Ceiling Motion Sensor Round White

Ceiling Motion Sensor Round White

AAS-015 Specifications
Light Source Compatible LED Lights
Load Power Upto 300 – 1,200 Watts
Input Voltage AC 220V – 250V / 50/60 Hz
Detecting Angle 360° Degrees
Detection Speed 0.6~1m/s
Detecting distance Upto 7m
Installation Height 2 – 4 Meters High
IP Rating IP 40

PIR Motion Sensor Switch

PIR Motion Sensor Switch is a sensitivity detector, integrated circuit.  Collects Automatism, convenient safe, saving-energy and practical functions. It utilizes the infrared energy from human as a control-signal source and can start the load at once when one enters a detection field. Even more, it can identify day and night automatically. And it is easy to install and used widely. This item signifies our commitment to provide each and every household or business in the Philippines. As a result, access to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting alternatives set at reasonably low and affordable prices. And for more LED Accessories, like modules, remote, amplifier and, etc check out our LED Motion Sensor, LED Lights Accessories product category. Need Product Recommendation or Design Inspiration for your projects? Check out our projects with featured products in our Completed Lighting Project page for ideas.

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