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LED High Mast Light
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LED High Mast, a cousin of the floodlight, usually used to provide light to wide and large areas, such as open fields, sports stadiums, sports facilities, and shrines. Rated IP68 that is explosion-proof in nature.

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LED High Mast Lights Philippines

Because of how they produce and transmit light, outdoor LED lightings, such as LED high mastlight fixtures, offer some excellent advantages for large areas or places needing illumination.

What is LED High Mast Light in the Philippines?

LED High Mast is a type of site light fixture used to illuminate broad areas from a very highmounting height for storage, transportation, and pedestrian use and protection. High mast fixtures are usually installed on poles ranging in height from 40 to 150 feet, with four to sixteen fixtures per pole. Municipalities, ports, local councils, and large venues such as stadiums and sporting centers commonly use this form of outdoor lighting.

A high mast light is a type of area lighting elevated above ground level to reduce ground-levelobstructions and provide consistent illumination over a wide area. High mast lighting systems are the practical extension of public lighting infrastructure that provides area and road illumination at a pedestrian, urban, or vehicle scale from below or at the height of 15 meters by throwing a balanced flood of light from above 15 meters (18 m - 55 m in most cases).

LED High Mast Light in the Philippines is the most reliable and convenient means of illuminatingvast areas due to its high mounting height and multiple-luminaire configuration. High mast lights are also the most heavy-duty illumination devices, needing the power and resistance to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

Advantages of Getting LED High Mast Light in the Philippines

High mast lighting is intended to provide extended lighting coverage while reducing shadows byusing shorter poles. Broad area illumination with minimal poles is possible thanks to the expansive light coverage provided by a single assembly of lighting fixtures.

The larger the pole spacing, the less visual clutter and the higher the visibility. Low pole densityeliminates physical barriers, resulting in increased protection. Since higher mounting heights allow for far-reaching lighting of high-power luminaires, high mast poles can be placed away from high traffic areas and high-activity areas.

As a result, fewer structural clashes with other components, and the room is lit can be used moreefficiently. High mast lighting poles to co-locate other high mast equipment, including surveillance cameras and cellular antennas, reduce the number of tall structures required in a given location.

Applications of LED High Mast Light in the Philippines

High mast lighting has a wide range of uses due to its ability to provide vast illumination areaswith minimal pole spacing. On the other hand, a high mast lighting fixture is a very flexible outdoor lighting system. It can offer a reliable and convenient nighttime vision for vast outdoor areas and extend large-scale outdoor facilities' flexibility.

Far-field, large-area high mast illumination is unique among outdoor lighting infrastructures. Itfacilitates nighttime travel and commuting, community participation in social events and sports/recreation programs, round-the-clock industrial activity, traffic control and direction, and protection of private, residential, and public facilities and resources.

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