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Illuminate the Interior of Your Office or Shop With High-Quality LED Ceiling Lights


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Good lighting can improve your space drastically. Some even consider it the most important design feature for any establishment, be it an office or shop. The reason behind this is lighting can affect the way people see space. For instance, when you enter a well-lit room with design and illumination like LED ceiling lights, you instantly feel welcomed and at ease. On the other hand, if you enter the same room with inadequate or overly bright lights, you will feel overstimulated or uncomfortable.

With this, it is recommended you plan your next lighting project to achieve sufficient and proper lighting. When we say plan, we mean you should not just focus on accent lighting and the fixtures. You must also have an understanding of what types of ceiling lights you should install. Oftentimes, we don’t bother to think about what lights we should put on our ceiling, and it affects the whole interior illumination of the space.

If you have an area in your shop or office that you want to improve through lighting, it is best to use high-quality LED ceiling lights in the Philippines. Ecoshift Corporation is here to supply you with top-of-the-line lighting products. We have a wide selection of items you can choose from to achieve the design and mood you are going for.

What Are the Ceiling Light Designs You Can Purchase?

There are factors to consider when choosing the right ceiling light design for your space. First, you must pick the correct size. A gigantic ceiling light might clutter your area and produce harsh lights that can disrupt the mood of the place. On the other hand, a ceiling light that is too small might look unnatural and insignificant.

Second, you must measure the height of your ceiling. High ceilings might require longer LED pendant lights to balance the whole structure. Meanwhile, LED downlights suit lower ceilings best since they don’t take up too much space.

Lastly, you have to consider the style. LED ceiling lights in the Philippines are considered the centerpieces of rooms. They tie the space together and, therefore, must match the other design features of the area.

Here are the ceiling light designs you can choose from:


A flush-mounted fixture is a ceiling light design that is usually flat or dome-shaped. It is commonly used in residential and commercial spaces since it can evenly distribute illumination that helps people finish office work or housework.

Flush-mounted LED ceilings lights come in different styles, too. They can range from classic designs to minimalist ones, and you can freely choose which to use to match your room aesthetic.


Recessed lights are ceiling lights installed inside circular holes. They provide illumination without needing a protruding lighting fixture. Unlike chandeliers and pendant lights, recessed lights do not hang from the ceiling. They are only composed of three elements: frame, housing, and trim. The frame secures the whole light in the ceiling, and the housing is a cylindrical metal piece that encloses the bulb. Lastly, the trim is the most visible part of the ceiling light, which outlines the hole.

This type of ceiling light is commonly found in conference rooms and hallways where functionality is more needed than design and style.


Hanging ceiling lights are lighting fixtures suspended from the ceiling with a wire, and they usually house a single bulb. They are more applicable for task and ambient lighting as they can cast their illumination onto a specific area, which can be the focal point of your room.

Types of Ceiling Lights Ecoshift Offers

Ecoshift is a leading lighting store in the Philippines. This is why you can rely on us when it comes to your ceiling light needs. Here are the ceiling lights we currently offer:

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are considered hanging ceiling lights. They are suspended from the ceiling using a rope, wire, or chain, and they house a light bulb at the end of the fixture. They are your best choice if you want to elevate the style of your room. They come in different designs, and they can provide an ample amount of illumination that’s perfect for task lighting or light layering.


Downlights are commonly used in bedrooms, dining areas, and living rooms. They are recessed light fixtures that are installed in the ceiling, and they give out a relaxed atmosphere. Downlights are perfect if you don’t have enough space since they do not have elaborate casings and do not require high ceilings.

Tube Lights

Tube lights are fairly straightforward, and they are the most commonly used type of LED ceiling lights in the Philippines. They give out bright illumination and can singlehandedly brighten a room without the need for other lights. Tube lights are best installed in areas where people work and need continuous lighting, such as offices and study rooms.

Panel Lights

Panel lights are recessed ceiling lights that are great options for both residential and commercial areas. They deliver smooth and flawless illumination and are good for improving the productivity of people working in that space. They are also made to be versatile, so they can fit any style you want to apply in the areas you are designing.

Linar Lights

From the name itself, linear lights are lighting solutions that are long and linear-shaped. They can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted directly into it. Either way, linear lights are more stylish and modern-looking compared to the classic tube lights. They are widely used nowadays as they are flexible and can be installed into any type of ceiling.

Ecoshift’s LED Ceiling Lights Projects in the Philippines

If you want to achieve an excellent result for your project, working with a lighting supplier is your best bet. Ecoshift is a one-stop shop for all your lighting needs, with a wide range of products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We also offer reliable installation services to ensure that your lighting system is set up correctly.

Is It Better To Work With Lighting Suppliers in Manila Instead of General Contractors?

Ecoshift has a long list of lighting projects in the Philippines. We have been a big part of those that required the use of different LED ceiling lights—from LED downlights to pendant lights. Here are some of them:

BGComm Call Center Building

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED linear ceiling lights in a newly constructed call center building

The number of call center facilities in the Philippines has been continuously growing since call center jobs are in-demand. Ecoshift has helped illuminate BGComm, a newly-built property, by supplying them with high-quality LED ceiling lights.

They ordered over 1,000 units of lighting fixtures, including LED pendant lights, LED track lights, and LED linear lighting fixtures. They were all used to enhance the productivity of the call center agents working there.

Acienda Outlet Mall

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED ceiling lights installed in the Acienda Outlet Mall Facade

Acienda Outlet Mall houses several brands that offer up to 80% discounts on their items. This is why it is a popular place to visit for shoppers. When it was being built, Ecoshift was chosen as their official lighting supplier.

We have supplied them with various kinds of lighting products, including 389 pieces of 12W warm white LED COB downlights, 20W warm white LED COB downlights, and 25W warm white LED COB downlights.

The Shoppes

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED ceiling lights at The Shoppes in Angeles, Pampanga

When a new lifestyle hub was being built in Angeles, Pampanga, Ecoshift was tapped by the AC Beautiful Island Realty and Development Corporation to be their lighting supplier.

We have successfully installed surface-mounted downlights around The Shoppes to further highlight the fresh nature theme of the whole shopping mall. This has contributed to the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the said hub.

iMall Antipolo

Ecoshift’s LED ceiling lights and LED Rope Lights Project – iMall Antipolo

iMall Antipolo is one of the largest malls in the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines. They opened in 2019, and they teamed up with Ecoshift to illuminate the whole facility.

We have supplied them with top-performing LED lights, including LED panel lights, LED strip lights, LED halogen spotlights, LED downlights, and LED rope lights that are fully functional and still efficient until today.

Urbanize Retail Store

New Retail Store Opening - Ecoshift’s lighting project LED ceiling lights at Urbanize retail store 

Urbanize retail store needed help when it came to showcasing their products, so they reached out to Ecoshift to supply and install the lighting solutions they required.

To assist them, we provided LED track lights, LED downlights, LED halogen spotlights, and LED modules. These were all beneficial in showing off the store’s collection, general lighting, and the illumination of their signages.

De La Salle University Manila

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED linear ceiling light in De La Salle University Manila

De La Salle University Manila is one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. They provide great education and have top-of-the-line facilities for their students.

To continue giving the best service to Lasallians, they chose Ecoshift to be their lighting supplier. We have provided them with 350 units of LED linear lights and 15 meters of LED strip lights that were all used to enhance their facilities, including conference rooms and classrooms.

JP Morgan Building in BGC

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED ceiling lights for the JP Morgan Building in BGC

Over the years, Ecoshift has been helping corporations with the construction of their offices. We have signed a five-year contract with JP Morgan to supply all their lighting needs in their BGC and Cebu offices. To illuminate their lobbies, conference rooms, and work areas, we installed top-quality lights, including 12,000 LED tube lights and 1,000 LED ceiling lights.

Mang Inasal Fast Food Chain

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED ceiling lights in a Mang Inasal fast food chain branch

Mang Inasal is a known go-to fast-food chain for Filipinos craving grilled chicken and other Pinoy staple meals. They have numerous branches all over the Philippines, and they have employed Ecoshift to supply them with their lighting needs.

We have provided them with 75 units of fixtures with 12W LED bulbs, 18 pieces of 18W LED panel lights, and 6 pieces of 50W LED floodlights. In addition, we installed 6,000 units of LED module lights for their signages.

Sun Life Philippines

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED ceiling lights in the Sun Life Philippines office space

A lot of Filipinos have always trusted Sun Life Philippines with their financial and life security. Their organization is dedicated to helping clients by providing insurance products and mutual funds.

To continue offering excellent services, they built the Sun Life Building in BGC for their agents, with Ecoshift as their chosen lighting store. We supplied them with numerous LED bulbs and LED tube lights that were used to illuminate their lobbies, conference rooms, and working areas.

Honda Cars Tagum City

Ecoshift’s lighting project – LED ceiling lights in the Honda Cars showroom in Tagum City

Honda Motor Company is one of the leading automotive dealers in the Philippines. You can rely on them for sleek design and powerful performance. To properly showcase their vehicles, they teamed up with Ecoshift to illuminate their car showrooms.

We have supplied and installed 18W round LED panel lights, 72W LED panel lights, and 18W LED T5 tube lights. These were all used to provide well-distributed lighting for their Honda Cars Tagum branch.

Trust Ecoshift To Provide You With Durable and Eco-Friendly Lights for Your Ceiling

Your ceiling lights might not be your first concern when building and designing your room, shop, or office, but they should definitely be planned ahead to maximize the functionality and style of the whole space.

There are numerous types of ceiling lights that you can choose from to match the look you want to achieve, and here at Ecoshift Corporation, we have them all!

Trust us to be your official lighting store partner and expect to get the best lighting products and after-sales service. We were fortunate to partner with large and prestigious companies nationwide, and we have delivered nothing but top-quality, durable, and eco-friendly lighting products. Be one of our clients now. Feel free to contact us so we can start your next lighting project!


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