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LED Helipad Light, used for obstruction lighting, aircraft warning lights, helipads, tower warning lights and Airport Lighting Requirements. Top-notch in quality and is integral in the safety of each aviation vehicle.

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LED Helipad Light Philippines

What is LED Helipad Light in the Philippines?

Lighting is not only necessary for illuminating our homes and providing our desiredatmosphere, but it is also highly important for purposes that include our own safety. An example would be a lighting application for helipads. In case you don't know, helipad lighting is extremely predominant especially during nighttime operations at a helipad.

LED helipad lights are used for safely marking FATO and TLOF so any aviation vehicle cansafely land on helipads during night operations and inclement weather conditions. They are also used as obstruction lights that indicate the presence of an object that poses dangers for aircraft in flight.

So what are the things you should consider when you're purchasing your LED helipad lights?

1. Application
2. Location
3. Usage

Keep in mind these three main components when you're purchasing your LED helipad lights.Determine what type of LED helipad lights you need based on the structure of the heliports
(whether it is surface-level or elevated).

Surface-level heliports are mostly found in military and private operators. This type of heliportmust include LED helipad lights that indicate the preferred approach direction and point lighting in case the pilot is required to approach a particular point above the FATO (Final Approach and Take Off) lights before proceeding to the TLOF (Touchdown and Lift-off Area). Elevated heliports, on the other hand, also include the same features that surface-level heliports have since they are also used in the same industry as them. But they can also have LED helipad lights that function as landing directional lights for directional guidance. LED helipad lights can also be used in this type of heliport as floodlights to illuminate the FATO or the parking area in case the ambient lights do not illuminate markings during night operations.

Remember also that application does not dictate your heliport's system so it is relevant tochoose what LED helipad light to use on a specific mounting. Consider also the usage of your heliport. If your heliport is used frequently, then your LED helipad lights might need additional features to ensure safety and dimmable ability.

Take also into account that you can also use LED helipad lights as perimeter lights in case you'recreating a security plan. In this way, LED helipad lights help provide a clear view of a specific area from a distance and allow for facial recognition in case there are on-site security personnel around or installed CCTV systems in the area.

With the mentioned components above, are you now thinking of availing of LED helipad lights?Look no further because here in the Ecoshift Corporation, we offer the best and high-quality LED helipad lights for your lighting requirements here in the Philippines.

Product Description of LED Helipad Light in the Philippines

Make a Shift to Ecoshift LED Helipad or Heliport Lighting this instant! We offer a wideselection from Inset Lights, Perimeter Lights, Wind Cone and Wind Socks that will fit your Helipad Lighting Requirements!

We have a wide variety of heliport types and lighting colors that meet the standard helipadmarking or any of your helipad requirements (which will be based on our country's aviation guidelines).

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