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Even if the sun sets, roads remain illuminated and safe for motorists and pedestrians thanks to street lamps. Street lights have been used for many centuries to brighten up paths usually taken by civilians. While the way they function now has become more advanced, their main purpose remains the same.

Indeed, the importance of street lamps in people’s lives can never be overstated. That’s why it’s a good idea to install them around your outdoor area, especially if you own a huge plot of land that many people walk or drive through at night. If you are on the lookout for high-quality products to set up, browse through the items we offer here at Ecoshift Corporation. We can provide you with integrated solar street lights that you can use to illuminate your property.

Origin of Street Lights

No one knows for sure when the first lamp posts were erected on the streets, but it’s safe to assume that it happened hundreds if not thousands of years ago. After all, light was a prime necessity for humans because it was used to deter crime and ward off wild animals from people’s homes.

Before the Discovery of Electricity

Street lights predate both electricity and the light bulb. During ancient times, wealthy families and individuals would use vegetable oil to light up the lamps in front of their houses. They even had servants whose tasks mainly revolved around setting the lamps afire at night and then extinguishing them in the morning.

Accounts of the first public street lights were recorded in the 1400s. The then mayor of London ordered homeowners in the city to hang outdoor lanterns to illuminate the streets, particularly during wintertime. A few centuries later, other major cities around the world would follow suit. This is thanks to the introduction of coal-powered gas lamps, which are said to be more efficient than traditional ones that use oil.

After Electricity Was Discovered

The first electric-powered street lamps were lit up in Paris during the late 1870s. The lamps used were called arc lights or Yablochkov candles to pay homage to their inventor, Pavel Yablochkov. A total of 64 Yablochkov candles were set up to illuminate the Avenue de l’Opéra, a major area in the city. A few years later, more of these lights were installed to replace the old gas-powered lamps in Paris and other parts of Europe.

Electric-powered street lights soon became the norm, so it was developed further. Today, these lamps are now equipped with special photo-resistor cells that detect light around the area. When natural outdoor light is no longer present, these devices automatically turn on. Once the sun rises again, the lights turn off to save power.

As technology continued to progress, integrated solar street lights were invented. These fixtures harness energy from the sun in the morning, then use that energy to power up the lamps at night.

These innovative lights are already widely used worldwide. In the Philippines, you can purchase integrated solar street lights if you know which supplier to turn to! Ecoshift is one of the leading suppliers of integrated solar street lights in the country, so feel free to get in touch with us for more information about our products.

Parts of Integrated Solar Street Lights

Integrated solar street lights are now popular in the Philippines, primarily because they’re eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting. They are considered an “all-in-one” product because they have everything needed for a street light to function independently. Their components include:

  • Solar Cells – These street lights have a set of small solar panels that can harness energy from the sun in the morning. These photovoltaic cells are installed at the back to face the sun so they can gather more power to convert to electricity.
  • LED Lights – Integrated solar street lights in the Philippines are equipped with LED lamps. They don’t use up too much power when switched on but still provide bright illumination so pedestrians and motorists can see what’s ahead of them.
  • Motion Sensors – Some integrated solar street lights in the Philippines have built-in motion sensors. With these devices, the lights can automatically turn on if there’s a person around the area. They will quickly turn off again if the sensors do not detect anyone in the vicinity.
  • Waterproof Housing – The components above are all encased in a durable shell, which is typically waterproof. This means that even though the lamps are installed outdoors and exposed to rain, they will not be damaged.
  • Metal Pole – When you buy integrated solar street lights in the Philippines, they come with high-quality poles that serve as the foundation of each fixture. They are usually made of aluminum to prevent them from getting rusty even when exposed to outdoor elements.

Switch to Solar Street Lights

Integrated solar street lights don’t come at a low price. Even so, they are still worth the investment because of the many benefits they offer. To make the most of your money, be sure to partner with a trusted supplier like Ecoshift Corporation.

Our company can provide you with high-quality integrated solar street lights in the Philippines. Feel free to reach out to our team today to learn about the prices and specifications of our products.


Street lights have been around for many centuries, and they will likely last for more. They illuminate streets and other public places, keeping drivers, pedestrians, and other road users safe from harm. Over the years, they have undergone a lot of developments, and as technology improves, they’ll surely become more advanced in the future.

For now, integrated solar street lights are great solutions for your street lighting needs. They are all-in-one devices with solar cells, motion sensors, and other high tech features. If you wish to purchase these lights and have them installed on your property, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable supplier in the Philippines. Ecoshift Corporation is here to help you with your project. Check out our extensive catalog of products for more information.


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