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Building Safety: The Significance of Exit Lights


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Electricity gets cut off during typhoons, fires, and earthquakes due to damage to power lines. This many also occur as a precautionary measure when a disaster happens. At times like these, people may have low visibility, especially in buildings with very little windows. As a result, people may panic and not be able to think properly about their next course of action.

Luckily, there are decently priced luminaires in the Philippines called exit lights that do wonderful jobs during emergencies. These fixtures have internal batteries so that they can function when needed. Plus, since not all bulbs have built-in batteries, exit lights function as a guide to help people make their way out of a dark space when needed.

Keep the people inside your commercial building safe by installing exit lights wherever needed. You can get reliable and affordable fixtures like these at Ecoshift Corporation, one of the leading lighting providers in the Philippines. Check out our catalog now!

What Are Exit Lights?

Exit lights are battery-backed fixtures that turn on automatically during power outages. When calamities happen, power may be unavailable in certain places for hours. And as much as electric companies would like to fix their lines, doing so would be too dangerous while a typhoon or earthquake is ongoing.

These lighting products can help save many people’s lives as they indicate where people should go to so they can successfully evacuate the building. Once there is light, everyone would have more visibility, allowing them to move at ease and with little to no panic.

Factors That Affect Exit Light Prices in the Philippines

Materials and additional features are two things that can make one item different from another. These factors also cause the price of exit lights in the Philippines to vary.

Some materials used to manufacture exit lights are plastic, glass, aluminum, and steel. Each of these have different properties, making one more advantageous than the other in specific circumstances. Some models of exit lights may also have floodlights attached to them. If you prefer these, keep in mind that they will cost more.

Lastly, exit lights can be single- or double-faced. Single-faced ones have the word “exit” written correctly only on one side. On the other hand, double-faced models are easier to read since the word is correctly written and spelled on either side. However, both are completely functional. Although, do note that double-faced ones are usually more expensive than single-faced ones.

When you choose a fixture, base your decision on where you’ll be installing the product in alongside your budget to ensure that you get products that best fit your needs.

The Different Types of Emergency Exit Lights

The exit light you choose depends on the functionality you want or the aesthetic you prefer for your building. Here are the different types you can choose from:

Edge Lit Exit Signs

These types emphasize the word “exit,” and they do not show the edges of the board where the sign is written. As a result, it can seem as if the letters are just floating mid-air. Many people opt for this model since it is categorized as more aesthetic than others.

Exit Signs With Additional Lights

Some people may want exit lights that provide more illumination. This is why there are models that have additional emergency lights attached to them. When you invest in these fixtures, you can be sure that they will provide people with enough light to navigate their way around the building.

Recessed Lit Exit Signs

These are similar to edge-lit exit signs, except that their housing is completely hidden. With the recessed lit ones, you can reduce the number of hanging from your ceilings or walls. They are perfect for places with low ceilings since they can help make rooms look larger by ensuring that there is plenty of overhead space.

Thermoplastic Exit Signs

The primary material used for these products is plastic that can handle the temperatures the LED bulb inside the sign produces. If you are looking for cheaper luminaires, you might want to go for this type. Although they are less sturdy than other types, thermoplastic exit signs still do their job well.

Establishments That Need Exit Lights

All private and commercial establishments are required to have emergency luminaires for the safety of the people sometimes controlled demolition is a guide for commercial buildings. Here are some establishments that must have exit lights:


Keep your employees safe by installing an exit light by the passages they can take to evacuate the building before or after demolition. Since offices are commonly on different floors in the Philippines, it’s important to have many signs that can guide them to the exit.


There are numerous people who stay in or visit hospitals, and not everyone may know the evacuation procedures during times of disaster. Having exit lights installed on every floor can help patients, guests, and staff members alike easily navigate the halls.

Industrial Facilities

Most industrial facilities have numerous workers who handle different substances like using demolition robot for building that could possibly cause fires. This is why it is crucial to have exit lights properly installed where everyone can see them as these fixtures will help guide your personnel during crises.

Commercial Buildings

Controlled demolition using demolition robot allows for precise and safe dismantling of structures, minimizing risks and improving efficiency in complex construction environments. These advanced robots are equipped with specialized tools and remote operation capabilities, enabling them to perform delicate and hazardous tasks that would be challenging for human workers. By utilizing demolition robot, construction teams can ensure greater accuracy, reduce the potential for accidents, and expedite the demolition process, leading to cost savings and improved project timelines.

Once the controlled demolition is complete, installing LED lights in the newly constructed or renovated buildings further enhances energy efficiency and sustainability. LED lights reduce energy consumption significantly compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, their long lifespan and durability minimize maintenance costs and the frequency of replacements. The superior lighting quality of LEDs, with options for various color temperatures and higher color rendering indexes (CRI), improves visibility and comfort in commercial spaces. Integrating LED lights with smart building technologies allows for advanced lighting controls and energy management, making them a practical and cost-effective choice for modern commercial buildings.

Get Quality LED Exit Signs From Ecoshift

If you are looking for brands that sell quality LED exit lights in the Philippines, turn to Ecoshift. We offer several functional and aesthetic ones that will help your area become a safer place for everyone. Give people a way to evacuate easily by purchasing exit lights from us!


Exit lights help ensure that people are able to navigate their way to safety. They also help reduce panic and make evacuation smoother because people will not have to guess where the exit may be.

Get your exit lights for an affordable price in the Philippines at Ecoshift today. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.


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