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Outdoor Lights 101

Everything You Need to Know About These Essential Fixtures

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Outdoor Lights 101: Everything You Need to Know About These Essential Fixtures


Installing outdoor lights on your property is crucial. These fixtures are highly practical as they properly illuminate the outside parts of your home or building. Having increased outdoor visibility could also help in creating a safer space as ample lighting can help deter crime during off hours.

In addition, outdoor lights could also enhance the aesthetic value of your property. While interior lighting emphasizes your home’s style, outdoor lighting ensures that your house appears its best on the outside. This is an essential aspect of your property as outdoor lighting design influences how appealing and welcoming your home is to guests.

When properly installed and applied, outdoor lights can be excellent additions to your property. When the lights are turned on, they help create a warm and cozy ambiance. These fixtures also help accentuate various features of your home or building, and they help bring your beautiful landscape to life.

What are Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor lights are lighting fixtures designed to be used outside a given structure or in an external location. Since they are continuously exposed to natural elements throughout the day and night, outdoor lights must withstand the weather.

Outdoor lighting is available in a wide range of designs and finishes. They also come in these power and performance choices:

  • Solar-Powered – They get the energy they require from the sun to keep the lights on. This option includes the installation of solar panels in locations that receive adequate sunlight. Although it is more expensive to purchase and install at first, you will save money on your energy bill in the long run.
  • Plug-In – These lights must be installed in a location where there is a power outlet or an extension cable. This setup may also require installers to hide any exposed cables, as these may cause accidents.
  • Hard-Wired – With this variant, the lights are directly connected to the electrical wiring of your property. To avoid electrocution or other similar mishaps, the installation of these lights necessitates additional safety precautions.

What are the Different Types of LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures in Manila, Philippines?

LED Bollard Light (Rounded Head BL01)

Bollard lights are frequently used to brighten paths and landscapes for pedestrian safety. These lights are often available in round or square post-style fixtures that range in height from two to four feet. They beam light horizontally or downwards to provide pathway illumination.

LED Garden Light (SMD 10W Warm White)

Garden lights, also known as landscape lights, are especially intended to replace natural sunlight and aid in the stimulation of plant photosynthesis during nighttime. Aside from providing illumination, these lights can beautify private gardens and public landscapes, as well as help improve the safety of your property.

They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s a good idea to use different types of garden lights in different sections of your yard.

LED Rope Light (100 Meters Warm White)

Because of its numerous applications, rope lights have been on the market for a long time. These lighting fixtures are long cylindrical tubes constructed of either plastic, epoxy, or other materials that contain internal illumination sources spaced every few inches. Because the light shines through the tube, they appear to be sparkling or glittering.

You can use these lights for staircase lighting, pool lighting, and outdoor patio lighting.

LED Flood Light (150W Slim SMD Daylight)

Flood lights feature an adjustable base, which allows them to produce wide-ranging lighting. They can cover large areas, as well as concealed nooks that may be difficult to illuminate. These lights are distinguished by their powerful illumination output that reaches up to 120 degrees due to their broad beam shape.

LED Lamp Post (30W Antique Design IV)

Lamp posts are among the most common forms of outdoor lighting fixtures. This fixture is characterized as having a tall light set on a pole, making it perfect for illuminating yards and patios. Miniature lampposts are also available, and they are better suited for accent lighting.

Additionally, lamp posts are frequently used to add style to landscape. That’s why many people are putting them in their front yards so guests can see where they’re walking.

LED Neon Strip Light (Warm White)

Neon lights are frequently linked with storefront signs, particularly those found in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other business establishments. They appeal to company owners since their bright light is clearly noticed by passers-by, capturing their attention right away.

To generate a brilliant glow, these lights employ neon gas in hollow glass tubes. An electric current is then sent through the neon gas, producing a colorful light.

LED Wall Washer Light (24 Watts RGB)

A wall washer light illuminates a wall or an area by accentuating it with light. It’s a recessed fixture with a socket and movable housing that allows you to swivel and angle the light to get the desired look. This light is widely utilized for both indoor and outdoor lighting because it makes the space look more spacious and welcoming without creating shadows or uneven lighting.

LED Canopy Light (80W Daylight)

Canopy lights are lighting fixtures that are generally surface, pendant, or recessed mounted to the ceiling, soffit, or overhang of a building. They are widely available in square or circular shapes and provide increased visibility to anyone who uses them.

These lights are also certified for wet environments in high-traffic areas and are often used at gas stations, drive-through restaurants, covered parking spaces, and other similar applications.

LED PAR Light (COB 16W PAR30 PAR38 Warm White)

PAR lights, or parabolic aluminized reflecor lights, may provide a highly directed light beam. They are made up of closed-off cylindrical tubes that use a reflector to focus shining steel. These lights are extensively utilized in a variety of applications, including theater lighting, home illumination, and commercial lighting.

LED Wall Lamp (3 Watts Daylight)

Wall lamps are lighting devices that are attached to a wall in such a way that the light is supported by the structure. Unlike lamp posts, they do not have a base on the ground. Although they are mostly used for decoration, they can also provide general room illumination and walkway lighting.

What are the Benefits of Installing LED Outdoor Lights in Manila, Philippines?

Aesthetic Appeal

You can enjoy the view from your back patio all night long thanks to outdoor lights. You may even utilize them in your yard in a variety of ways. The more creative you are, the more applications you will have.

Outdoor lights may also be used to highlight some of your yard’s most important elements, such as the pathway or the shrubs. These lights may also be used to accentuate the architectural aspects of your home at night.

Energy Efficiency

Having outdoor lights operate for more than eight hours per night means running up on your energy expenses. This reason is why you should switch to LED outdoor lights.

LED outdoor lights are energy-efficient because they only use at least 75% less energy, making them last 25 times longer than incandescent lights. In addition, they are made from non-toxic materials and produce minimal heat.

Safety and Security

Installing outdoor lighting on your home makes navigating your external stairs and pathways simpler. Aside from that, these lights will significantly improve the security of your home against any criminal actions such as vandalism and burglary. Outdoor lighting reduces the number of hiding places that thieves may discover on your property, discouraging them from attempting to break in.

Factors to Consider in Installing Outdoor Lights in Manila, Philippines

Balance of Security and Aesthetics

An excellent starting point would be by walking around your house at night with a flashlight. Take note of the dark places that should be illuminated for safety, as well as the landscape parts that should be lit for added beauty.

Don’t forget about other locations outside your house that might benefit from outdoor lighting. These include the front entrance, stairs, driveway, garage doors, walkway, patio, or outdoor dining area.

Type of Fixture for Your Outdoor Space

There are several LED outdoor lights available on the market. You may even utilize them in a variety of innovative ways. For example, you can install external wall lights next to a patio or on a back wall of your porch or garage. Security lights can also be installed in your home’s front or rear yards. These fixtures immediately turn on when someone tries to access your property.

Outdoor Lighting Style

Do you want your outdoor lighting to be similar to your interior lighting? Do you want to keep your outdoor lighting as simple as possible? Or do you have an entirely new architectural home exterior that you wish to highlight instead?

Lighting fixtures, just like furniture, has a wide selection. They come in a variety of styles, including modern, antique, rustic, and elegant. This is why you should decide on a style for your outdoor lighting plan so you can quickly know what types of lighting fixtures to purchase.

Outdoor Lighting Rates

It’s essential to keep in mind that the outdoor lights must be wet- or damp-rated. If not, these lights won’t withstand the harsh environment, whether during day or night.

Where to Buy Affordable LED Outdoor Lights in Manila, Philippines?

Looking for a reliable supplier for your outdoor lighting needs should not be overwhelming. No matter where you are in the Philippines, Ecoshift Corporation is fully committed to catering to your needs. Through our online store, we provide cost-effective and high-quality LED outdoor lights that you can install in your property.


Outdoor lighting is a necessity for the exterior parts of various properties. While some types give aesthetic benefits, others can create a safer and more visible environment during the night.

If you’re unsure how to start with your outdoor lighting project, then Ecoshift has got you covered. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you with your outdoor lighting plan.

Connect with us today so we can start with your project!

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