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LED Video Board, a collection of small LEDs that is inside panels pieced together to form a large-format screen. Known as LED Wall can be used in public highways, roadways, advertisements or announcements.

LED Video Board Philippines

Product Description

Ideal for outdoor and indoor advertising and public announcements, the LED Video Billboard is an institution’s dream. It is a full-colored, fully programmable, full-sized screen that ranges in size and quality. Ecoshift is one of the top LED Video Board Supplier in the Philippines.

Our Programmable LED Display Board and monitors have a flat, seamless surface; this is one of the main identifying features of the latest LED models. The diodes, which are the ligth or image source, are embedded within the modules, making it less prone to damages caused by external elements such as wind, dust, water, and suspended particulate matters from mechanical exhaust.

Product Benefits

  • Our LED Video Advertising Board is capable of displaying texts, still and moving graphics, photos, and videos under any lighting and weather condition.

Product Application

This LED TV Video Board is ideal for outdoor and indoor advertising, public announcements — fixed or mobile (truck-mounted) events, among others. May be used as billboards and video walls. IP65 rating in front and IP54 rating at the rear makes it waterproof and dustproof.

Services Offered

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