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LED Strip Lights: Your Versatile Lighting Solution


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Furniture, accessories, and other designing materials can only do so much when it comes to completing a room’s overall style and theme. You can buy different tables, chairs, vases, figurines, and other artworks, and it still wouldn’t feel put together without lights. However, installing plain recessed lights and typical tube lights is not enough to tie up your place’s design and aesthetic. After all, their main role is to illuminate areas only.

When you run out of ideas while designing an area, one thing you should try doing to improve your space is adding some lighting solutions like LED strip lights.

With quality LED strip lights, there’s no limit on what you can do. They are one of the most versatile lighting solutions you can use, and Ecoshift Corporation can provide and install them for you. Feel free to browse our website to find the best LED strip lights in the Philippines.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

Light-emitting diode (LED) products have been gradually gaining popularity mainly because they are 90% more efficient, brighter, and longer-lasting than incandescent light bulbs. LED strip lights, particularly, are widely used today since they can be utilized for different purposes. They consist of many small individual LED emitters placed on a narrow circuit board strip that operate on low-voltage DC power.

These small linear lights are available in different colors and brightness levels, and they can be cut to your preferred length to fit the widest or tightest spaces you are decorating. Additionally, LED strip lights are usually bought in rolls, and they are commonly installed in bedrooms, kitchens, retail stores, lobbies, conference rooms, and other places that need accent lighting.

Factors That Affect LED Strip Light Prices

The price of LED lights is generally more affordable than that of their counterparts. These fixtures are definitely worth every penny because they consume less energy, saving you big bucks in the long run. One study from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania states that LED lights convert 80 – 90% of energy into light. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs only convert 10 – 20%.

However, you should note that there are still other important factors that affect LED strip light prices aside from energy consumption. Here are some of them:


LED strip lights are sold in rolls, and they can be cut into different lengths depending on where you intend to install them. When buying one, customers must look at the number of LEDs per length. This affects the price because strip lights with a higher count of LEDs per foot produce brighter output and higher light quality.

It is also good to note that some lighting suppliers use different units of measurement when selling LED strip lights. Therefore, customers must be aware that some LEDs are placed too far apart on the strips, producing patchy or uneven lighting rather than a constant line of light.

Here at Ecoshift, rest assured that you can get the best-quality LED strip lights in the Philippines that are perfect for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.


Strip lights are not meant to give bright illumination all the time. Mostly, they are used as accent lighting and are customized depending on where they are installed. Their colors and patterns are changeable, and these affect their prices.

The brightness of LED strip lights is measured in lumens, which refers to the light output of your fixture. The brighter the illumination, the higher the number of lumens. Lights with more lumens tend to be more expensive.


Strip lights come in different single colors and color temperatures, but there are also multicolored options with RGB lights.

Generally, RGB strip lights are priced higher than those with single colors since they emit more than one fixed light color. Moreover, if you choose the color-changing strips, you will also need a remote to control the colors, patterns, and speed or rhythm of flashes.


Like any other lighting product, wattage also affects the price of LED strip lights. It dictates the amount of energy needed to produce a level of illumination. Therefore, if you want energy-efficient strip lights, you must look for those with lower wattage.

Luckily, the latest technology allows manufacturers to produce LED lights that emit the same intensity of brightness without needing to use high wattages—resulting in lower electricity bills. These are the types of LED strip lights Ecoshift offers, and we can ensure that our products will not cost you more money in the future.

Designs You Can Make Using LED Strip Lights

You can think outside the box when using LED strip lights to design your room, office, or commercial space. This lighting product is versatile enough to fit in any area, whether used as the main source of illumination or as an additional fixture for light layering.

Here are the different designs you can do using the best LED strip lights in the Philippines:

Wall Lighting

Walls, when left bare, can be quite boring to look at, especially those in lobbies, waiting areas, or living rooms. LED strip lights can no doubt make them more stylish and sophisticated.

For a diffused and mellow look, you can use strip lights to create recessed wall lighting. This will give your wall an elegant appearance and add depth to the overall space.

If you prefer unfiltered and constant illumination, you can use strip lights to create surfaced-mounted wall lighting by simply pasting the double adhesive strips onto the wall.

Ceiling Lighting

Strip lights are available in different colors and temperatures, and they are the best option to use when you want to add another hue to a dull room.

Aside from your main source of light, which can be tube lights or panel lights, you can install strip lights on your ceiling to change the setting of your room. For instance, you can dim your lights and turn on your warm-toned strip lights to achieve a golden hour vibe.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting emphasizes objects, artworks, architectural details, and other specific spaces. Strip lights are great products you can use to establish a focal point in a room because they do not take the attention away from the subject. Rather, they produce just enough illumination to add glow to it.

There are different ways to utilize accent lighting. You can install strip lights behind or around the frame of the structure you want to highlight to create nice backlighting. However, if you want to try wall-washing, you must cover an entire wall with strip lights, resulting in great contrast and a textured canvas for your subject.

Accent lighting doesn’t stop in walls and rooms only. Strip lights are often installed on staircases, too, in order to make them look wider and grander.

Display Case Lighting

Business owners often place their products in glass cabinets. Although it is a good way to showcase what you are selling, some customers are not attentive enough to peek inside them. Using strip lights to illuminate your display cases can direct your customers’ attention to your items.

In addition, LED strip lights are safe to install inside closed containers since they do not heat up, unlike other traditional lighting products.

Mood Lighting

Lights can drastically change the mood and ambiance of an area. This is why choosing the right products to set the atmosphere in cafés, bars, or restaurants is vital. A slight change of color can distract customers or spoil the vibe, which is not great for business owners who want their customers to stay and have a good time.

Warm LED strip lights are often used to achieve an intimate and elegant mood—perfect for restaurants. On the other hand, RGB strip lights are best installed in bars to make the place look lively and fun.

Where To Buy LED Strip Lights in the Philippines

Ecoshift Corporation provides the best LED strip lights in the Philippines, along with premium after-sales services, free nationwide delivery, and a superior warranty policy.

If you’re planning your next lighting project, feel free to get in touch with us. An Ecoshift representative will immediately assist you in case you have questions or inquiries about our long list of lighting products and services.

Ecoshift’s LED Strip Light Products

Commercial Quality LED Strip Light (5050 RGB, IP67, Outdoor)

This type of strip light is usually connected to an existing landscape lighting system, and it is a perfect accent lighting option for stairs, railings, and overhangs. This color-changing product is durable, can function properly outdoors, and has a lifetime of 50,000 hours.


For your next lighting project, use only the best LED strip lights in the Philippines like the ones Ecoshift Corporation is currently offering. Installing quality lighting solutions is important in keeping your space safe, stylish, and functional.

Feel free to contact us for your different lighting needs!


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