines serves and enriches architecture, not only as an accessory, to create a coherent spatial experience.

Architectural lighting is also an interface of art (architecture) and technology (lighting). The design being illuminated can be industrial or residential. Other areas of activity, such as architecture, also come into play.

The word includes three primary causes. The first is the aesthetics of the house, which is essential for residential and commercial applications. The second consideration is ergonomic or functional—any aspect that enhances one's ability to live, work, function, relax, or play—to make space more comfortable to use.

The third factor concerns energy efficiency, meaning that the light is correctly used and transmitted, that is to say, commercially or optimally.

LED Architectural Lighting in the Philippines

  • Architectural Pendant Lighting
  • Architectural Track Lighting
  • Architectural Linear Lighting

Product Benefits

It adds a high-caliber directional lighting system to your interior with sophisticated LED technologies for brighter, more cost-effective lighting.

LED Architectural Lighting in the Philippines also lasts 13 times longer (up to 50,000 hours) than its predecessors.

Product Application


Halogen LightingLED Lighting
Halogen bulbs, aside from being extremely costly and largely inefficient in terms of electricity consumption, produce a considerable amount of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light that can be harmful to certain types of fabric especially to a sensitive artwork.LEDs, unless specifically used for UV or IR applications, do not have this side-effect, it highlights your product while preserving it. Another aspect where LED downlights excel is the operating temperature. Halogen lamps are extremely hot and can burn on contact. The high temperature also means they do not perform too well in cold environments. LED-based downlights, on the other hand, has minimal to zero thermal footprints; and can survive/perform at an optimal state whichever environment it is installed.


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