Monde Nissin started its roots in the Philippines where it has been providing Filipino consumers with high quality products and excellent service for almost 30 years. It is one of the Philippines’ biggest corporations and well known for its leading Lucky Me! Instant noodles and Monde biscuits and cakes, where it currently holds the no. 1 position in both instant noodles and biscuits categories.

In line with their commitment to quality, Monde Nissin have partnered up with Ecoshift to provide their newly-built offices the best LED Lighting the market could offer. Ecoshift installed 142 pcs. LED Panel Lights, 40 pcs. 1×40 Weatherproof, 40 pcs. LED Tube Lights 18W, 167 pcs. LED Panel Lights Round Recessed, 283 pcs. LED Panel Lights Round Surface, 26 pcs. LED T5 Tube Lights 18W, 2 pcs. Elevator Shaft Fixtures, 2 pcs. LED Bulbs 9W, 74 pcs. LED Emergency Lights, 16 pcs. LED Exit Lights.



Installed Items: LED Bulb LED Emergency Light LED Exit Light LED Panel Light LED Tube Light Weatherproof
Elevator Shaft Fixtures