Ecoshift recently came to an agreement to supply and install the lighting and lighting fixtures of succeeding Tapa King branches. Ecoshift has supplied lighting and provided after-sales service to over 1,000 retail establishments in the last 7 years.

Customers can enjoy their food more through the vibrant atmosphere Tapa King by using good designs and quality bright lights provided for by the LED Panel Lights, LED Filament Bulbs, and LED Pendant Lights.


Customers stop and gander at the bright LED lighted signage of Tapa King powered by Ecoshift LED Striplights and LED Modules. The brightness attracts customers to come in and look at what is inside. The fixtures and bright lights contribute to the overall design of the store. Ecoshift continues to help restaurant chains improve their business by providing different products and after-sales services to its customers.



Installed Items: Striplights Panel Lights Signages LED Lighting Fixtures Filament Bulbs